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CINEFEST 2011: Boozie Movies finds Oedipal love in WOMB

  Womb is the epitome of Brechtian art house cinema. Upon reflection of the film, it's ripe for satirical comparisons to obtuse melodramas such as The Piano.  It's also a science fiction story with out any of the science,... More »


Stake Land's opening reel is a virtuoso example of taut top notch genre film making. Director Jim Mickle throws one hell of a sucker punch in film's first 5 minutes in a sequence that's likely to draw comparisons to... More »


Anymore, attending film festivals has become a laborious activity. There's no longer a sense of discovery in this digital age of instantaneous information and gratification. Very rarely am I taken off guard by a film that I know nothing... More »

CINEFEST 2011: Boozie Movies watches hipsters play with fire in BELLFLOWER

Bellflower is an infuriating, obnoxious, pretentious, quasi misogynistic film about obnoxious, toxic characters. By all means, Bellflower is the ultimate product of contemporary American hipster culture. Yet, Bellflower is also a work of modern American art, a piece that... More »

CINEFEST 2011: Boozie Movies finds GOD during THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM

There was a point in Todd Rohal's second feature, The Catechism Cataclysm, where I just couldn't stop laughing. I was being loud, obnoxious even, and I really wasn't sure what I was even laughing at or why. As an... More »

HESHER trailer assaults with BATTERY!!!

It's no secret that I'm totally gay for Hesher. Spencer Susser's debut feature was hands down, my favorite film of 2010. I'm stoked to see that it's getting released in the U.S. on May 13th and now we're finally seeing footage for the... More »

Boozie Movies nurses its Hangover at BUFF 2011 with The Corridor

I guess making a niche for yourself  as the writer of a series of film critiques titled Boozie Movies has it pros and cons. In the age of the internet blogger, there sure are a lot of people out... More »

BUFF 2011: The Woman review

There was a lot of buzz surrounding Friday night's screening of The Woman here at the Boston Underground Film Festival. Sold out days in advance, there was a line of excited and nervously anxious patrons that wrapped around the... More »

Boozie Moovies stumbles into the Boston Underground Film Festival & reviews HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN!

The hype train is still barreling on in with this one. The last two weeks here at Twitch has seen a nonstop barrage of reviews and Hobo related press material. You're either eating all this up with obsessive anticipation... More »


It's early morning, the sun rises on a small coastal beach town. A young girl still in her pajamas enters her mother's bedroom. Innocent in appearance, the child at first embraces her mother. Wielding a large butcher's knife, the... More »

The 2011 Philadelphia Cinefest announces line up. Tony Jaa fest? Yes please!

  We're trying really hard here in Philadelphia to make this city relevant within the film world again. The film scene in Philadelphia, both in terms of production and presentation is best described as a pack of lone rabid... More »

Boston Goes Underground March 24th for the 13th annual Boston Undergound Film Festival!

Now that the fat whore who is Sundance has keeled over and entered its deep year long slumber from its two week excursion in bourgeoisie excess and corporate cash mongering, the non-stop spring film festival season is officially upon us.... More »

Boozie Movies drunkenly rants about GANTZ, Otakus, & proper theater etiquette

I'm still not entirely sure what the hell I just watched as not a lick of it made any type of coherent sense but I'm pretty sure whatever it was, it was pretty awesome. Also, I must say, Shochu, cheap... More »

VIVA THE NAM! A Boozie Movies Review

Listen up, Cheese Dicks, yer gonna love the Nam'!Viva the Nam may be the greatest satire of the Vietnam War you've never heard before. That is, unless you live in Austin. I was fortunate enough to see this on the... More »


Blue Valentine is a powerful, haunting, decisive, and polarizing film that's sure to spark heated debate. Be careful, dear reader, this is not a date film. Under no circumstances should you watch this with your significant other. Blue Valentine is... More »

Boozie Movies at PFF 2010: A SERBIAN FILM REVIEW

As you've probably read in a dozen other reviews of this already notorious film, one doesn't simply watch A Serbian Film passively, they experience it. It seems redundant at this point to post a detailed synopsis. So, what exactly is... More »


(WARNING, POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD) Out Rage is a puzzling film.  For one, I can't exactly figure out the reasoning behind its title. If anything, I can already imagine the slew of tacky one liners critics are going to adapt for... More »


GREATEST KNIFE FIGHT EVER. Period...Actually, that probably doesn't constitute as a very thorough review for a film you probably haven't even heard of yet. The Man From No Where is the film that came from nowhere. It's experiences like this... More »


Forget all of the negative buzz from Sundance, Hesher is one of the best indies of the year and destined for cult status when it gets released sometime next spring. This slick and exceptionally polished piece of film anarchy left... More »

Boozie Movies gets stoned at PFF 2010 with HIGH SCHOOL

First time director, John Stalberg has crafted a fun and breezy stoner comedy that this critic suspects will find a devout fan base whenever it finds distribution and gets released. High School is destined to become requisite dorm room screening... More »
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