Charles Webb
Seattle, Washington

Charles is a Florida-born, Washington State-based writer. He abandoned a perfectly good start at a psychiatric career to write for and about the video game industry. Besides having very strong opinions about the Blade franchise and Auntie Mame, Charles also contributes regularly at MTV Geek and MTV Multiplayer.


Kiefer Sutherland's television followup to 24, Touch, is out this week on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox. The show sees Sutherland trade in his 9MM and questionable execution of due process for a cute kid with the power to anticipate... More »

Blu-ray Review: Taking a Look At the BOND 50 Special Features, Pt. 1

With the recent release of the Bond 50 Blu-ray collection, it was a little tough providing a comprehensive review of the entire 22-disc set. With that in mind, Jason Gorber and I have decided to break up the collection, with... More »

Win One Of a Pair of THE RAVEN DVD Prize Packs

In an appropriately grim memorial, Twentieth Century Fox is commemorating the 163rd year of writer Edgar Allan Poe's death (October 7th, 1849) with the release of the John Cusack-starring thriller The Raven this Tuesday on DVD and Blu-ray in the... More »

Blu-ray Review: BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS PT. 1 Avoids Some of the Traps of Adaptation

Among the comic-reading faithful who come to director Jay Oliva's animated adaptation of Frank Miller's character-defining miniseries The Dark Knight Returns, there will, I suspect, be two camps. There will be those who dig it as a more or less... More »

Blu-ray Review: On Not Loving Joss Whedon's Very Likeable THE AVENGERS

With The Avengers, Marvel succeeded in assembling top-flight talent in front of and behind the camera to give viewers one big slobberknocker of a fight involving gods (or at least advanced aliens in the cosmology that Jack Kirby created), intergalactic... More »

Fantastic Fest 2012 Review: Despite Misfires, Sniper Thriller TOWER BLOCK Hits Its Mark

Nothing good ever happens on the block. It might not be small-scale alien invasions of futuristic battles with scarred lady drug kingpins, but if you live on a block, something terrible is bound to happen to you. Consider the film... More »

Contest: The Big BOND 50 Blu-ray Giveaway

Courtesy of MGM and Twentieth Century Fox, we've got a copy of the 22-film Bond Blu-ray collection for one of our lucky readers. Bringing together 50 years of Bond history (with a slot for the eventual home video release of... More »

Blu-ray Review: The Occasionally Beautiful, Utterly Empty SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN

The instinct behind Snow White and the Huntsman is admirable, even if the execution ultimately falls flat: push the fairy tale into the realm of dark fantasy with a hint of political intrigue, with evil represented through the physical and... More »

Blu-ray Review: Surveillance, Sex, and Madness in HOMELAND: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON

The first season of Showtime's hour-long terrorism drama Homeland is about nothing so much as the complete and utter destruction of Claire Danes' character, C.I.A. analyst Carrie Mathison. This smart, driven, and somewhat compulsive spook is undone by those very... More »

Contest: Win an AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 1 Blu-ray Prize Pack

With the second season of the FX horror series on the way in October and the first season hitting DVD and Blu-ray next week, we've got two copies of season one for a couple of our lucky, very smart, and... More »

Exclusive: It's the Final Round in This BRAWLER Clip

Writer-director Chris Stiverton's underground fighting film Brawler hits DVD and Blu-ray in the U.S. tomorrow and we've got a bloody exclusive clip featuring from its climax. It's the big fight and our leads Charlie and Bobbie Fontaine (Nathan Grubbs, Marc... More »

TIFF 2012 Review: HERE COMES THE DEVIL, And He's Looking For Sex

Here Comes the Devil is only the second film I'm seen by writer-director Adrián García Bogliano, following a recent viewing of his "geriatric lunatics with nitroglycerine" horror movie Cold Sweat only a few weeks ago. Seeing both films in such... More »

Contest: Win a SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Blu-ray Prize Pack

This week, the Rupert Sanders-directed Snow White and the Huntsman makes its way to DVD and Blu-ray from Universal Pictures Home Video. And we've got two copies of the high def version of the reimagined fairy tale to to give... More »

TIFF 2012 Review: DREDD 3D Brings Mega-Violence to the Multiplex

Besides being a genuinely visceral (read: ridiculously gory) action movie which happens to balance its grim material with an effective streak of black humor, the biggest surprise is how thoroughly Dredd banishes all memories of the previous big screen adaptation.... More »

Blu-ray Review: BERNIE Was a Good Guy Guilty of a Little Murder

Richard Linklater's Bernie is a unique film to me in that it kind of inverts the trajectory for this kind of sordid, small-town murder plot (and that it happens to be based on true events is all the curiouser).Bernie Tiede... More »

Win One of 2 BAIT 3D Blu-ray Prize Packs!

Courtesy of Anchor Bay, we've got two prize packs featuring a couple of killer fish films surrounding the DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD release of the Aussie "shark in a grocery store" horror movie, Bait 3D. Here's the official synopsis: Story's... More »

TV Review: BREAKING BAD 5.08 - "Gliding All Over"

They sure montaged the hell out of this one, didn't they? Walt's effortless rise to the top of an Albuquerque meth empire (oh, and let's not forget a franchise out in the Czech Republic) is served up as one of... More »

Exclusive: We Have Stills From Chris Siverton's BRAWLER

The MMA-focused drama Brawler is headed to theaters next month, and we have a batch of stills from the New Orleans-set film about underground mixed martial arts clubs. The film stars Nathan Grubbs, Marc Senter, and Bryan Batt from The... More »

Exclusive: Martial Artist Zheng Liu's Back Alley Brawl in This BLOOD MONEY Clip

The upcoming martial arts film from first time writer-director Gregory McQualter brings together the legendary Gordon Liu, pop star Pitbull, and introduces martial artist Zheng Liu in this Australian production. According to the press release, the film uses no CG... More »

TV Review: BREAKING BAD 5.06 - "Buyout"

You can understand and maybe empathize with how someone like Jess Pinkman could come to be the way he is. Some suburban life worn down by his parents' expectations and his own unwillingness to try and bam, you're in... More »
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