Charles Webb
Seattle, Washington

Charles is a Florida-born, Washington State-based writer. He abandoned a perfectly good start at a psychiatric career to write for and about the video game industry. Besides having very strong opinions about the Blade franchise and Auntie Mame, Charles also contributes regularly at MTV Geek and MTV Multiplayer.

Anime on Blu-ray Review: NO. 6 and Love in the Ruins

Welcome to Dome No. 6, a self-sustaining structure where men, women, and children live under the constant gaze of omnipresent security forces on the lookout for even the slightest sign of dissent. Talk about leaving the dome, and you might... More »

Blu-ray Review: Two With Cusack, GROSSE POINTE BLANK Turns 15 and HIGH FIDELITY Goes Blu

[Correction: In the original post, I mistakenly added that High Fidelity was turning 15 this year. It's in fact celebrating 12 years since its debut.]It's some kind of curious emotion-response loop to feel nostalgia for two movies created for and... More »

Blu-ray Review: Keep INTRUDERS Out of Your Home

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's Intruders has perhaps one twist too many. Actually, it has a couple of twists piled on top of one central twist concerning two children in different countries being menaced by what seems to be a supernatural... More »

Blu-ray Review: HATFIELD & McCOYS Might Just Cause More Bad Blood

The multi-generation feud between the McCoys of Kentucky and the Hatfield clan of West Virginia is the stuff of North American legend, years of bloodshed between two mountain families which, for a time, seized the popular imagination. When I was... More »

TV Review: BREAKING BAD 5.04 - "Fifty-One"

Sorry for not catching up with last week's episode, "Hazard Pay," but as with most episodes of Breaking Bad, you can see creator Vince Gilligan and his writers building something between episodes. And what they're building is a monster in... More »

Blu-Ray Review: The Wicked Charms of DETENTION Come Home

I reviewed Detention last year for the Seattle International Film Fest and have included that assessment here in its entirety for the Blu-ray release. Looking over it, my feelings for the movie haven't changed, only cooled somewhat thanks to the... More »

Blu-ray Review: The FOREVER MARILYN COLLECTION Honors and Lays Bare the Starlet

Less than a week before the anniversary of her death, Twentieth Century Fox has released the Forever Marilyn Collection, seven films featuring the actress (note, I didn't say "starring") at the height of her popularity. And it's an interesting exercise... More »

TV Review: BREAKING BAD 5.02 - "Madrigal"

Before I start in on this week's reaction to the second season five episode of Breaking Bad, I have to call our own Jason Gorber out who last week chided Vince Gilligan's season for having a "weak first season."... More »


Now that many of us have had a chance to catch up with Christopher Nolan's conclusion to his Bat-trilogy, some of us in the Twitch crew wanted to provide some short, spoiler-free reactions. If you'd like more in-depth takes on... More »

Contest: Win One of Two Blu-ray Copies of GET THE GRINGO

Twentieth Century Fox has passed along two copies of the Mel Gibson-starring Get the Gringo on Blu-ray for a couple of our lucky readers. Here's the synopsis: Car chases, bloody bodies and a hard-core prison... all in a day's work.... More »

Blu-ray Review: LOCKOUT - You Can't Escape Your Inspirations

The sci-fi prison escape movie Lockout is maybe the best John Carpenter movie made in well over a decade (which just happens to not have the Halloween and Escape From New York director's name attached in any way). The Luc... More »

Contest: Win a Blu-ray Copy of The Farrelly Brothers' THE THREE STOOGES

We've got a copy of this one to give away to one of our lucky winners. Here's the official synopsis: The Farrelly Bros. (There's Something About Mary, Dumb & Dumber) bring back a beloved classic comedy act with THE THREE... More »

SDCC 2012 Review: DREDD 3D Brings Mega-violence to Mega City One

Besides being a genuinely visceral (read: ridiculously gory) action movie which happens to balance its grim material with an effective streak of black humor, the biggest surprise is how thoroughly Dredd banishes all memories of the previous big screen adaptation.... More »

Book Review: Sympathy for the Blockbuster in WRITING MOVIES FOR FUN AND PROFIT

Screenwriters and co-authors of Writing Movies For Fun and Profit Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon caution you right off the bat to put their book down if you're looking to this as some kind of resource into either screenwriting... More »

Blu-ray Review: MIRROR MIRROR Doesn't Become Clear Until The Credits

Tarsem Singh, I think it's safe to say that you and I are quits. It's not me, it's you. As it stands, you're zero for four with me, producing visually interesting but mentally inert films since your debut with The... More »

Blu-ray Review: THE ARTIST Charms With Little Surprise

I have to admit that it's nice being able to consider director Michel Hazanavicius' film five months away from the annual best of horse race. It felt particularly nasty this year, the question of whether or not The Artist was... More »

Blu-ray Review: 21 JUMP STREET

The comedy remake of the late 80's TV series 21 Jump Street has no right being any good, much less very, very funny. This kinds of things typically don't work out, not really knowing the line between honoring the source... More »

Blu-ray Review: SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE - Killing Heroes

DC Comics and Warner Brothers' latest animated Superman effort is a thrilling piece of action pitting the Man of Steel against a quartet of formidable enemies wrapped up in simplistic moralizing that allows to real world to intrude too much... More »

Contest: Win One of Three Blu-ray Copies of Korean Monster Movie SECTOR 7 3D

Korea's first major 3D film is hitting Blu-ray and DVD from Shout! Factory this week and we've got three copies to give away. First, here's the official synopsis:Starring popular international female action star Ha Ji-Won and directed by Kim Ji-Hoon,... More »

RESIDENT EVIL RETRIBUTION Breaks The Series' Continuity. So What?

Over at game blog Destructoid, Hamza CTZ Aziz laments that the based on the trailer for the latest entry in the series, filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson has all but upended and invalidated the stories of the previous films using the... More »
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