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HOW TO USE GUYS WITH SECRET TIPS Wins Audience Award at Udine Far East Film Festival 2013

The Udine Far East Festival Audience Prize, the Golden Mulberry, was awarded to Lee Won-suk's Korean comedy How To Use Guys With Secret Tips, which our own Pierce Conran said rises admirably above its title. The surreal, pulpy morality tale... More »

First Poster For Lars Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC Gives New Meaning To The Word 'Teaser'

The first poster for Lars von Trier's erotic epic Nymphomaniac offers a slightly more tasteful and less provocative tease than the first still, though I still wouldn't go so far as to call it subtle. While the film won't be... More »

Review: THE SOURCE FAMILY - Spiritual Utopia Or Exploitive Cult?

There are those in The Source Family, a film exploring a radical, Utopian community in the 70's, who still claim that they experienced unexplainable miracles while living under the guidance of spiritual leader Father Yod. Stillborn babies were seemingly magically... More »

Review: POST TENEBRAS LUX Brings The Devil Home

As I review more and more films out of festivals, I'm beginning to notice a pattern: I'm much more forgiving and enthusiastic about films that shoot for the moon and fall somewhere short than with serviceable movies trodding well-worn territory... More »

Euro Beat: Jo Nesbø Brings OCCUPIED To TV, Plus Paris Gets A Drive-In Movie Theater

If you don't know the work of Norwegian author Jo Nesbø, you will very soon. Not only has a U.S. adaptation of his wacky thriller Headhunters (already adapted quite well in Norway by Morten Tyldum) been confirmed, but a U.S.... More »

3 New ONLY GOD FORGIVES Clips Give The People What They Want

The people in this case being those who didn't wish Drive was more like The Fast and The Furious. Indeed, here are three new clips from Nicolas Winding Refn's Cannes-selected Only God Forgives. While I don't want to spoil even... More »

Review: PARADISE: LOVE Illuminates Complex Emotional Truths

Ulrich Seidl's Paradise: Love, the first in his trilogy of "paradise" films (next up is Faith followed by Hope), is a confrontational, often ugly depiction of different forms of desperation and exploitation set against a sex tourism backdrop, and indeed,... More »

Udine 2013 Review: TOUCH OF THE LIGHT Offers A Polite Reminder Not To Abandon Your Dreams

"Presented" by Wong Kar Wai and directed by Chang Jung-chi, Touch of the Light isn't an incredibly deep or adventurous movie, but I dare you to watch it and not reflect at least once, "maybe I should give some of... More »

Udine 2013 Review: Drug Smuggling Begets Strange Relationships in LETHAL HOSTAGE

The stylish Chinese crime drama Lethal Hostage raises a number of intriguing questions about loyalty, escaping the past, and the human capacity for cruelty and love. Unfortunately, its plot points raise just as many questions about plausibility and motivation, resulting... More »

Udine 2013 Review: THE LAST SUPPER Filters Bloody Power Struggles of Ancient China Through A Fragmented Mind

Lu Chuan's retelling of Liu Bang's rise to power in ancient China is filled with so much backstabbing, manipulation and fatal ambition, Shakespeare himself probably would have written it had he read up more on Chinese history. However, he certainly... More »

Cannes 2013 Director's Fortnight Includes Films By Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jim Mickle, Anurag Kashyap

Time will tell, but as of now, The Cannes Director's Fortnight program this year looks like a more well-rounded, eccentric group of films than the competition. It's a lineup where, for example, Jim Mickle's Sundance selected cannibalism tale We Are... More »

Udine 2013 Review: MARUYAMA, THE MIDDLE SCHOOLER Is A Surprisingly Endearing Comedy About Self-Fellatio

Before seeing Maruyama, The Middle Schooler, I would have said that making a two-hour comedy about a fourteen-year-old boy who's primary ambition throughout the film is to, as the omniscient narrator puts it, "to touch his own weeny with his... More »

Udine Far East Film Festival Is Underway! Just Look At This Stellar Asian Film Lineup!

If you want a comprehensive survey of what's new and exciting in modern Asian film, just glance at the below list of what's playing at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy. The festival kicked off last Friday and... More »

Brussels 2013 Wrap: Blood, Guts, Singing Filmmakers

During the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, I saw vengeful ghosts, vampire threesomes, transvestite killers, monstrous gorillas, giant spiders and at least a dozen decapitations. Just as entertaining though, were the multiple directors that I saw singing a cappella to... More »

Cannes 2013 Lineup Includes Latest Miike, Winding Refn, Coens, Payne

The entire Cannes competition lineup has been announced, and yes, it includes many reasons to get excited, whether you're a casual film fan or hardcore cinephile. Among other titles, the list includes anticipated films Only God Forgives (which was described at... More »

Brussels 2013 Review: THE HUMAN RACE Plunges One-Legged Man Into Bizarre Battle Royale

Paul Hough's The Human Race depicts a brutal, inventive competition that turns even the most compassionate and kind-hearted members of society into ruthless killers, bloody, exploded messes or, in some cases, both. As usual with this particular genre of action... More »

GHOST GRADUATION Wins Big at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

Javier Ruiz Caldera's widely-acclaimed, paranormal version of The Breakfast Club, Ghost Graduation, took home not only the coveted Golden Raven at the 31st Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, but also the audience award! In other words, if the movie screens... More »

Brussels 2013 Review: TEBANA SANKICHI: SNOT ROCKETS Will Turn Your Brain To Mush

Writing a review of Tebana Sankichi: Snot Rockets is impossible, and probably stupid to attempt. Reviews involve structuring words and sentences in order to give the reader an idea of what a movie is like and whether it is good... More »

Brussels 2013: TRAP FOR CINDERELLA Is A Sexy Throwback To Suspense Films Of Yesteryear

Iain Softley's Trap For Cinderella harks back to elegant, suspenseful mysteries like Vertigo and Diabolique. In the shadow of those films, it's not particularly groundbreaking, but it's so stylish, intriguing and well-made that innovation hardly seems necessary. After all, the... More »

Brussels 2013 Review: FOUND Brings Sensitivity To Twisted Suburban Nightmare

"My brother keeps a human head in his closet." So intones twelve-year old narrator Marty at the beginning of Found, a pulpy, twisted coming-of-age thriller which, by the end, subjects poor kid to such ridiculous perversion and violence that the... More »
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