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'I Envision All These Great Small Movies in the Ruins of Hollywood': Christian Petzold Interview

Christian Petzold's fantastic new film Barbara opens in the US on December 21, after garnering critical acclaim; Petzold won the Best Director award at Berlin International Film Festival this year and the film is the German entry for the Best... More »

Preview: The Complete Pier Paolo Pasolini at MoMA

Fiercely political and highly controversial poet/writer/artist/filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini gets a comprehensive citywide retrospective Dec. 13, 2012 - January 5, 2013. Regarded by many as a visionary thinker and major literary figure, Pasolini's legacy extends far beyond his work as... More »

'I'm Interested in The Aftermath': Julia Loktev on THE LONELIEST PLANET

It's been six years since we heard from Julia Loktev after her minimalist, downright Bressonian suicide bomber film, Day Night Day Night. Her new film The Loneliest Planet, shot in the Caucasus mountains in Georgia, is just as enigmatic and... More »

'I Live on an Island Called Cinema': Leos Carax Talks HOLY MOTORS

Leos Carax, once the wunderkind of French cinema, the heir apparent to the French New Wave, has made only five feature films in his almost 30 year career. He is roaring back to the scene with his fantastical new film... More »

NYFF 2012 Review: LEVIATHAN Explores Depth of Audio/Visual Experience

It's dark. First, you hear the eerie clanking of metal and waves: sound of something heavy, something industrial getting pulled out of the bubbling sea. It's all abstract: saturated colors- iridescent blue, yellow, red and green all mixed in. It... More »

NYFF 2012 Review: GINGER & ROSA Goes Nuclear

Director Sally Potter (Orlando, Tango Lesson)'s new film starts with stock footage of an atomic blast. A great way to open a film if it was an Ed Wood B-picture. But Ginger & Rosa is not one of those. It's... More »

NYFF 2012 Review: SOMETHING IN THE AIR -- And It Might be Hope

At the outset, Olivier Assayas's Something in the Air is a biographical nostalgia piece about growing up in the aftermath of the May '68 events in France. But what it really is, is a social experiment in which 18-19 year... More »

Interview: Andrea Arnold Re-conceptualizes WUTHERING HEIGHTS

With only three feature films under her belt, Andrea Arnold has already established herself as one of the most prominent British film directors currently working today. Her brooding, sensual, class-conscious dramas, Red Road and Fish Tank, were well received by... More »

NYFF 2012 Review: BARBARA Tears Down the Wall

As a leading figure of Berliner Schule, director Christian Petzold has been portraying 'lost' people in both literal and metaphorical sense: desperate souls cornered into making tough and sometimes wrong decisions brought on by economic hardships in the post-global recession... More »

Review: 17 GIRLS Rises Above Its Tabloid Headline Premise

17 Girls, the debut feature of the Coulins (novelist Dephine and documentary filmmaker Muriel, hailing from Brittany), transcends its tabloid material and digs deeper into what it means to be young and female in the post-global recession era. Based on a... More »

Rialto Pictures Acquires US Theatrical Rights to Vast STUDIOCANAL Library

Founded in 1997, Rialto has been described as the gold standard of the reissue distributors. Now it will distribute international classics from the 2,000+ film catalogue of media giant STUDIOCANAL.Rialto's past releases have included Renoir's Grand Illusion; Carol Reed's The... More »

Review: BELOVED Examines Love in the Times of Hope & Fear

After 2007's Love Songs, writer/director Christophe Honoré tackles the musical comedy genre again, with a deeply personal film, Beloved. This time it's a period piece with the legendary Catherine Deneuve and the famed Czech director Milos Forman, along with his... More »

Sing Your Life: Christophe Honoré Interview

With his sprawling new musical Beloved, starring Catherine Deneuve, Chiara Mastroianni, Ludivine Sagnier, Louis Garrel and Milos Forman(!) getting a limited release in North America, I sat down with writer/director Christophe Honoré, a former columnist of Les Cahiers du Cinema... More »

NYC Happenings: Quay Brothers Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art

Starting August 12, 2012 through January 7, 2013, The Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) is presenting a comprehensive look at the work of the renowned moving-image artists and designers the Quay Brothers. Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacist's Prescription for... More »

Japan Cuts 2012 Review: LONELY SWALLOWS

I always gravitate toward documentaries that feature young people regardless of how they are made (in this case, poorly from a technical standpoint). With Gu Su-yeon's Hard Romanticker, this year's Japan Cuts highlights some of the trials and tribulations of... More »

Interview: Alison Klayman Talks AI WEIWEI

With her documentary Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry getting a limited release in North America on Friday July 27th, I sat down with Alison Klayman, the first time director and the winner of Special Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film... More »

Japan Cuts 2012 Review: ROADSIDE FUGITIVE SR

Yu Irie (8000 Miles, 8000 Miles 2 and Ringing in Their Ears) returns to this year's Japan Cuts with Roadside Fugitive SR, the third installment of his sleeper hit debut, 8000 Miles. The lovable losers from Saitama- Ikku (Ryusuke Komakine) and... More »

NYAFF/Japan Cuts 2012 Review: HARD ROMANTICKER

There is an old saying about the Japan-Korea relationship my grandfather once told me that is very revealing. Apparently it's really easy for a Japanese to pick out Koreans among them because Koreans stink of garlic. For a Korean who... More »


It's not the first time Benoit Jacquot took liberties with depicting the life of a controversial historical figure. In Sade, the infamous Marquis is neither a cross-dressing sexual fiend nor over-the-top lunatic he is normally portrayed as. His strength is... More »


Pertti, Toni, Kari and Sami can really put on a great show. They are the members of very popular punk group in Finland, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Pertti Kurikka's Name Day). As Kari sings in his guttural voice about the greatness... More »
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