TADFF 09: GRACE Review

Let us put the cards down on the table, shall we? Most horror movies these days aim to titillate, not actually scare. When you are cheering for the victims (or the slasher) to be splattered or carved on screen, this... More »


Su-ta is going through a particularly bad patch in his career. He may be a popular film star, but his press has being going sour for a while. He is hiding his current relationship from the paparazzi by reducing it... More »

TADFF09: Must Love Death

Norman's getting over a difficult relationship breakup when he meets Jennifer, actually she meets him - with her car - and falls in love all over again. But due to an unfortunate misunderstanding he leaves the city heartbroken and... More »


[Todd has a very different take of the film and we're playing dueling reviews. Read his review here.] "You brought them into this world. Now ... They will take you out" is the, frankly pretty awesome, marketing hook on the... More »

TADFF09: Someone's Knocking at the Door

Meant to be a mind fuck from start to finish, the challenging Someone's Knocking at the Door features over the top killer phallus, sexual deviancy, and drug induced hallucinations. A group of drug-taking medical students are shocked over the murder... More »

TADFF 09: Embodiment of Evil

Embodiment of Evil marks José Mojica Marins' return to the big screen as his iconic character Coffin Joe after a decades-long absence. Released from prison after 40 years Coffin Joe continues his search for the woman who will help... More »


With all the contortions and mutations that the vampire movie has taken in the past 75 (heck, the past 2) years, it is quite refreshing to see that there remains interesting potential in the genre. Take for instance, Faye Jackson's... More »

TADFF 09: Black

It's all about confessions today (after Embodiment of Evil last night I feel dirty). Thanks to Canadian distributor Evokative Films I have had Black for some time now and have been able to watch it more than once. At first,... More »

TADFF 09: The Warlords

I'm going to cheat again. The Warlords was made in 2007 and has been available on import DVD for some time now. The reason why it is important that it is playing at TADFF is that this film has... More »

TADFF 09: BLACK Review

A second viewing of Pierre Laffargue's kitchen-sink genre-mash cements the notion that if there is a reasonable successor to John Carpenter, albeit with more global leanings, Laffargue is quite possibly the man. While not as overtly funny as something like... More »

TADFF 09: Død snø / Dead Snow

In advance of the zombie apocalypse that will descend upon The Bloor Cinema tonight for zombie day at Toronto After Dark I'll put up my review for Død snø now. The advantages of doing what we do you see.... More »

TADFF 09: Black Dynamite

Someone's killed Black Dynamite's little brother. Some sucka's gonna pay. Black Dynamite goes on a no holds barred rampage through town taking out fools who take money from hos and sell drugs to the community. Little does he know that... More »


[The 4th Edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival kicks off tonite at the historic Bloor Cinema off with a jolt of pure entertainment in the form of Michael Jai White and Scott Sanders' Black Dynamite. The film is... More »

Fantasia 09 Review: BLACK

[OK, so I am not actually in Montreal right now, but in the spirit of the fine programming on hand at this years festival, I had a look-see at Pierre Laffargue's directorial debut, the action crime extravaganza, Black.] Kitchen-sink filmmaking... More »

Repo! The Genetic Opera: One week event at The Bloor Cinema!

I should have written this up after I saw this at TADFF. That would have been the proper thing to do but this was just one of those movies that I really wanted to write up but somehow found... More »

TAD2008: Home Movie

Home Movie is the video document of one family's descent into darkness by their own hand. It uses a compilation of found home-made footage, a lot of it around holidays, a time meant for family togetherness. In the remote... More »

TAD2008: I Sell The Dead

Somewhere in England in the 19th Century body snatchers Arthur Blake [Dominic Monaghan] and Willie Grimes [Larry Fessenden] have robbed their last grave. Willie has already had his date with destiny with the chopping block and with just a few... More »

TAD2008: South of Heaven

Dale Coop returns home from the Navy to his brother Roy's apartment. No sooner has he sat down at his typewriter, preparing to transcribe the letters he sent his brother while abroad, and make a novel of them when... More »

TAD2008: Trailer Park of Terror

A bus load of at-risk youth are on a trip with a church outreach group. Led by Pastor Lewis they are taking a trip into the country where they are to be challenged to change their lives and turn from... More »

TAD2008: 4bia [Phobia]

Proving once again that Thailand is leading the charge when it comes to Asian horror cinema, three of Thailand youngest horror directors teamed up with a veteran director and all contributed a short of their own for the anthology 4bia,... More »
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