Kevin Smith And Phase 4 Films Embrace Slamdance Favorite THE DIRTIES

I ain't gonna lie, it's always fun to get in on the ground floor of a movie you just know is gonna be a buzz film all year long and beyond because not only is said film really, really, funny,... More »

Watch The Hilariously Absurd, Yet Genuinely Bittersweet Short Film TURTLE

One sure-footed thing about going to a festival like Slamdance is, ironically enough, the mini-surprises that can come in the form of short film programming. Playing in front of the Grand Jury prize winning feature The Dirties this past January,... More »

Slamdance 2013: All Wrapped Up

The 2013 Slamdance Film Festival has been over for 12 days now and I just don't want it to end, hence no wrap up of the festival... until now. Better late than never then. So without much fuss let's dive... More »

Slamdance 2013 Interview: The Filmmakers Talk The Festival Experience

In the final hours of the 2013 Slamdance Film Festival a group of filmmakers and I confiscated the Gallery screening room at Treasure Mountain Inn, made an impromptu circle and tossed a chair in the middle for my digital recorder... More »

Slamdance 2013 Exclusive Video: Feast On The Anarchy That Is Slamdance!

The awards have been given, the screening rooms and offices are being disassembled as we speak, but Slamdance 2013 lives on and today we have a little video treat from the Slamdance TV gang of Ben Hethcoat and Michal Felker.... More »

Slamdance 2013 News: And The Awards Go To...

And so it was on January 24th 2013, just after 10pm Utah time, amongst a few hundred warm bodies in the main screening room at the Treasure Mountain Inn that The 19th Slamdance Film Festival came to close with a... More »

Slamdance 2013 News: Slamdance Comes Home - Part Deux

After a week in Park City I can tell you there is nothing quite like living and breathing The Slamdance Film Festival. But seeing some of these films at home ain't a bad option either. And It's a good thing... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: DOMESTIC Finds Its Bliss

Adrian Sitaru's third feature Domestic begins with the residents of an apartment building in modern Romania gathering in the lobby to discuss with their building president Mr. Lazar (Adrian Titieni) the pesky presence of one mangy mutt whose been hanging... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: Atmospheric JUG FACE Is Ultimately Half-Baked Horror

The Deep South can be a very strange place for outsiders. Mired in traditions and rituals which may now seem foolish or outdated, it is still a ripe place to cull old legends anew, projecting them up on the silver... More »

Slamdance 2013 Exclusive Video: Forest Whitaker Talks Producing & VIPAKA

One cool aspect of Slamdace that I have yet to talk about is Slamdance TV, which is  a very cool gang of folks -- including Ben Hethcoat, Michael Felker and Eric Ekman -- who run around Park City making videos... More »

Slamdance 2013 Exclusive: Get A Taste Of Slam Anarchy From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Not in Park City but want a taste of the cinematic anarchy that is Slamdance? No problem.Slamdace Studios have teamed up with the Facebook VOD platform, Cinecliq to bring you something uber special: Slamdance titles that you can catch right... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: THE DIRTIES Asks The Question 'Can You Laugh With The Boy Holding The Gun?'

The short answer is, "Yes."The slightly longer answer is, "Quite a lot, but with a hell of a caveat."And the longest answer is the rest of this review.Looking like the freshest-faced 16-year old you could imagine, Canadian filmmaker Matt Johnson... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY Is A Riveting Investigation On The Death Of Privacy

A mere click of the mouse is all it takes for you to strike an almost Faustian bargain with one of the mega corporations on the planet. With that click we get access to fantastic email service, genius music players... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: KOHLHAAS Wonderfully Captures The Comedy And Tragedy Of Filmmaking

We all have visions that we hold dear, ideas and ideals that we keep close to our hearts, ready to share in that moment when we absolutely must go forth and claim our stake in the world. As German author... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: HE'S WAY MORE FAMOUS THAN YOU Is Excessive, Obnoxious And Hilarious

He's Way More Famous Than You is a zany bit of fame-whore lambasting, with co-writer and star Halley Feiffer fearlessly taking aim at just about everything under the Hollywood/celebrity sun, most notably herself, and more importantly her appearance in "Noah... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: JOY DE V. - Bright Lights, Big City & The Lost Soul

Nadia Szold's feature debut Joy de V. charts the speed of dreams; the layers and shapes, patterns and cadence of a fever dream. Of a man met with madness that may be of his own doing, by the flick of... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER Ends The World With Classic DIY Spunk

Brea Grant's debut feature Best Friends Forever is essentially a B-movie. And that's a compliment. So then is it an essential B-movie? Imagine if Roger Corman gave a couple of Punky, feminist chicks a bundle of money to make a... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: FYNBOS Is A Brilliantly Anti-Cathartic Piece Of Cinema

A young white woman in high heels walks down a street in a black working-class neighborhood. Though clearly on edge, she walks with a purpose. She pauses at a row of trash cans. Clothes billow in the wind, threaded on... More »

Slamdance 2013 Interview: Director J.R. Hughto & Star Sonja Kinski Talk DIAMOND ON VINYL

J.R. Hughto's second feature Diamond On Vinyl premiered today at Slamdance. In my review I called the film a "SoCal-set Noir that effortlessly weaves genre into a naturalistic story of a man who is just trying to gain some semblance... More »

Slamdance 2013 Review: DIAMOND ON VINYL Strikes A Provocative Groove

Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation and Brian de Palma's Blow Out are two films in the American cinematic canon that present to their audiences worlds of conspiracy and voyeurism through the provocative role of the audiophile. No less important or... More »
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