Japan Cuts 2012 Interview: Toshiaki Toyoda Talks Monsters, Manifestos & Moviemaking

Arguably one of the most fascinating filmmakers working in Japan over the last 15 years, Toshiaki Toyoda was recently in New York to present his latest film Monsters Club to the audience at Japan Society's Japan Cuts. Our correspondent, The... More »

NYAFF 2012 Interview: Yeun Sang-ho, Director of the Animated KING OF PIGS

The 2012 New York Asian Film Festival comes to a close this evening. And we have one more interview for you. It's with rising Korean Animator Yeun Sang-ho, the man behind King of Pigs -- a brutal look at school... More »

NYAFF 2012 Interview: Action Trailblazer Chung Chang-wha

For those not knee deep in action and martial arts cinema, the name Chung Chang-wha may not ring a bell, but some of the Korean director's films (working in Hong Kong at Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest) will most certainly... More »

NYAFF 2012 Interview: Action Icon Donnie Yen

This past weekend in New York Donnie Yen, a man that should need no introduction around these parts, attended a slew of screenings at the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival where he was a special guest. Amidst all this... More »

NYAFF 2012 Interview: Director Giddens Ko & Star Michelle Chen Talk YOU'RE THE APPLE OF MY EYE

This past Sunday at the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival the Taiwan & Hong Kong box office champ  You're the Apple of My Eye had it's North American premiere. In attendance were author-turned-director Giddens Ko, and his leading lady... More »

NYAFF 2012 Interview: Choi Min-sik on Audiences, Activism & That Spike Lee OLDBOY Remake

For those not in NYC for the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival, the treats keep on rolling in. Today, our correspondent The Lady Miz Diva brings us a one-on-one with the legend himself, the man with the hammer, Mr.... More »

NYAFF 2012 Interview: VULGARIA Director Pang Ho-Cheung is Serious About Playing it Raunchy

A near full five days into the madness that is the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival and we've got an interview for you. It comes from our correspondent The Lady Miz Diva. She was fortunate enough to sit down... More »

A Brief Chat with the One and Only Roger Corman

Chances are that if you love movies you know who Roger Corman is. If you're not sure, however, about all the things that he's accomplished in his nearly sixty-year career, you may want to check out his page at IMDb--but... More »

Exploring CORMAN'S WORLD with Documentarian Alex Stapleton

In an awards season awash with nostalgia for the movie culture of yore, it's nice to see a bit of living history up on the screen in the form of Alex Stapleton's Corman's World. No question that Hugo and The... More »

NYAFF 2011: An Interview With Lee Joon-ik, Director of BATTLEFIELD HEROES

[And we've reached the finish line with Diva Velez's final interview from NYAFF with The King and the Clown and Battlefield Heroes director Lee Joon-ik. This is being cross published at The Diva Review.]The Lady Miz Diva:  Welcome to the... More »

NYAFF 2011: An Interview With THE UNJUST Director Ryoo Seung-wan

[A week after wrapping up their 10th anniversary madness, we still have a few NYAFF pieces for you, including another interview from Diva Velez, this time with Korean action man Ryoo Seung-wan and his latest, the more mature, pressure-cooker The... More »

NYAFF 2011: An Interview With Tsui Hark

[This interview with the Hong Kong maestro goes up under the NYAFF banner, as that is where Diva Velez sat down with Hark earlier this month. And for those wondering why there is no Detective Dee talk, the PR folks... More »

An Interview With YAKUZA WEAPON Star And Co-director, Tak Sakaguchi

[And as promised, Diva Velez's interview with YAKUZA WEAPON star/co-writer/co-director, Tak Sakaguchi, which is being cross-published at The Diva Review.]  The Lady Miz Diva:  Welcome back to the New York Asian Film Festival and Japan Cuts. You're returning with the... More »

An Interview with YAKUZA WEAPON Co-Director, Yudai Yamaguchi

[Yakuza Weapon, the latest from Versus writer and Battlefield Baseball director Yudai Yamaguchi and Sushi Typhoon madman Tak Sakaguchi screened two weekends back as a part of Japan Cuts and NYAFF and just last night at Fantasia. We now present... More »

NYAFF 2011: An Interview With Yoshimasa Ishibashi, Director Of MILOCRORZE: A LOVE STORY

[A highlight of the 10th anniversary NYAFF, Yoshimasa Ishibashi's Milocrorze: A Love Story also plays as the centerpiece film at Japan Cuts, this Sunday, July 10th. Once again, we thank the Lady Miz Diva for sharing this interview with us,... More »

NYAFF 2011: An Interview With Takayuki Yamada, Star of 13 ASSASSINS & MILOCRORZE

[Crossed published at The Diva Review, a very special thanks to the always fabulous, Lady Miz Diva for the following interview with this year's Star Asia Rising Star Award recipient, Takayuki Yamada: star of what is thus far my favorite... More »

NYAFF 2010: Documentaries Are Lying To You - The Tetsuaki Matsue Interview

[The New York Asian Film Festival has wrapped, but here's one last interview for the stack.] Director Tetsuaki Matsue has 5 films to his credit and is already making a name for himself with thought-provoking and insightful documentaries. His recent... More »

NYAFF 2010: Action Actress - The Asami Interview

The adult video star and action queen simply known as Asami has made a name for herself during a relatively short career in gonzo spectacles like Machine Girl (2008), Robogeisha (2009)  and more recently Mutant Girl Squad (2010). Recently at... More »

NYAFF 2010: Simon Sez - An interview with Simon Yam

[Once again thanks goes to the incomparable Diva Velez, for the following interview - one which was edited down from an hour long conversation... oh, to have been there, fan boys...] The Lady Miz Diva:  Mr. Yam, you started your... More »


[ A big thanks to Diva Velez for the following interview with the legend himself. You can find her writings on film at: www.thedivareview.com]The Lady Miz Diva:  I'd like to congratulate you on winning the first Star Asia Lifetime Achievement... More »
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