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Dark Sky Films announces The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Blu-Ray

Another boutique label is making the jump to Blu-Ray. Dark Sky Films, an increasingly potent outfit responsible for a spread of interesting releases including Jim Van Bebber's legendary underground epic The Manson Family and the highly-regarded French thriller Them (Ils)... More »

Blue Underground announces first wave of Blu-Ray titles

Bill Lustig and friends announced a while back they had designs on jumping aboard the high def band wagon. Said designs have finally come to pass - through Blue Underground's homepage, the company has trumpeted some of the titles to... More »

Stuart Gordon talks STUCK, FEAR ITSELF, more

I had the opportunity to speak briefly with legendary filmmaker Stuart Gordon on the eve of the release of his new film, the psychological suspense / comedy / horror hybrid Stuck (due out in limited release on 5/30/08). The film... More »

Criterion Going Blu-Ray this Fall

The Criterion Collection goes next-gen this October as the company is set to release its first wave of high-definition Blu-Ray titles. In a post on their website earlier this month, the company listed the following titles as "in the pipeline,"... More »

BROKE SKY review

The characters of debuting writer/director Thomas Callaway’s rustic noir Broke Sky exist in a world perched somewhere between everyday reality and a slightly heightened, off-kilter pastiche of rural Americana. They booze it up at the local saloon, obsess over talent... More »

IIFF 2008 - MONGOL review

The modern historical epic – ushered in stylistically during the early ‘90s by the likes of Dances with Wolves and Braveheart - has long been one of film’s least malleable sub-genres. Whether the action strictly adheres to history or bends... More »

IIFF 2008 - CARGO 200 review

There’s dark humor, and then there’s the obsidian comedy that pervades Aleksei Balabanov’s Cargo 200, a look at slices of Russia’s population as the country took its first awkward steps away from Communism toward Capitalism in the mid’ 80s. Filtered... More »

IIFF 2008 - GUNNIN' FOR THAT #1 SPOT review

The opportunity to enjoy my two favorite pastimes in one sitting – movies and basketball – comes along once in a great while. Said fusions often take the form of lower-brow comedies like Semi-Pro, but the occasional gem like The... More »

IIFF 2008 - Future Imperfect - Science Fiction shorts review

The short subjects in the 2008 IIFF progam "Future Imperfect" touched on a little bit of everything, from the end of life on earth to the re-socialization of an alienated populace to a world teeming with folks literally infected by... More »

IIFF 2008 - TAKE review

Anchored by a pair of strong performances from Minnie Driver and Jeremy Renner, Charles Oliver’s Take succeeds in spite of an unnecessarily convoluted framing device that jumps between multiple fields of time as its characters’ lives careen toward one another... More »

IIFF 2008 - QUENCH review

A chilly examination of decaying hope, Zack Parker’s Quench exemplifies the drive and spirit that embodies truly independent filmmaking. Shot for a song in the Midwest, the film infuses its bleak tale of a damaged prodigal’s return home with some... More »

Summer Floppin'

Summer, at least according to Hollywood, is almost here. With the high-dollar Iron Man set to kick off the blockbuster season tomorrow, now seemed like the perfect time revisit a few of those inevitable, potentially career-crippling box office misfires that... More »

IIFF 2008 - POP SKULL review

A sonic fury of abstracted imagery bathed in menacing splashes of light and sound, Alabama-lensed indie Pop Skull spins a psychedelic audio-visual web from the life of a lost 20-something on the slope of a debilitating break-up. Mingling genres and... More »

IIFF 2008 - Thrilling Shorts! reviews

A diverse spread of short subjects comprised the 2008 IIFF program “Thrilling Shorts.” Eschewing traditional suspense tropes in general, each managed to draw tension from unique perspectives on shopworn material. Where possible, I've provided links to webpages for the films,... More »

IIFF 2008 - TURN THE RIVER review

The 2008 Indianapolis International Film Festival is underway. I'll be providing reviews of features and shorts throughout... Audiences familiar with European beauty Famke Janssen from her work in high-octane fare like the X-Men films and Stephen Sommers' immortally entertaining Deep... More »

Seldom Seen review | SONNY BOY

A demented lo-fi tumble into dark surrealism, Robert Martin Carroll’s undeservedly obscure ’89 opus Sonny Boy plays like the institutionalized cousin of the Coens’ saccharine-by-comparison Raising Arizona. Anchored by a trio of outstanding turns from reliable genre thesps Paul L.... More »

[REC] DVD release confirmed for May 28th in Spain - with English subs!

Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza's mighty terrifying [Rec] has been announced for release on DVD and Blu-Ray in its home territory of Spain on May 28th in three iterations, each featuring English-language subtitles. The single-disc edition sports an anamorphic 1.85:1... More »

NBC's FEAR ITSELF takes shape

Twitch readers may or may not be aware that Showtime's hit-or-miss (mostly miss) Masters of Horror skein was picked up by, of all networks, NBC late last fall and re-titled Fear Itself. The series never quite clicked in its MoH... More »

Seldom Seen review | ROLLING VENGEANCE

I’m throwing down the gauntlet on this one: Rolling Vengeance is a dyed-in the-wool minor lost classic in annals of ‘80s exploitation. We’ve been denied other superlative Reagan-era efforts like Night of the Creeps on DVD for some time but... More »

Seldom Seen review | KILLDOZER

“Take your shirt off and I’ll see what I can do.” If your dream is to hear Dirty Dozen vet Clint Walker grumble those words to a construction worker– and be honest, you know somewhere deep inside it is –... More »
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