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Featured Critic; Portland, OR

Eric D. Snider has been a writer all his life, a film critic since 1999, and a beard wearer since 2008. He holds a degree in journalism and used to work in "the newspaper industry," back when that was a thing. As a freelancer, Eric has written regularly for, Cinematical,, Pajiba, and (of course) Twitch, among others. He lives in Portland. His website,, lives on the Internet.

Review: HERE COMES THE BOOM Is Less Terrible Than You Thought

The thing about the boom is that it will come whether you're ready for it or not. The boom follows no schedule, obeys no law but the law of the boom. We would be prudent, therefore, to heed such warnings... More »
By Eric D. Snider   

Review: HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Offers a Mild Treat

After years of fruitless searching, it would appear that modern science has finally found the right place for Adam Sandler's crew: children's cartoons. Hotel Transylvania, a congenial toon about a monsters-only resort accidentally discovered by a human, has a lot... More »
By Eric D. Snider   

Review: RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION Dares to be Anemic and Shallow

Since Resident Evil: Retribution starts with a slow-motion battle scene shown in reverse, the easy joke to make is something about how the franchise is moving backwards. Usually it's best to avoid the easy jokes, but this film is such... More »
By Eric D. Snider   

Telluride 2012 Review: THE ATTACK Pierces Middle-Eastern Conflicts

The complicated situation in Israel, with its uneasy peace and frequent bursts of non-peace between Jews and Arabs, has given rise to numerous compelling stories, and will no doubt continue to do so for as long as there is conflict... More »
By Eric D. Snider   

Telluride 2012 Review: THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE, a Compelling Story, Competently Told

Uninterested in creating false suspense over how things will turn out, the makers of The Central Park Five begin their documentary with audio of Matias Reyes describing how he savagely beat and raped a jogger late on the night of... More »
By Eric D. Snider   

Telluride 2012 Review: AT ANY PRICE Harvests a Rough Crop with Compassion

"It's gonna be a great harvest," says a farmer's wife near the end of At Any Price. She's referring to the corn crop, but what this resonant, well-acted drama has made clear by this point is that "you reap what... More »
By Eric D. Snider   

Telluride 2012 Review: NO, An Absurd, Funny (and a Little Sad) Look at Politics

I assume you're well-versed in Chilean politics of the 1980s. I mean, who isn't, right? But even if you're not -- even if you're, say, an American who barely recalls the name Pinochet and is already exhausted by the 2012... More »
By Eric D. Snider   
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