LIFF 2011: BELLFLOWER review

It's great when a director identifies with a film they've poured heart and soul into making, even more so when it's clearly pushed them to excel. Still, what are you supposed to think when it's a story about weak, contemptible... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Sitges 2011: BEAST Review

Love can make anyone behave strangely. The chemicals that flood the brain when love arrives turn all our emotions into extremes: we want the one we love to the point of obsession. But some tip over that point into madness,... More »

Sitges 2011: EL CALLEJON (BLIND ALLEY) Review

You never know quite what path Antonio Trashorras is going to take you on. He first gained  international attention in 2001 with his screenplay of The Devil's Backbone, a haunting ghost story set in the Spanish Civil War; last year... More »

Sitges 2011: CHICKEN WITH PLUMS Review

Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud's adaptation of Satrapi's graphic novel Chicken with Plums is a delicious fantasy, one that will leave your heart warm and likely more than a little sad. Presented with a combination of live action and animation,... More »

Complete Sitges Awards Announced

The Sitges Festival wraps up this weekend with a program dominated by encore screenings and the massive genre festival has released their equally massive list of award winners. Sitges offers a wide slate of competitions within the festival and this... More »
By Todd Brown   


Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up in a strange spacesuit, being told by an automated message that the world has ended several hundred years before due to war and alien invasion, and you must... More »

Sitges 2011: A LETTER TO MOMO Review

You can't say that Hiroyuki Okiura is a prolific director. It's been more than ten years since his directorial debut with Jin-Roh and despite that film's tremendous success it's not until now that his second film sees the light. When... More »

Sitges 2011: THE YELLOW SEA Review

Korean director Na Hong-jin returns to Sitges to present his latest film, The Yellow Sea. It's been a while since his previous directorial effort The Chaser, which gathered quite an international success. And with such credentials, the expectations for his... More »

Sitges 2011: SLEEPING BEAUTY Review

It's hard at first to know exactly what to make of author Julia Leigh's directorial debut Sleeping Beauty. It is both a narrative fiction and a surreal dream/nightmare. It is as indebted to European filmmaking as to the author's native... More »

Sitges 2011: BURKE AND HARE Review

[With John Landis' Burke And Hare now screening in Sitges we revisit an earlier review.] John Landis' Burke & Hare is one of those films where having watched it, you feel compelled to continually check you did, in fact, enjoy... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Sitges 2011: EXTRATERRESTRIAL Review

Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo has a history of producing very interesting work using a minimal budget. He proved it with his short movies and confirmed it with his first feature film Timecrimes back in 2007. Now he's back with Extraterrestial,... More »

Sitges 2011: VERBO Review

Sara is a very pretty, but very lost and confused teenager. As with many of her age, she has trouble relating to her parents; her mother tries and fails to talk to Sara, and Sara's father is increasingly absent. Sara... More »

Sitges 2011: EMERGO Review

Certain tropes in film can be done to death, especially in genre film. Vampires, zombies, cannibalism after apocalypse, have all become so common that they are usually incredibly dull and/or highly unoriginal. This seems especially true of the found footage... More »

Sitges 2011: THE RAID Review

A couple of years ago, Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais - director and actor respectively - introduced a breath of fresh air to the world of martial arts cinema with Merantau, showing off the art of Indonesian Silat in the... More »

Sitges 2011: 22ND OF MAY Review

[With Koen Mortier's 22nd Of May now screening in Sitges we revisit our earlier review.]With his searing debut Ex Drummer Belgian director Koen Mortier burst onto the scene with a sort of punk rock bravado, a raw and abrasive style... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sitges 2011: DETENTION Review

[With Joseph Kahn's Detention screening in Sitges we now revisit a previous review.]I anticipate a lot of people will intensely dislike Detention, the John Huges mixed with John Carpenter hyper-aware, so post-modern-it's-pre-future movie written and directed by Joseph Kahn. The... More »
By Charles Webb   


It's been a while since we last saw Tony Ching - or Ching Siu-tung, if you prefer - directing a movie. And being someone with such an impressive filmography, both as director and martial arts choreographer, it's easy to understand... More »

Sitges 2011: ANOTHER EARTH Review

What if there was another planet exactly like earth? And I do mean exactly: same physicality, same countries, same history. And the same people. There is another you on another planet, doing the exact same things you are doing and... More »

Sitges 2011: SMUGGLER Review

Kinuta is a young loser. After giving up his dream of being an actor he spends his days playing pachinko machines in a futile attempt to win some money. But things get even worse when he gets involved in a... More »

Sitges 2011: VAMPIRE Review

Simon is not an ordinary young man. His seeming innocuous job, as a high-school biology teacher, is an odd a cover for his strange existence as a serial killer. And yet, that is not exactly what he is. The women... More »
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