Sixty Years On, DIAL M FOR MURDER in 3D Continues to Stand Out

Dial M For Murder is one of the "footnote" films in Alfred Hitchcock's canon, often remembered far more vividly for its technical elements than as a standalone piece. Like Lifeboat it essentially takes place in one location, and like Rope... More »

Jason Gorber's Cineruminations: LOOPER, Eco, and a Constellation of Clichés

In one of Looper's most delicious scenes, two versions of the same lead character are discussing the vagaries of time travel. When asked to explain how the technology works, "old" Joe deadpans a response to deflect the question, stating that... More »

Jason Gorber's Cineruminations: 70mm, 4K, and THE MASTER's Split Personality

Ever since Paul Thomas Anderson announced that he'd be shooting The Master for large format celluloid presentation, many of us have been drooling at the prospect of a modern, epic 70mm masterpiece slipping out of Hollywood. It's been 16 years... More »

TIFF 2012: Twitch's Festival Mega Wrap Rounds Up All the Reviews

No doubt about it, the 2012 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival was an affair to remember. With hundreds of memorable films, Twitch was by your side throughout, clocking in more than five dozen reviews. We've got links... More »

TIFF 2012 Feature: WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? Continues to Horrify

[With Come Out and Play, the remake of Who Can Kill a Child?, set to debut at TIFF tonight, we decided to take another look at the original film.] I read a quote from Adam Balz over at that... More »
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