PiFan 2013: NAFF Spotlight Projects Showcase New Filipino Genre Cinema

The 6th Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) has announced the seven projects that will comprise its spotlight focus on The Philippines this year. Featuring experienced talent such as Richard Somes and Tikoy Aguiluz alongside younger directors who have begun... More »

PiFan 2013: NAFF Nabs 21 for It Project

Just a few weeks left now until the genre-hungry hoards descend on PiFan, Asia's annual fantastic film pilgrimage. On the industry side of things the Network of Asian Fantastic Films NAFF (July 21-24), has revealed its 21 It Project participants.... More »

NAFF Shines a Light on Filipino Genre Cinema

Asian cinema is on the rise these days and some new national industries are starting to make their presence felt. Every year, the Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF), a project market that takes place during the annual Puchon International... More »

NAFF's IT Project Wants You! Submit Your Genre Film Today

The Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan), going into its 17th edition this summer, puts on a great show every year. Genre films are savored during the day while the smell of barbecued meats and the cacophony of karaoke stimulate... More »

Review: DIRTY BLOOD Serves Up Its Revenge Tale with a Twist

Originally seen during the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) 2012 As a society Korea has been slow to change despite its economic growth. At times it can seem like a gigantic, perpetually simmering pot of discontent that seems dangerously... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: The Calamitous ZOMBIE 108

Of the many genres out there available for our consumption, the zombie film holds a very special place in our cinematic diet. It is actually a subgenre, being an offshoot of horror but, just like the vampire film, it... More »

YOUNG GUN IN THE TIME Gets a Flashy New Trailer!

Oh Young-doo's (Invasion of Alien Bikini) brand new time-traveling private eye flick got itself a new poster a few days ago and hot on its heels is the first full-length trailer. Young Gun in the Time will be opening in... More »

PiFan 2012 Roundup - Twitch Names Its Best of the Fest

It has been two whole weeks since the 16th Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival wrapped in South Korea, but it has taken this long for the soju and red meat to work its way out of our systems and our... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: THE CRUCIBLE

Among the Korean independent fare at this year's PiFan there were some wonderful works that will likely enjoy healthy festival runs and should find wider audiences but along with the good there is inevitably going to be some bad.... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: THE SUICIDE SHOP 3D

Animation was featured quite prominently at this year's PiFan, with Japanese works such as Gyo, Rainbow Fireflies, Blood C: The Last Dark, not to mention some retrospectives on the Space Battleship Yamamoto series and Czech animation. Sadly, by the... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: VULGARIA is Lewd, Crude & Flat-out Hilarious

[After bagging the Netpac Award at PiFan last week, and enjoying weekend previews in Hong Kong ahead of its theatrical release next Thursday, now seems the perfect time to revisit my review from HKIFF back in March] Not content with... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: SUPER VIRGIN

What is it that draws us time and again to narratives following socially-awkward men who are trying to lose their virginity? My first thought was that these provide a vicarious thrill for male cinema-goers but actually, these films tend to... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: FOR LOVE'S SAKE (AI TO MAKOTO) Is A Toe-Tapping Delight

How do you begin to describe Ai to Matoko, the new film from Miike Takashi, the prolific, ever-eclectic Japanese director behind such diverse works as Ichi The Killer, Visitor Q and 13 Assassins? Barely a month seems to go... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: OVER MY DEAD BODY

Comedy is a curious beast even at the best of times. Across the world's national film industries, thrillers, horrors, romances and action films share many common elements, while comedy tends to be fall in line with indigenously codes. I've said... More »

PIFAN 2012 Review: THE BRAT!

[As it screened last week at PiFan 2012, it seems the perfect opportunity to take another look at my earlier review from Yubari, where the film took home three awards]We all harbour certain insecurities about our appearance, upon which some... More »

PIFAN 2012 Review: ROOM 237 Takes A Deranged Axe To Kubrick's THE SHINING

There are few films that have the power to truly haunt their audience in a way Stanley Kubrick's The Shining does, and continues to do, 30 years after its initial release. Like many of Kubrick's films, it received a relatively... More »

PiFan 2012: The Week's Big Winners are SPACE BROTHERS, KING KELLY and CITADEL

Friday night witnessed the closing ceremony of this year's excellent edition of PiFan and along with it, the prize winners of the festival. A few films stood out in the Puchon Choice section, with Space Brothers, King Kelly and Citadel... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: LET ME OUT

Mu Young (Kwon Hyung Sang) is a frustrated, yet also frustrating, film student in his final year. He is opinionated, critical and easy to attack the works of his classmates and other filmmakers, but has still yet to produce anything... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: HORROR STORIES

Omnibus horrors seem to be all the rage at this year's PiFan, with the inclusion of the much-ballyhooed V/H/S and the Indonesian ghost offering Hi5teria (not to be confused with period British vibrator comedy Histeria, which is also in competition).... More »

PiFan 2012 Review: 90 MINUTES

It's a rare thing to sit down to a film and know just from the opening shot how bad it's going to be. Sadly this was the case for me at the world premiere of 90 Minutes, a new low-budget... More »
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