COLD FISH Trailer Debut!

The cult of director Sion Sono grew exponentially with the arrival of last year's stunning four hour opus Love Exposure and it looks poised to take another big leap forward with the arrival of Cold Fish. Due to screen in... More »
By Todd Brown   

Venice 2010: Fresh Images From Julie Taymor's THE TEMPEST

Having been fortunate enough to grow up within striking distance of one of the great Shakespeare festivals in the world and to have spent my entire school career with teachers smart enough to take me there every year, I have... More »
By Todd Brown   

First Images From Tom Tykwer's THREE

Set to premiere in Venice, Run Lola Run director Tom Tykwer returns with Three, a contemporary love story set in current day Berlin. Hanna and Simon, a couple in their early forties, live together in Berlin. Unknown to each other... More »
By Todd Brown   

Madness, Feathers And A Little Bit Of Lesbianism. It's The Trailer For Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN.

Natalie Portman. Mila Kunis. Vincent Cassel. All three feature very large in the trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, the ballet-set thriller from the director of The Wrestler, The Fountain and Requiem For A Dream that will be opening Venice... More »
By Todd Brown   


Loved what you've seen so far from Tsui Hark's Detective Dee but wish you could understand what they were saying? Well, your time is now. With the film's World Premiere coming at the Venice Film Festival a new, international trailer... More »
By Todd Brown   

A First Look At The Pang Brothers' CHILD'S EYE 3D

The Pang Brothers will be off to Venice soon to premiere their latest effort, the 3D entry into their Eye franchise, The Child's Eye 3D. The story doesn't really seem to matter with these any more but the basic gist... More »
By Todd Brown   

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2010: A Second Trailer For Tsui Hark's DETECTIVE DEE

Freshly announced to have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, a second trailer has just arrived for Tsui Hark's epic mystery thriller Detective Dee. Starring Andy Lau as the titular investigator this one is epic in all senses,... More »
By Todd Brown   

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2010: Venice Announces Complete 2010 Lineup!

The Venice Film Festival has gone genre crazy. The complete 2010 festival lineup has been announced and it includes a host of familiar names, including Sion Sono's Cold Fish, Tsui Hark's Detective Dee, Andrew Lau's Legend of Chen Zhen, John... More »
By Todd Brown   

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2010: Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN to Open Venice 2010

Darren Aronofsky does a 180 degree switch in the world of physical competition.  Going from Pro Wrestling to Ballet.  And it looks like the plot of the film is going to feature intrigue over intimacy.  That photo is an unrecognizable... More »

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2010: Trailer for Julian Schnabel's MIRAL

I could certainly call myself an admirer of Julian Schnabel, the artist turned filmmaker has improved with each film, from Basquiat (write what you know) to Before Night Falls to the exquisite The Diving Bell and The Butterfly.   Simply... More »

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2010: But Will Anyone Else Get A Chance To Talk? Tarantino Names Head Of The Venice 2010 Jury.

In what strikes me as a strangely early announcement - read: they're trying not to be completely overshadowed by Cannes - the Venice Film Festival has just announced that Quentin Tarantino will head the jury for the 2010 edition of... More »
By Todd Brown   


The flush of desire inspired by the blush of youth has rarely been as lyrically expressed as in Tom Ford's A Single Man, elegantly adapted from the novel by Christopher Isherwood. But it isn't just the innocence of youth... More »

A Trailer For Edmund Yeo's KINGYO

Malaysian film maker Edmund Yeo has become a great favorite in these parts recently. Very active in the current Malaysian indie scene, having worked as both a producer and editor on some of the more widely traveled and acclaimed pictures... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sitges 2009: TETSUO THE BULLET MAN Review

Brace yourself for disappointment.  As painful as it is to say, Shinya Tsukamoto's Tetsuo The Bulletman is far indeed from being the triumphant return to the iconic world that created a rabid cult around Tsukamoto.  Worse than that, not only... More »
By Todd Brown   


In case anyone had forgotten, 2009 movies seem to keep reminding us that, yes, it's indeed the year of the ox. In Korea, they did so with one of the most shocking success stories in Chungmuro's history, the three million... More »
By X   


Great concept.  Great promo materials.  But, good lord, The Horde might just be the worst film I've seen all year.  Bad writing, worse acting, a massive over-reliance on film speed up and dropped frames in the edit to make it... More »
By Todd Brown   

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2009: Award Winners Announced

Closing this year's edition of la Mostra Internationale d'Arte Cinematografica, better known as the Venice Film Festival, the official award ceremony just took place at the festival's Sala Grande. So who took home the awards? This year's GOLDEN LION for... More »

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2009: Sidebar Winners Announced

Though the announcement of the official prizes at Venice won't come tomorrow, the sidebar awards were all announced today with two films featured heavily on Twitch taking home major prizes.  Tarik Saleh's Metropia took the Future Film Festival's Digital Award... More »
By Todd Brown   

International Trailer For Tsukamoto's TETSUO THE BULLET MAN

We ran the first teaser for Shinya Tsukamoto's Tetsuo The Bullet Man a couple days ago and today we've got a second, longer trailer for you.  This one is the international version and shows off much more of the film's... More »
By Todd Brown   


While I found the film itself to be a whopping disappointment - you can read my review here - there are, no doubt, many rabid fans of Shinya Tsukamoto and his Tetsuo films who are going to want to judge... More »
By Todd Brown   
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