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Euro Beat: First Image From Mike Leigh's J.M.W. Turner Project!

Also in today's edition of Euro Beat: Catherine Deneuve turns 70 and remains awesome, Alain Delon goes a little nuts at 77 (or has he always been?), promising films win at the London Film Festival, plus, Europe takes back its... More »
By Brian Clark   

Euro Beat: Michael Hazanavicius Works In Secret, James Marsh Takes On Stephen Hawking

After our exhaustive look at the European Oscar submissions, Euro Beat is back to its normally scheduled Tuesday spot with good news about upcoming projects, bad news about Spain, Portugal and a great director and some very interesting European box... More »
By Brian Clark   

Review: Dario Argento's DRACULA 3D Is Predictably Bad, Until...

Early warning: This review will eventually spoil what was -- for me -- the only great minute of Dario Argento's Dracula 3D. It is not a plot spoiler per say, and it was also spoiled by the sales reel that... More »
By Brian Clark   

Euro Beat: Get To Know The European Oscar Contenders

Yesterday was the deadline for each country around the world to choose a film to submit for Oscar consideration. While only a few of them will make the cut come January 16 when the final nominations are announced, this moment... More »
By Brian Clark   

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists Of Shame - September

September has been an incredibly busy month for the Twitch collective, with many of our writers travelling the Earth seeking out cinematic delights in as far-reaching corners as Venice, Toronto and Austin. As a result, this month's Full Disclosure is... More »
By James Marsh   

Lars Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC Gets Literary In The Latest Clip

The marketing train for Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac keeps on rolling! All aboard for the latest clip, which is decidedly more somber and monochrome that what's been released previously. But at least the framing of this also-just released still promises... More »
By Brian Clark   

Review: Sam Rockwell Breaks Age-Old Movie Rule in A SINGLE SHOT

Briefcases full of money are bad news. Terrible news, even. If you see a briefcase full of money, run as far away from it as you can, and maybe stay inside for a few days just to be safe. You... More »
By Brian Clark   

Trailer For Nacho Vigalondo's OPEN WINDOWS Traps Sasha Grey and Elijah Wood In Tech-Nightmare

I suppose it was inevitable that some confident, ambitious director would eventually make a movie set entirely in different windows of a computer screen. Fortunately, first one to the punch is the endlessly innovative Nacho Vigalondo, and, as anyone familiar... More »
By Brian Clark   

Euro Beat: French Zombies Will Attack The States, Funding Woes for Joachim Trier, And More!

We've got a slew of news in today's Euro Beat, including French zombies, Venice awards, Spanish Oscar hopefuls, disheartening Joachim Trier news and some scandalous tidbits about the upcoming erotic coming of age drama Blue is the Warmest Color. Plus,... More »
By Brian Clark   

Live In A David Cronenberg Movie With New Interactive Project BODY/MIND/CHANGE

David Cronenberg and Lance Weiler (The Last Broadcast) have teamed up with TIFF and the Canadian Film Center Media Lab to create a new interactive, multimedia project that allows you to "experience what it is like to live inside a... More »
By Brian Clark   

Fantastic Fest 2013: Closing Night Film And Final Wave Of Programming Announced!

While I'm sure no one is quite ready to think about the end of the Austin, TX genre orgy that is Fantastic Fest before it's even started, you should at least be aware that the fest will be finishing with... More »
By Brian Clark   

The 8 Best Things I Learned At The RIDDICK Press Conference With Vin Diesel, Katee Sackhoff and David Twohy

In a cinema culture where "sequel" is usually synonymous with "bigger-louder-flashier," Riddick is something of an anomaly. After expanding the universe of his cult-sleeper-hit Pitch Black significantly in the studio-backed Chronicles of Riddick, writer/director David Twohy has actually scaled things... More »
By Brian Clark   

Review: PASSION, Great Erotic Fun That Doesn't Hold A Candle To De Palma's Best

After the experimental political polemic Redacted and the gun-for-hire mess The Black Dahlia, Brian De Palma has returned to what should be his comfort zone; a violent, erotic thriller which he actually wrote himself. In fact, every scene of Passion... More »
By Brian Clark   

Euro Beat: Art-Porn-Surrealism Master To Be Honored In Paris

Today's eclectic edition of Euro Beat features a spotlight on a singular adult filmmaker, a simple way to help save Portuguese cinema culture, a guide to watching Venice film festival premieres at home, European box office and more.We'll kick it... More »
By Brian Clark   

Lock Your Doors: 15 Great Home Invasion Movies You Haven't Seen

With You're Next opening this Friday on the heels of the massive box office success of The Purge, audiences this year are again questioning the safety of their own homes. It's not at all surprising that the home invasion... More »
By Brian Clark   

Euro Beat: New Films From Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders and... Orson Welles!?

In the latest installment of Euro Beat, I'll be taking a look at several brand new (at least,new to the public), very significant projects  originating from unlikely places. As always, click through the gallery below for additional European news briefs... More »
By Brian Clark   

Review: THE CANYONS Embarrasses Everyone Involved, Except Lindsay Lohan

So... did you hear about the time that author Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho) and director Paul Schrader (Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters, Cat People, screenwriter of Taxi Driver) decided to collaborate on a crowdfunded movie... More »
By Brian Clark   

Euro Beat: 7 Bernadette Lafont Movies You Should Know About

In most of the world, only dedicated cinephiles noted the passing of French actress Bernadette Lafont, but in France, citizens nation-wide are still mourning the loss of one of the country's great cinematic icons. Lafont passed away from a heart... More »
By Brian Clark   

Review: Sex and Murder Become Dull Bedfellows In BREAKING THE GIRLS

Alright Alfred Hitchcock (or Patricia Highsmith) fans, see if you remember this one : Two strangers meet by chance, hit it off and soon realize that each of them has a person in their life that they'd like dead. They... More »
By Brian Clark   

New Sexy, NSFW NYMPHOMANIAC Still Introduces Shia "La Buff"

First of all, I'd like to put the jokes aside for a second and applaud the fact that both the above picture and the other official still from Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac are actually quite sexy. Von Trier may be... More »
By Brian Clark   
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