Sundance 2013 Review: BEFORE MIDNIGHT is Joy Revisited

Not every movie needs its audience to know nothing about the plot or story going in. We live in a world of trailers and twitter and even spoilers from Lego toys. But the plain fact is, you will enjoy... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: THE NECESSARY DEATH OF CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN is the Unnecessary Death of a Potentially Good Movie

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman is perhaps the worst film I've seen in a very, very long time. It stars Shia LaBeouf as the possibly-doomed titular role. Charlie just watched his mother (Melissa Leo, in the most tragically underused... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: C.O.G. Paints a Riveting Portrait of Self-Discovery

Have you ever wanted to unplug from the world? I mean, really, really unplug. Not for a day, or a week, but for as long as you can possibly can. Or even better, what about giving life a change... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: BREATHE IN is Another Heartbreaking Romance from Doremus

Drake Doremus does one thing very, very well. Doremus is a master at making the audience feel the emotions of his characters -- without relying on the typical protagonist story structure. His 2011 Sundance US Dramatic Competition-winning Like Crazy... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: BLACKFISH is an Important Look at Animal Captivity

Blackfish is the latest documentary from Gabriela Cowperthwaite. It chronicles a series of injuries and deaths at SeaWorld theme parks by their captive orca whales. The main through-line is the case of Dawn Brancheau, a senior animal trainer and... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: PRINCE AVALANCHE Delivers a Hint of the Old David Gordon Green

Many reviews of Your Highness and The Sitter, two of the more pitiful comedies of 2011, featured concerned inquiries as to what (and in some cases what THE HELL) had happened to those films' director, David Gordon Green. His first... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: WRONG COPS is Wonderfully Weird and Wacky

It's difficult to review Wrong Cops in a traditional sense, because it is so nontraditional in every way, including how it was presented at Sundance this year. What was shown was in a sense a work in progress. Wrong Cops... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: THE WAY, WAY BACK Wants You to Laugh as Hard as You Can. And You Will.

Being the awkward kid is the worst. Making friends is hard; everyone thinks you're one with the freaks, and contact with the opposite sex is pretty much non-existent. Since lack of confidence is always going to be an uphill... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: IN FEAR Takes a White-Knuckle Ride on a Dark Night

New couple Tom and Lucy are on their way to a music festival, to meet up with friends, camp, and explore their new relationship, when things go terribly awry. The film opens with Lucy in the loo of a pub,... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: TWO MOTHERS

TWO MOTHERS is director Anne Fontaine's first English language film. Adapted from Doris Lessing's novel, Two Grandmothers, the film adaptation stars Naomi Watts as Lil, Robin Wright as Roz, and Xavier Samuel and James Fencheville as their sons, respectively.... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: UPSTREAM COLOR May Be More Interesting to Discuss Than Watch

Ever since Primer won Sundance's grand jury prize in 2004, indie-watchers have been wondering what its writer-director, Shane Carruth, would do next. Primer was his first movie, you see, and he made it for $7,000. Who is this guy?... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: THE EAST is a Decent Studio Pic with No Indie Spark

Zal Batmanglij has worked up quite a fan base since his debut feature Sound of My Voice premiered at Sundance in 2011. Though it was initially overshadowed by the big sale buzz of that year's other Brit Marling film... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: EMANUEL AND THE TRUTH ABOUT FISHES Swims to the Surface

Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes is writer/director Francesca Gregorini's sophomore film, following 2009's Tanner Hall. The story follows Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario), a precocious high school girl who carries on her shoulders the self-placed burden of her mother's childbirth death.... More »

Sundance 2013 First Impression: THE WAY, WAY BACK is Heavy on Laughs

Nat Faxon and Jim Rash may not exactly be household names, but chances are you would recognize their faces from the myriad of comic roles they've played over the years. They made a splash on the filmmaker scene two... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: FRUITVALE Is The Real Deal

When I first heard that a film based on the shooting of Fruitvale resident Oscar Grant had been made and was coming to Sundance, it sent up an explosion of hopes and concerns for me. You see, I have a... More »

Sundance 2013 First Impression: UPSTREAM COLOR is Filled with Big, Confusing Ideas

It was nine long years ago that Shane Carruth wowed Sundance audiences and took home the Grand Jury prize for his innovative and minimalist time travel tale Primer. Rumors of a follow-up have circulated for years, but the announcement... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: AUSTENLAND Is Clumsy, Unfunny

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single lady who obsesses over the works of Jane Austen -- particularly Pride and Prejudice, and specifically the 1995 miniseries version with Colin Firth -- will find her real-life boyfriends lacking when... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: S-VHS Brings Even More Screams and Squeals

Though perhaps not the very most consistent of films, V/H/S set a high bar for found footage anthology chillers. Only one year later and the team that brought us that film is back with the follow-up, S-VHS. Of the original... More »

Sundance 2013 First Impression: STOKER Delivers on Director Park's Brand

It's been a long wait for Park Chan-wook's (Oldboy) English language debut, but that wait is finally over. Stoker is here - and boy will Park fans be happy. A highly stylized mystery, the film delivers what the South... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: THE SPECTACULAR NOW is an Important Coming-of-Age Movie About Teens for Adults

The late John Hughes was the man in Hollywood who understood teenagers and teen angst better than anyone else in the industry. He knew how to tell beautiful stories about how sometimes being young can be weird and confusing,... More »
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