PIFAN 2012 Review: THE BRAT!

[As it screened last week at PiFan 2012, it seems the perfect opportunity to take another look at my earlier review from Yubari, where the film took home three awards]We all harbour certain insecurities about our appearance, upon which some... More »

PIFAN 2012 Review: ROOM 237 Takes A Deranged Axe To Kubrick's THE SHINING

There are few films that have the power to truly haunt their audience in a way Stanley Kubrick's The Shining does, and continues to do, 30 years after its initial release. Like many of Kubrick's films, it received a relatively... More »

PiFan 2012: The Week's Big Winners are SPACE BROTHERS, KING KELLY and CITADEL

Friday night witnessed the closing ceremony of this year's excellent edition of PiFan and along with it, the prize winners of the festival. A few films stood out in the Puchon Choice section, with Space Brothers, King Kelly and Citadel... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: LET ME OUT

Mu Young (Kwon Hyung Sang) is a frustrated, yet also frustrating, film student in his final year. He is opinionated, critical and easy to attack the works of his classmates and other filmmakers, but has still yet to produce anything... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: HORROR STORIES

Omnibus horrors seem to be all the rage at this year's PiFan, with the inclusion of the much-ballyhooed V/H/S and the Indonesian ghost offering Hi5teria (not to be confused with period British vibrator comedy Histeria, which is also in competition).... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: 90 MINUTES

It's a rare thing to sit down to a film and know just from the opening shot how bad it's going to be. Sadly this was the case for me at the world premiere of 90 Minutes, a new low-budget... More »


Last year's Yubari Grand Prix winner - and the only non-Japanese filmmaker to win the award - South Korean director Oh Young Doo returns to the wintry city with his follow-up to Invasion Of Alien Bikini, the time-travel detective thriller... More »

PIFAN 2012 Review: BELENGGU Brings Bunnies, Blood and Beauty

The opening of Belenggu (aka Shackled), could not be more promising. In the dead of night, a woman half hidden behind by a headscarf and sunglasses, drives down a remote stretch of country road. A panicked and bedraggled young man... More »

Pre-PiFan 2012 Review: A Look at Last Year's Big Winner BLOODY FIGHT IN IRON-ROCK VALLEY

Low-budget filmmakers love to dabble in genre fare and, despite inexperience and other shortcomings, they often wind up making more pertinent and exciting works than more established helmers, who may have lost their youthful filmmaking pizzazz. Horror is particularly popular... More »

PIFAN 2012 Preview: Twitch Reveals Its Top Picks

This is it, folks. PiFan 2012 is less than 3 days away. But before we pack our bags and head for the mysterious treasure trove that is the 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, it's time to reveal our most... More »

PIFAN 2012 Preview Part 5: Myung Film, 70s Korean Comedies and More!

Having gone through all of the main sections, here a few more retrospectives and sidebars that seem particularly worthwhile:Myung Films RetrospectiveA respected Korean production house that has consistently fought to give cineastes freedom in their craft, Myung Films sports one... More »

PIFAN 2012 Preview Part 4: Strange Homage, Forbidden Zone & More

As we enter the home straight of our PiFan 2012 preview coverage - the festival kicks off in just over a week's time! - there is still so much left to dig through, highlight and generally drool over ahead of... More »

PiFan 2012 Preview Part 3: Vision Express

There is so much to discover at this year's PiFan that the mind boggles. Here are my fifteen picks from the Vision Express section, from a total of 27. A very wide selection of films from an even wider range... More »

PIFAN 2012 Preview Part 2: World Fantastic Cinema

With just over a fortnight to go until the 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival gets underway, we stop to take a look at the main section of the programme, World Fantastic Cinema. 47 of the best genre films from... More »

Chilling Trailer For Korean Anthology HORROR STORIES

Soon to open the upcoming PIFAN festival, Korean anthology project Horror Stories gathers together the best and brightest young horror talents in the nation. Here's how the festival describes it:The opening film of the 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival(PiFan)... More »
By Todd Brown   

Noboru Iguchi's DEAD SUSHI to Debut at Fantasia

This announcement somehow managed to slip through the cracks here at Twitch Towers, but news that a new Noboru Iguchi film will be having its world premiere at one of our very favourite film festivals simply cannot pass without comment... More »

First Teaser For Atmospheric Indonesian Horror BELENGGU

Soon to premiere as part of the PIFAN festival in Korea, Indonesian director Upi looks to put an eerie spin on atmospheric horror with her upcoming offering Belenggu. The festival describes the film like this:Elang, who lived in the flat,... More »
By Todd Brown   

PiFan 2012 Preview Part I: Puchon Choice (Main Competition)

Yesterday PiFan unveiled its official lineup and boy is it packed to the brim with some great films! Here is an overview of the main competition section, there really isn't any film I don't want to see here though I... More »

PIFAN 2012 Full Line-Up Announced!

The 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) has just released its full line-up, and it comes as no surprise to see that it is to be another fun-packed year of thrilling entertainment and some of the world's very best... More »

PiFan 2012 to Hold Myung Films Retrospective

The lineup for next month's 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival will not be revealed for another week but we now have our first indication of some of the films that will screened at the event. PiFan will be holding... More »
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