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European Editor; Los Angeles

Brussels 2013 Wrap: Blood, Guts, Singing Filmmakers

During the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, I saw vengeful ghosts, vampire threesomes, transvestite killers, monstrous gorillas, giant spiders and at least a dozen decapitations. Just as entertaining though, were the multiple directors that I saw singing a cappella to... More »

Cannes 2013 Lineup Includes Latest Miike, Winding Refn, Coens, Payne

The entire Cannes competition lineup has been announced, and yes, it includes many reasons to get excited, whether you're a casual film fan or hardcore cinephile. Among other titles, the list includes anticipated films Only God Forgives (which was described at... More »

Brussels 2013 Review: THE HUMAN RACE Plunges One-Legged Man Into Bizarre Battle Royale

Paul Hough's The Human Race depicts a brutal, inventive competition that turns even the most compassionate and kind-hearted members of society into ruthless killers, bloody, exploded messes or, in some cases, both. As usual with this particular genre of action... More »

GHOST GRADUATION Wins Big at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

Javier Ruiz Caldera's widely-acclaimed, paranormal version of The Breakfast Club, Ghost Graduation, took home not only the coveted Golden Raven at the 31st Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, but also the audience award! In other words, if the movie screens... More »

Brussels 2013 Review: TEBANA SANKICHI: SNOT ROCKETS Will Turn Your Brain To Mush

Writing a review of Tebana Sankichi: Snot Rockets is impossible, and probably stupid to attempt. Reviews involve structuring words and sentences in order to give the reader an idea of what a movie is like and whether it is good... More »

Brussels 2013: TRAP FOR CINDERELLA Is A Sexy Throwback To Suspense Films Of Yesteryear

Iain Softley's Trap For Cinderella harks back to elegant, suspenseful mysteries like Vertigo and Diabolique. In the shadow of those films, it's not particularly groundbreaking, but it's so stylish, intriguing and well-made that innovation hardly seems necessary. After all, the... More »

Brussels 2013 Review: FOUND Brings Sensitivity To Twisted Suburban Nightmare

"My brother keeps a human head in his closet." So intones twelve-year old narrator Marty at the beginning of Found, a pulpy, twisted coming-of-age thriller which, by the end, subjects poor kid to such ridiculous perversion and violence that the... More »

Brussels 2013 Review: CULT Is A Wacky Found-Footage Horror Oddity

Those miffed by the fact that the monsters in Apollo 18 turned out to be moon rocks with legs will likely be even more enraged by antagonists of the Japanese found-footage horror film Cult. Granted, I never actually saw the... More »

Brussels 2013 Review: CRAWLSPACE Is Claustrophobic, Derivative Fun

The aptly titled Aussie sci-fi thriler Crawlspace is probably about as much fun as a blatant mash-up of Aliens, Scanners, Event Horizon and the last Doom video game can be. Executive Produced by Greg Mclean (director of Wolf Creek), the... More »

BIFFF 2013 Preview: Russian Zombies, Japanese Werewolves and More!

For the 31st time, the good folks at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival have pulled together a cornucopia of the most horrifying, surreal, wacky and overall "fantastic" films of the year. The festival kicks off today, and I'm reporting... More »

IFS Review: No Easy Answers In The Disturbing French Thriller VICTIMS

Victims is an intriguing, disturbing indie thriller from France, one which uses a tense relationship between a seemingly well-meaning therapist and his patient to examine the darkest recesses of the human psyche. While the film isn't perfect, it is bleak,... More »

Review: Mile High Club Membership Soars In Pedro Almodóvar's I'M SO EXCITED!

It's a bit of a shame that the U.S. release of Pedro Almodóvar's latest (Called Les Amantes Pasajeros in Spanish) is titled I'm So Excited!, and that it will presumably use the moment where the flight attendants break into a... More »

Review: G.I. JOE: RETALIATION Kicks Way More Ass Than It Needs To

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is not the toy-line adaptation movie we deserve. A market that allows for studio execs to even bat around the idea of dropping more than $100 million dollars on a consumerist nostalgia cash-in based on a bunch... More »

Euro Beat: France Campaigns To 'Free John McTiernan,' Plus Abel Ferrara Finds His Anne Sinclair

Die Hard and Predator director John McTiernan has been ordered to begin a one year prison sentence by April 3 (eight days from now) ... but not if the French have anything to say about it. Citizens of the country... More »

Alex Garland Mines Artificial Intelligence For His Sci-Fi Directorial Debut EX-MACHINA

Alex Garland, screenwriter of 28 Days Later, Dredd and Never Let Me Go will be stepping into the directors chair for the first time for a sci-fi film based on his own script called Ex-Machina. The intriguing plot "centers on... More »

Ben Wheatley Is Going Down The SILK ROAD For HBO

Here's a welcome, unexpected gift from the entertainment gods: HBO has hired Kill List and Sightseers director Ben Wheatley to write, executive produce and direct a new original series called Silk Road. Details of the show's plot are being closely... More »

Attack Of The Arctic Cannibals! It's The First Trailer For THE COLONY

Note to apocalypse survivors, and anyone else living in a barely inhabitable environment (space, underwater, etc): Do not respond to S.O.S. distress signals! Movies have worked hard to impart this valuable lesson, from Alien to the upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller The... More »

THE ALAN PARTRIDGE MOVIE Teaser Promises Guns, Cursing And A Snazzy Title

I can't guarantee that this first look at The Alan Partridge Movie actually shows anything from the film itself, but it does feature new material from Steve Coogan playing Britain's favorite fictional talk radio host, which is good enough. Here,... More »


Short Term 12, which stars Brie Larson as a supervisor at a foster home for at-risk adolescents, took home the SXSW 2013 narrative prize, awarded by a jury which included Indiewire editor and Chief Dana Harris and GQ articles editor... More »

POLTERGEIST Remake Will Be Directed By MONSTER HOUSE's Gil Kenan

Obviously, the first logical reaction to the news that director Gil Kenan (Monster House, City of Embers) will be directing the Poltergeist remake is, "Aww man! They're still planning to remake Poltergeist?" And yeah, shortly after, you may ask yourself... More »
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