Sitges 2012 Dispatch: MISS LOVELY and THE CONSPIRACY

Though I couldn't get into the Sitges opening night thriller, The Body, the film's marketing team managed to scare me more than anything I've seen thus far at the massive genre festival. It was after I had gone out for... More »

Sitges 2012 Preview: Twitch Picks 10 Can't Miss Flicks

Coming right on the heels of the killer 1,2,3 combo of Fantastic Fest, Lund and L'Etrange Festival, Sitges is the genre film festival with one of the most extensive programs. Think of it as a greatest hits mix of genre and... More »

Sitges 2012: Sci Fi Thriller CRAWLSPACE Gets A Crazy-Ass Poster And Trailer

With its world premiere in competition at Sitges just around the corner, claustrophobic Aussie sci fi action-thriller Crawlspace has unleashed its first pulsating trailer and an eye-popping poster. Clearly inspired by iconic poster artist Drew Struzan, Australian artist Hugh Fleming (who created his own... More »

Hey Toronto! Swarez's UNDYING LOVE is Playing Tonite at LITTLE TERRORS

Justin McConnell's semi-regular monthly short film festival, Little Terrors, gets a comfy new home at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto.  The series showcases the best in horror short-fimmaking to a city that seems to constantly hunger for genre, and is... More »

Sitges 2012: The Definitive Line-up Revealed

As our North American contingent of writers prepare to descend on Austin, Texas this weekend in a wave of drunken debauchery our more sophisticated brethren and sister over in Europe are preparing for the Sitges - International Fantastic Film... More »

Cronenberg, Carax, & Wheatley Amongst Directors in First Wave of SITGES 2012 Lineup

The Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia announced their first wave of programming today and there are some heavy hitters in the mix. Big name titles include COSMOPOLIS by David Cronenberg (Review), Cannes hit HOLY MOTORS by Leo... More »

Bradford 2012 review: THE INNKEEPERS

Why do so many characters in horror movies end up dooming themselves through their stubborn refusal to take what's going on at face value? To be fair, we all say we'd do things differently but it's a hard thing to... More »

LIFF 2011: THE DIVIDE review

Xavier Gens' superb The Divide basically posits that should the bombs drop and the world get blown to radioactive splinters, the scariest thing that could happen wouldn't be finding out you were screwed. It'd be finding out that given the... More »

LIFF 2011: JUAN OF THE DEAD review

At first glance Alejandro Brugués's zombie comedy Juan of the Dead doesn't sound too promising. Unless you're a devoted follower of the diverse strands of Latin American cinema the idea of an unknown director shooting an affectionate tribute to Edgar... More »


There are some ideas it's hard to see how people could possibly screw up. Take horror (as in the supernatural) in the middle of a war zone. You've got potentially limitless subtext, the nightmares soldiers and civilians go through literally... More »

LIFF 2011: BELLFLOWER review

It's great when a director identifies with a film they've poured heart and soul into making, even more so when it's clearly pushed them to excel. Still, what are you supposed to think when it's a story about weak, contemptible... More »

Sitges 2011: BEAST Review

Love can make anyone behave strangely. The chemicals that flood the brain when love arrives turn all our emotions into extremes: we want the one we love to the point of obsession. But some tip over that point into madness,... More »

Sitges 2011: EL CALLEJON (BLIND ALLEY) Review

You never know quite what path Antonio Trashorras is going to take you on. He first gained  international attention in 2001 with his screenplay of The Devil's Backbone, a haunting ghost story set in the Spanish Civil War; last year... More »

Sitges 2011: CHICKEN WITH PLUMS Review

Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud's adaptation of Satrapi's graphic novel Chicken with Plums is a delicious fantasy, one that will leave your heart warm and likely more than a little sad. Presented with a combination of live action and animation,... More »

Complete Sitges Awards Announced

The Sitges Festival wraps up this weekend with a program dominated by encore screenings and the massive genre festival has released their equally massive list of award winners. Sitges offers a wide slate of competitions within the festival and this... More »
By Todd Brown   


Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up in a strange spacesuit, being told by an automated message that the world has ended several hundred years before due to war and alien invasion, and you must... More »

Sitges 2011: A LETTER TO MOMO Review

You can't say that Hiroyuki Okiura is a prolific director. It's been more than ten years since his directorial debut with Jin-Roh and despite that film's tremendous success it's not until now that his second film sees the light. When... More »

Sitges 2011: THE YELLOW SEA Review

Korean director Na Hong-jin returns to Sitges to present his latest film, The Yellow Sea. It's been a while since his previous directorial effort The Chaser, which gathered quite an international success. And with such credentials, the expectations for his... More »

Sitges 2011: SLEEPING BEAUTY Review

It's hard at first to know exactly what to make of author Julia Leigh's directorial debut Sleeping Beauty. It is both a narrative fiction and a surreal dream/nightmare. It is as indebted to European filmmaking as to the author's native... More »

Sitges 2011: BURKE AND HARE Review

[With John Landis' Burke And Hare now screening in Sitges we revisit an earlier review.] John Landis' Burke & Hare is one of those films where having watched it, you feel compelled to continually check you did, in fact, enjoy... More »
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