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Fear & Loathing @ Comic Con: Boozie Movies Reviews THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

There is a bit of context to all of this but feel free to skip down to the review.Long Live the New MemeDavid Cronenberg and Andy Warhol are not artists, they are prophets. Videodrome has become reality; only, we're not... More »

PFF 2011: Boozie Movies spends some time with a monster named MICHAEL

Your neighbor, the quiet and socially awkward man who keeps his house and front yard immaculately clean but never says hello or waves when you pass him in the morning, he's probably a pedophile child molester. Your coworker, the... More »

PFF 2011: Boozie Movies reviews HEADHUNTERS

Were you impressed by the incredibly slick trailer for Headhunters this past year? That's good because it's completely fucking mis-leading. Writing about Headhunters at all seems like doing the film a disservice even if it's praise. It's difficult finding... More »

PFF 2011: Boozie Movies bares its soul for LIKE CRAZY

(Like Crazy opened the 2011 Philadelphia Film Festival last night and while there is indeed a review of the film buried within this article, the prefix for the review is more of a personal rant in relation to the film as is par for... More »

Fantasia 2011: THE CORRIDOR Review

[With Even Kelly and Josh MacDonald's science fiction oddity, The Corridor, playing Fantasia today, we offer a slightly edited version of Greg's Boozie-Review from the archives for your perusal.]The Corridor is the type of quiet little Sci Fi thriller that's... More »

Fantasia 2011: BELLFLOWER Review

[With micro-Indie DIY muscle-car drama BELLFLOWER hitting Fantasia on its last festival stop before a limited domestic release in August, here is Greg's Review from our archives.]Bellflower is an infuriating, obnoxious, pretentious, quasi misogynistic film about obnoxious, toxic characters. By... More »

Danger After Dark 2011: POINT BLANK; a Boozie Movie review!

The most fitting analogy for watching Fred Cavaye's Point Blank is the type of drunk I got from the cocktail I was sneakily slurping out of a straw at its Philly premiere at the 2011 Danger After Dark Film... More »

PJAM 2011: Boozie Movies reviews YAKUZA WEAPON

I could just as easily copy and paste my review from RoboGeisha last year to sum up my feelings for Yakuza Weapon.  But since I'm enjoying a nice happy hour at my local watering hole with lap top in... More »

UPDATE: Listen up, Philly! PJAM returns with 3 days of Japanese film & music July 7th!

UPDATE: PJAM has just added Takashi Miike's Ninja Kids to its schedule! The absolutely gonzo family film from the king of the bizarre will make its Philadelphia premiere on Thursday, July 7th at 9:30pm following the 35mm presentation of Abraxas. for advance... More »

PJAM 2011: Boozie Movies finds Zen in punk rock with ABRAXAS!

What an embarrassing way to start a review, but Naoki Kato's Abraxas harkens back to the profoundly moving and multi- layered, yet minimalist character studies of the great Yasujiro Ozu. It's easy for film critics to casually toss around... More »

Philadelphia Gets Dangerous After Dark July 8th!

This may not seem like large news to anyone outside of Philadelphia, but the fact that Travis Crawford's Danger after Dark film program has returned this summer is a bit of a tiny miracle. There has been a lot... More »

"Daddy didn't love me. Hey look, a dinosaur!" Boozie Movies waxes philosophical on TREE OF LIFE

Tree of Life is the Transformers 2 of art house films.  A staggering, overwhelming, and completely bewildering epic that has everything and also nothing at all. It is the most Malicky Terrance Malick film yet and for those that... More »

This Summer, Philly gets AWESOME!

Back in April when I announced the Philadelphia Cinefest lineup, I described the Philly filmmaking and more specifically, the film programming scene as, "a bunch of lone rabid dogs fighting over a rotten steak that fell out of a... More »

Listen up, Philly! It's your turn to go to hell for a good cause on Friday the 13th!

Yes, this post may be narcissistic self-promotion and even a bit redundant as this screening was already mentioned in the Splatter Matters press release posted nearly a month ago. But it's for a good cause and being a writer for... More »

SOUND OFF! "Is it ever OK to heckle a film?"

I'm hoping to stir the pot here and get a strong talk back going in the comments section below. The idea for this came to me while writing my review for Womb. Womb is a film that's getting a... More »

CINEFEST 2011: Boozie Movies finds Oedipal love in WOMB

  Womb is the epitome of Brechtian art house cinema. Upon reflection of the film, it's ripe for satirical comparisons to obtuse melodramas such as The Piano.  It's also a science fiction story with out any of the science,... More »


Stake Land's opening reel is a virtuoso example of taut top notch genre film making. Director Jim Mickle throws one hell of a sucker punch in film's first 5 minutes in a sequence that's likely to draw comparisons to... More »


Anymore, attending film festivals has become a laborious activity. There's no longer a sense of discovery in this digital age of instantaneous information and gratification. Very rarely am I taken off guard by a film that I know nothing... More »

CINEFEST 2011: Boozie Movies watches hipsters play with fire in BELLFLOWER

Bellflower is an infuriating, obnoxious, pretentious, quasi misogynistic film about obnoxious, toxic characters. By all means, Bellflower is the ultimate product of contemporary American hipster culture. Yet, Bellflower is also a work of modern American art, a piece that... More »

CINEFEST 2011: Boozie Movies finds GOD during THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM

There was a point in Todd Rohal's second feature, The Catechism Cataclysm, where I just couldn't stop laughing. I was being loud, obnoxious even, and I really wasn't sure what I was even laughing at or why. As an... More »
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