UNRATED trailer for Olly Blackburn's 'Donkey Punch'

As one of the films in Magnet Film's sixshooter series Donkey Punch is all set to debut on our side of the pond in cinemas on January 23rd. Those lucky people over at IGN have scored themselves the unrated... More »

Repo! The Genetic Opera: One week event at The Bloor Cinema!

I should have written this up after I saw this at TADFF. That would have been the proper thing to do but this was just one of those movies that I really wanted to write up but somehow found... More »

TAD2008: Home Movie

Home Movie is the video document of one family's descent into darkness by their own hand. It uses a compilation of found home-made footage, a lot of it around holidays, a time meant for family togetherness. In the remote... More »

TAD2008: I Sell The Dead

Somewhere in England in the 19th Century body snatchers Arthur Blake [Dominic Monaghan] and Willie Grimes [Larry Fessenden] have robbed their last grave. Willie has already had his date with destiny with the chopping block and with just a few... More »

TAD2008: South of Heaven

Dale Coop returns home from the Navy to his brother Roy's apartment. No sooner has he sat down at his typewriter, preparing to transcribe the letters he sent his brother while abroad, and make a novel of them when... More »

TAD2008: Trailer Park of Terror

A bus load of at-risk youth are on a trip with a church outreach group. Led by Pastor Lewis they are taking a trip into the country where they are to be challenged to change their lives and turn from... More »

TAD2008: 4bia [Phobia]

Proving once again that Thailand is leading the charge when it comes to Asian horror cinema, three of Thailand youngest horror directors teamed up with a veteran director and all contributed a short of their own for the anthology 4bia,... More »

TAD2008: Donkey Punch

Seven gold collar young adults get on a boat off one of the shores of one of Spain’s coastal party towns for British party goers. The alcohol flows and recreational drugs enter the mix. Soon the lustful longings take over,... More »

TAD2008: Kevin Tenney's Brain Dead

Early in the festival promos were run for the first zombie feature playing on Sunday. In the Kevin Tenney's Brain Dead trailer it seemed that they were giving away decent kill shots. A lot of them. Then you get that... More »

Toronto After Dark: DONKEY PUNCH (Short) Review

Three girls, four guys, lots of drugs and a big expensive boat in the Mediterranean Sea. A recipe for holiday disaster? You bet. Perhaps the ultimate warning on unconventional sex-acts, the titular Donkey Punch sets the stage for a battle... More »

Toronto After Dark: IDIOTS AND ANGELS Review

Does the phrase 'delightful cynicism' make sense? It is nevertheless appropriate for master animator Bill Plympton's latest feature film. An independent filmmaker in the truest sense of the word with the claim to fame that he personally draws his feature... More »

TAD2008: Let the Right One In

It's almost redundant to write a review of Let the Right One In at this point. You should all know by now that we are unanimously in love with this film. Tonight's screening at Toronto After Dark marked the... More »


Just a reminder to you local folk: the 2008 edition of the Toronto After Dark Festival launches tonight with a 7 pm screening of Let The Right One In - Five star reviews in the local papers! It's a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Final Titles Announced For Toronto After Dark 2008!

So, Fantastic Fest is now behind us which means the next big event for genre fans is the Toronto After Dark fest, unspooling in late October, and the final block of titles has just been announced. What do you... More »
By Todd Brown   

Toronto Locals - Take a FREE trip into the FUNKY FOREST

Here is a treat of treats for those who happen to be within driving distance of Toronto. After bringing the house down in the best possible way at the 2006 edition of Toronto After Dark festival (something the film did... More »

Toronto After Dark 2008: First wave of titles announced!!!

Oh you lucky, lucky people. The first wave of titles for this year's edition of the Toronto After Dark Festival was announced today and you are in for a treat this year! Festival director Adam Lopez and his team, including... More »

Trailer for New York, I Love You

While I find it amusing that Canadian pop artist Feist is featured prominently in a film celebrating the boroughs and atmosphere of New York City, the trailer for New York, I Love You (making its debut at the Toronto International... More »

Toronto After Dark Call For Entries Closes Today!

Yep, like the title says, today is the last day to get your film submitted to the 2008 edition of the Toronto After Dark festival. So if you want to get in there then you need to, you know,... More »
By Todd Brown   

Toronto After Dark Call For Submissions!

Yes, kids, the 2008 festival season is upon us which means if you're a film maker wanting to get your work out there your opportunity has arrived. The 2008 edition of the Toronto After Dark Festival - the local... More »
By Todd Brown   

Cover art and details for R1 'Retribution' from Kiyoshi Kurasawa!

I have been reminded this week that not all of our readers have the access to import DVDs or enjoy the benefits of all-region players. Nor may they have friends like Todd who program stellar international programs into festivals like... More »
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