The Official ALIEN VERSUS NINJA Trailer Arrives!

Soon to have it's World Premiere as part of the New York Asian Film Festival - 6pm, July 3rd, at the Japan Society for those who want to be there - beforer traveling on to Fantasia directors Seiji Chiba and... More »
By Todd Brown   

The New York Asian Film Festival Trailers Bring Death And Destruction Uptown!

They say it better than I will, so I`ll leave it up to them:We have become what we hate! New York Asian Film Festival embraces the Great Satan and moves uptown to Lincoln Center, where we hope that giant monsters,... More »
By Todd Brown   

Stop whatcha doin'! Watch the proper 'Gallants' trailer!

Stop everything that you're doing and watch the proper trailer for upcoming old school kung fu flick Gallants. An exhilarating homage to Hong Kong's action star of yesteryear and Hong Kong Cnema's action comedies, Gallanats sees two have-been masters Leung Siu-lung and... More »
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