Sitges 2011: JANE EYRE Review

I doubt any other literary family has had their work adapted to screen as often as the Bronte sisters. Next to Wuthering Heights, Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre remains a favourite of melodramatic literature of the late 19th century. The story... More »

Sitges 2011: MIENTRAS DUERMES Review

Jaume Balagueró is one of the giants of Spanish fantastic film of the past decade. With 3 solo features and two co-directed ones under his belt, any new film by him is going be watched with a great amount... More »


Coming from the man responsible for Big Man Japan and Symbol, I didn't know what to expect from Scabbard Samurai, the latest film of Japanese director Hitoshi Matsumoto. The premise of the film goes like this: Kanjuro Nomi is a... More »

Sitges 2011: KILL ME PLEASE Review

Euthanasia is an increasingly relevant topic today, with more and more people advocating for assisted suicide for the terminally ill. So it is perhaps inevitable that a film would come along that explores a clinic that provides such as service.... More »

Sitges 2011: 4:44 LAST DAY ON EARTH Review

Abel Ferrera is not a director known for overly sensitive work; at least, not sensitivity in the conventional sense. Which is why 4:44 Last Day on Earth is something of a surprise. Like  Ferrera's past work, it delves into the... More »

Sitges 2011: GUILTY OF ROMANCE Review

[With Sion Sono's Guilty Of Romance now screening in Sitges we revisit our previous review.]Once again Japan's Sion Sono tackles a true crime story with Guilty Of Romance - last year's Cold Fish also had roots in real events -... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sitges 2011: THE UNJUST Review

[With Ryoo Seung-Wan's The Unjust screening in Sitges we revisit our previous review.]A complex, cynical tale of corruption and self interest, Ryoo Seung-Wan's The Unjust pits a pair of coldly amoral protagonists into a spiral of ever escalating violence and... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sitges 2011: THE DIVIDE Review

[With Xavier Gens' The Divide now screening in Sitges we revisit our earlier review.] The apocalypse has never looked and sounded so beautiful. As Eva (Carmen German) looks out on the annihilation of New York, the films makes music with... More »

Sitges 2011: ATTACK THE BLOCK Review

[With Joe Cornish's Attack The Block screening tonight in Sitges we take a moment to remind you that this movie is awesome.]The sky is falling, bizarre meteor-like chunks of rock crashing to earth all around a low rent, inner city... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sitges 2011: ENTHIRAN (THE ROBOT) Review

[With Endhiran screening tonight in Sitges we revisit our previous epic review.]Enthiran is a film that has every advantage you could possibly think of for a big budget Indian blockbuster.  It has the biggest budget ever for an Indian film;... More »
By J Hurtado   

Short Film, Short Review: Jesus Orellana's ROSA

Debuting tonight before the opening night screening of Kike Maillo's Eva at the Sitges Film Festival is Jesus Orellana's dazzling animated short film Rosa.Orellana wears his influences on his sleeve here, Rosa taking obvious inspiration from Ghost In The Shell,... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sitges 2011: EVA Review

I have to say I was specially excited to see this year's opening movie at Sitges. You can't find a lot of genre films in commercial Catalan cinema - at least not with production values and a budget as high... More »

Sitges 2011: Brigadoon Selection To Honor Past And Present Genre Filmmakers.

Twitch will be on the scene at this year's Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and one of the programs sets out to honor past and present genre filmmakers as well as present a thorough program of films complete with... More »
By Andrew Mack   

THE RAID - Iko Uwais. Joe Taslim. Gareth Huw Evans. Fight!

By Andrew Mack   


If Jim Mickle's brilliant Stake Land has one thing above all else to teach us it's that cliches do not matter in the slightest if the person using them knows what they're doing. Stake Land tells the story of a... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Sitges: Noves Visions Programme

As if looking down the news section is not enough, we are in FESTIVAL season around the world, and the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, still the worlds largest if its kind, which runs this year from 6-16 of October, just... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   


Antti-Jussi Annila's Sauna (or Evil Rising, for this UK DVD release) is undeniably a very good movie, if a clear case of the director slightly over-reaching after his magnificent (and sadly under-rated) debut, Jade Warrior. That film leant heavily on... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Full Trailer For Dystopic French Scifi CARRE BLANC

Back in mid-June Twitch was proud to premiere three clips from Jean-Baptiste Leonetti's brilliant dystopic science fiction film Carre Blanc. We had the chance to see the film at a market screening in Cannes and walked away enormously impressed by... More »
By Todd Brown   

First Trailer For Cuban Zombie Comedy JUAN OF THE DEAD

About a year ago the powers behind the scenes of Alejandro Brugues' zombie comedy Juan of the Dead did about the worst thing they could have done at the time. They took a zero budget proof of concept promo for... More »
By Todd Brown   


Meet the children of the Quintanilla family. There is July, the teenage daughter. She is not quite rebellious but certainly chafes against her mother's care. And there is Christian, slightly older but in many ways simpler. All Christian wants... More »
By Todd Brown   
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