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Twitch's Best of 2013 - Best Screenplay

The year that was 2013 has almost run its course, so the time has come for Team Twitch to pool its ever-growing troupe of contributors from the four corners of the planet, gather its collective thoughts and pay special tribute... More »
By James Marsh   

Etrange 2013 Interview: Stephen Sayadian Is 'The Most Interesting Man In The World'

Stephen Sayadian is just one of those 'Guys'. A born provocateur. A gregarious storyteller. A genre unto himself. He's been everywhere and met everyone. He may not be a household name, but name one in front of him and chances are... More »
By Ben Croll   

Etrange 2013 Interview: Jeremy Saulnier on BLUE RUIN

Jeremy Saulnier is just amazed as anyone else. In September 2012, he was still editing his second feature, unclear when or where it would play, paying the bills shooting corporate videos. He spent this September hopping between film festivals, riding... More »
By Ben Croll   

Etrange 2013 Review: WORM Is A One-Take Wonder

Worm is having a really bad day. The town baddies are after him. He can't look to his friends for help because they're turning against one by one. He can't even go to the police. They want him for... More »
By Ben Croll   

Etrange 2013 Review: CONTRACTED Gives Sick Thrills

You've heard the story... happened to a friend of a friend, I swear. Girl had a one-night stand with a mortician and the next day she found maggots down there. Disgusting right? Oh she's a friend of a friend of... More »
By Ben Croll   

Etrange 2013: Bykov, Sono And Jodorowsky Awarded In Paris

Paris' much-loved Etrange Festival ended with a bang the other night. Before the closing night screening of Vincenzo Natali's Haunter, awards were given to three films and directors.First among equals was director Yuri Bykov, who took the Canal + Nouveau... More »
By Ben Croll   

Strasbourg 2013: What's Fantastic In Europe?

The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival kicked off its 6th edition today with a screening of Jim Mickle's Appalachian creep-out We Are What We Are. With director Lucky Mckee serving as Jury President (and presenting his latest, All Cheerleaders Die),... More »
By Ben Croll   

EXCLUSIVE Etrange 2013 Interview: Bong Joon-ho talks SNOWPIERCER

We couldn't let Toronto have all the fun.Sunday night, Bong Joon-ho's masterful Snowpiercer made its Paris premiere as part of L'Etrange Festival, and Twitch had two contributors on hand to confirm that yeah, basically everything you've been hearing is... More »
By Ben Croll   

Review: In POPULAIRE, Candy Colors Hide A Rotten Core

That which glitters is so very, very far from gold in the new French film Populaire. Dig a little deeper into this superficial charmer and you'll find a core that borders on dreadful. I couldn't possibly recommend a film... More »
By Ben Croll   

L'Etrange 2013: 17 Reasons To Be Excited About This Year's Fest

Paris' much loved L'Etrange Festival is only days away. Those who've been impatiently waiting (as well they should) since last year's effusive coverage, and those besot with intrigue after having just recently learned of it can both rest easy - things kick off... More »
By Ben Croll   

DARK TOUCH Leaves Neuchâtel A Winner!

Marina de Van's poem of telekinesis and terror Dark Touch took home the H.R. Giger Narcisse Award when all was said and done at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival this past Saturday. Twitch's Joshua Chaplinsky's feelings were decidedly mixed when... More »
By Ben Croll   

Neuchatel 2013 Review: IN THE NAME OF THE SON Has The Church In Its Crosshairs

Evoking the gospels both sacred and profane (Father Tarantino, hallowed be thy name), Vincent Lannoo's In the Name of the Son (Au nom du fils) is divided into six 'books'. It is only fitting for a film that veers wildly... More »
By Ben Croll   

Neuchatel 2013 Review: CHIMÈRES Heralds a New Talent in Swiss Horror

He's a vampire, and that's OK. Such is the verdict thirtysomething couple Alex and Livia reach about halfway through Chimères, a surprisingly intimate genre work that evokes Kübler-Ross as much as it does Cronenberg. A botched blood transfusion during a... More »
By Ben Croll   

Murnau, Martinez, Miike And Many More Hit The Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival

What evil lurks in the hearts of picturesque, Swiss lakeside towns?Returning for its 13th edition, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF from here on out) has announced its full program today, and does it ever look fun.The festival, which... More »
By Ben Croll   

Review: Michel Gondry's MOOD INDIGO Exhilarates, Exhausts

Michel Gondry is back. And he's going no holds barred.After slumming it as studio hired-gun and inner-city auteur (in 2011's The Green Hornet and 2012's The We and the I, respectively), the French director is back in small-batch surrealist mode with Mood Indigo (L'ecume... More »
By Ben Croll   
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