Watch The First Teaser For Horror Anthology S-VHS!

Same concept, rather noisier result. What a difference a selection of filmmakers can make ...Horror anthology S-VHS is poised to make its premiere at Sundance and while the followup to last year's hit V/H/S follows the same format it would... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sundance 2013: Full Trailer for UPSTREAM COLOR Keeps the Mysteries Alive

One of the most anticipated and most enigmatic movies at Sundance this year is Shane Carruth's long awaited follow-up to his Sundance 2004 hit Primer. Upstream Color stars Amy Seimetz alongside Carruth. We've got the full theatrical trailer for... More »

Watch An Exclusive Clip From Sundance Selection SHOPPING

New Zealand directors Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland made an instant fan of me with their 2009 short The Six Dollar Fifty Man, a gem that perfectly captures both the wonder and imagination of being a child and the darkness... More »
By Todd Brown   

Exclusive: First Trailer for BLACK METAL, Set to Rage at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival

I admire filmmaker Kat Candler's affinity for chaos. Last year at Sundance, she brought her short film Hellion (currently being written into a feature film), about a rambunctious group of boys. This year, she's bringing more anarchy to Park City with her... More »

First Trailer For Sundance Competition Selection WHAT THEY DON'T TALK ABOUT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT LOVE

Acclaimed Indonesian director Mouly Surya makes an appearance in the Sundance World Competition selection with What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love, a romantic drama set in a school for the visually impaired.At a high school for... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sundance 2013: Second UPSTREAM COLOR Teaser Asks More Questions

Everyone is jumping at ghosts when it comes to news about Primer director Shane Carruth's long-long awaited follow-up to that 2004 Grand Jury Prize winning film, Upstream Color. This morning brought a big ghoulish one for us to ponder... More »

Review: SAVE THE DATE, A Delightful Movie About a Female Slacker and Her Mushy Men

Bookstore manager and freelance artist Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) plans on getting her shit together. Someday. But not anytime soon. When we first meet Sarah, she's moving into an apartment with her rock star boyfriend, Kevin (Geoffrey Arend). Helping them is Sarah's... More »

A Bit Of Whimsy In Malin Erixon's BENJAMIN'S FLOWERS

Bright, colorful and following a peculiar sort of dream logic, Malin Erixon's animated short Benjamin's Flowers is headed for Sundance and it promises a very particular sort of whimsy.Benjamin's lack of love and company has placed him on the blurry... More »
By Todd Brown   

Striking Line Drawn Animation in Song E Kim's BITE OF THE TAIL

Though still a student, Song E Kim is already turning heads around the world with striking line drawn animated short Bite Of The Tail. Already selected at over twenty festivals around the world, Bite Of The Tail arrives next at... More »
By Todd Brown   

Meet The Wolf Boy In Daniel Sousa's Striking FERAL

Stories of boys raised in the wild by wolves have seemingly been around since the founding of Rome but that's not stopping director Daniel Sousa from bringing another such tale to Sundance in particularly striking fashion.A wild boy is found... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch The Trailer For Chris Mars' Grotesque Animated Short IN HANFORD

The beauty of animation lies in its versatility. If your subject matter calls for light and pretty visuals, you can do that. If, however, you're tackling something a little more unsettling it is more than capable of that as well.... More »
By Todd Brown   

Created For Sigur Ros, Coming To Sundance. Watch Dash Shaw's SERAPH.

Created as part of the Sigur Ros 'Mystery Film Experiment' Valtari, Dash Shaw's Seraph is headed for an appearance at Sundance as part of the short film program. Written by Shaw with Hedwig's John Cameron Mitchell it's a lovingly hand... More »
By Todd Brown   

Love And A Severed Foot At The End Of The World. Watch Julia Potts' THE EVENT

Backed by Random Acts and Channel 4, animator Julia Potts will soon make an appearance at Sundance with her animated short The Event. A tale of love and a severed foot it's a darkly wistful bit of work, and weirdly... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sundance 2013: Watch The First Mesmerizing Teaser For Shane Carruth's UPSTREAM COLOR

Set to make its premiere in the US Dramatic competition at Sundance in January, Upstream Color is Shane Carruth's long-awaited second feature after his 2004 Grand Jury Prize winning time-travel flick Primer. After a vague if enticing plot synopsis and... More »

Trailer for Spike Lee's RED HOOK SUMMER

Spike Lee's Red Hook Summer got a few minutes trimmed off its run time after its Sundance debut, and is coming along in August of this year.  A more neighborhood driven effort for Lee, who seems to be going for... More »

Trailer: ROBOT & FRANK

Robot & Frank is an Asimov-ian robot sci-fi inflected romantic dramedy which doubles as a one-last-score heist flick. Jake Schreier's Sundance hit (it won the Alfred P. Sloan prize at this year festival (an award previously given out to Another Earth,... More »

A Few Words With MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE Director Sean Durkin

In celebration of the dvd/blu-ray release of Sean Durkin's feature directorial debut, the sombre yet stunning cult film Marthe Marcy May Marelene, he graciously popped by to have a brief chat. Let's be clear, Martha Marcy May Marlene is... More »

Sundance 2012: THE COMEDY Exclusive Clip #2 - Hipsters Rapping in a Cab

We've got another clip from The Comedy, Rick Alverson's hipster comedy / drama that debuted at Sundance over the weekend to wildly divergent reactions. And this one gives you a brief, but bigger, taste of the film's tone, I... More »

Spanish trailer for RED LIGHTS

While Rodrigo Cortés' new film Red Lights has been receiving mixed reviews during its run at the Sundance Festival this week, that hasn't stopped Millennium Entertainment from acquiring the film for US distribution for just under the tidy sum of... More »

Sundance 2012: Full Trailer For Babis Makridis' L

While the cinema world mourns the passing of director Theo Angelopoulos - killed when struck by a motorcycle yesterday - the news is balanced some by the fact that Greek cinema is in better, albeit weirder, shape than it has... More »
By Todd Brown   
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