Dave Canfield
Chicago, Illinois

Canfield is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association but can't decide if that makes him a critic. He is a writer for the well respected Magill's Cinema Annual and has been with Twitch Film since the beginning but can't decide if that makes him a writer. He's often called to speak and teach various people but is not sure if this makes him a teacher. If you think you know what Canfield is please write or call the guys at Twitch Film. There is a substantial reward leading to the successful identification of this man.

Watch a New Episode of The Stack: Holiday Gift Guide Part Two: Box Sets For Kids!

Welcome back to....The Stack!  In part two of the Holiday Gift Guide your Uncle Dave  wrangles dead snakes, tells his kids to shut up and likewise invokes the holiday spirit by looking at some off the beaten path box sets... More »

Win Tickets: Terror in the Aisles 13 - Rare Screening of SOCIETY with Director Brian Yuzna in Attendance!

This Friday Nov. 30, 2012 offers a rare opportunity for Chicago Horror fans. The mad geniuses behind the long running Terror in the Aisles mini-film fest are screening the rarer than rare SOCIETY (1989) and bringing director Brian Yuzna out... More »


Welcome back to....The Stack! Your host Dave Canfield here with our first bell-ringin, turkey flingin', pipe swingin', ching-a-lingin' installment of The Stack Holiday Gift Guide. VIDEO BELOW. All through late November and early December I'll be recommending Blu-ray and... More »

The Stack: Halloween 2012 Viewing Guide Part 2

Welcome back- to The Stack!Dave Canfield here with part two of the Halloween 2012 Viewing Guide. Part Two focuses on newer titles that may or may not be worth your precious last few hours of hunting and watching. As always... More »

Welcome to New Video Blog THE STACK: Halloween 2012 Part One! Horror Classics Comin' Back to Haunt Ya!

In discussion with fearless leader Todd at this year's Fantastic Fest I got the go ahead to try something new with our review roundup. Welcome to The Stack! Every couple of weeks I'll be posting a new video of my... More »

SINISTER Filmmakers Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill Talk Influences, Children, and Audience Expectations

Sinister was a highlight in a year of strong horror releases at Fantastic Fest 2012. It's also an American made film with a well known cast that includes heavy hitter Ethan Hawke. I myself was rooting for it because I'm... More »

Hey Chicago! Wanna Get Massacred By Linnea Quiggley And Jack Hill?

One of Chicago's longest running horror movie marathons is back and we have two pairs of admit two tickets to giveaway. The show is going to be great. Linnea Quiggley will be on hand for a special screening of Return... More »

Director RODNEY ASCHER Enters ROOM 237

I had never heard of the various conspiracy theories built up around The Shining (1980) prior to seeing Room 237. But even if I had the doc would still have blown me away. Rather than debunk the idea that Kubrick... More »

FIRST BLOOD Director Ted Kotcheff Talks His Australian Classic WAKE IN FRIGHT

After cutting his teeth on TV in the sixties Ted Kotcheff broke out big time with Wake In Fright (1971) a devastatingly cinematic adaptation of Kenneth Cook's novel. It and L'avventura (1960) by Michelangelo Antonioni are the only films ever... More »

Hey, Chicago! A Free SINISTER Screening Happens Early Next Week

We've got 50 admit-two passes available for download. It's on Tuesday October 9 at a location disclosed on the ticket if you get one. If you are a horror fan, you want to do this. I just interviewed director Scott... More »

Fantastic Fest 2012 Review: THE EXORCIST IN THE 21ST CENTURY

The recent surge in occult horror films, particularly those involving demonic possession is hardly a new thing. Such surges are often followed by sensationalistic documentaries that purport to get behind the real life history and mystery of possession events or... More »

Fantastic Fest 2012 Review: LA MEMORIA DEL MUERTO Is A Delirious Genre Mashup

Influenced by everything from Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977) to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead II (1987) this bit of occult horror from director Valentín Javier Diment pops like a Tex Avery cartoon off the screen, offering solid laughs and genuinely shocking... More »

Joseph Gordon Levitt Talks Redemption, Art And LOOPER

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is like a poster child for what there is to admire about American cinema today. Between really entertaining ambitious films he's made any number of powerfully good small indies. I myself am a big fan of Mysterious Skin... More »

Rian Johnson Discusses The Ins And Outs Of LOOPER

I first became aware of Rian Johnson by accident. I stumbled into a screening room at the wrong time and didn't realize it until the word Brick was sitting in front of me. But if there is ever a right... More »

Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Laura Caro And Francisco Barreiro Talk Fantastic Fest Winner HERE COMES THE DEVIL

Here Comes the Devil, which just swept the Horror Features category at the Fantastic Fest 2012 awards is, without doubt,  an Adrian Garcia  Bogliano film. Full of beautiful women, eye popping compositions, and dread drenched suspense, Bogliano's creative ownership over... More »

Fantastic Fest 2012 Review: THE FINAL MEMBER Grips You By The Short Hairs

In a year full of great docs this Fantastic Fest entry has managed to create some substantial buzz, which comes as little surprise considering the photo accompanying the online press materials showed a group of severed animal phalluses arranged neatly... More »

WANNADATE? Win A date with Frankenhooker herself: Patty Mullen!!

Terror in the Aisles 12 is sponsoring the best contest ever a part of their next dynamite event. You can win a short date with Frankenhooker herself simply by sending an email to  WHY I SHOULD SHOULD GET A SHOT... More »


I won't even try to connect the dots on this installment of my journey through Criterions vaults except to say that, once again, it has proven true. I have never seen a Criterion film that didn't challenge me and leave... More »

REVIEW ROUNDUP: Singin' in the Rain Blu Box, Star Trek Next Gen Blu, Turin Horse, 4:44 and more!!!

Remember these? The Review Roundup column is designed to remind you about recent releases but July offered a lot of titles that you youngin's out there have probably never heard of at all. Too bad. There was vinatge sci-fi, relatively... More »

DEATH WISH II, III, IV BluRay Giveaway

I haven't seen all the Death Wish films but III is easily one of my favorite gonzo bad movies. Think elderly Jewish tenement dweller revenging on gang bangers with a bazooka and you get the idea. It also has a... More »
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