Melbourne 2013: Strong Asian Lineup from Cannes Acquisitions And More!

The timing of the Melbourne International Film Festival is magical. Positioned soon after Cannes, the programmers have done a stellar job of sourcing the best films from the Croisette. This is a relief. After last year's poorer effort at representing New Wave... More »

Melbourne 2013: MIFF Gets SO EXCITED For Opening Night

The opening night Australian premiere has just been revealed for the Melbourne International Film Festival (25th July - 11th August) and rather than an Aussie film we can all get behind (or feel alienated by) it is instead a renowned... More »

Melbourne International Film Festival 2013 Reveals Its First Glance

Melbourne International Film Festival has unveiled its First Glance, a snapshot of the documentary, narrative fiction, shorts and the Next-Gen program that will be playing at the 2013 festival.Of course it's not a full line-up and there are a lot of... More »

Melbourne International Film Festival 2013 Reveals A Provocative Next-Gen Program

The Next-Gen program, a suite of scheduled films that tackle cultural and social issues in a way that is accessible to a younger audience, is as strong as ever this year, and the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) has just... More »

Watch Ben Lee Through The Looking Glass In CATCH MY DISEASE Trailer

Director Amiel Courtin-Wilson is on a roll. His latest feature, Hail, is currently taking Australia by storm, and before that he built up an exciting array of observational documentaries, including Bastardy, a complex portrait of a complex man Jack Charles,... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   


Sorry Nick Cave, Gotye, Joe Dolce, and whoever else is jostling over the crown, but Paul Kelly is Australia's greatest singer-songwriter. Now comes Paul Kelly: Stories Of Me, a new documentary about the iconic and massively influential singer, which distributor Madman... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

SAVE YOUR LEGS Trailer Knocks It Out Of The Park

We've come a long way since Bodyline. While this staid period miniseries was a huge success for George Miller and Australian television, it didn't exactly launch cricket as a genre we started seeing more on screens - whether as a backdrop... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

THE SAPPHIRES Wows Australian Box Office

I don't normally write box office reports, for good reason. Analyzing and comparing numbers for a story that replicates so many other better articles out there is a grueling and unrewarding task. However every so often there is a film that's worth the focus. The Sapphires is one such... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

100 BLOODY ACRES Shreds Key Art

One of the highlights at the just-finished Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) this year was undoubtedly Colin and Cameron Cairnes' unhinged horror comedy 100 Bloody Acres. A perfect festival experience and one to see in a big midnight crowd, the... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) 2012 Wrap-up

MIFF 2012 ended last night, well technically the night before was closing night but to allow punters their much needed rest, Saturday was the closing night party, but the sessions continued into Sunday. It has been nearly three weeks of... More »

HAIL Reigns Over MIFF 2012

Amiel Courtin-Wilson's latest journey with Daniel P. Jones - the autobiographical docu-drama Hail - has reached a significant milestone, with the movie taking out the top critics prize for best Australian feature in their hometown, at the Melbourne International Film Festival. The... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

MIFF 2012 Review: MINE GAMES world premiere

The 61st Melbourne International Film festival is now underway! I will be bringing you coverage for Twitch as the days blitz by over nearly three weeks! Seven shallow, predictable and stereotyped vacationers are heading to their friends cabin in the woods (oh dear) in... More »


A timid unsure man Gilderoy (Toby Jones) has just flown in from London to Italy and shuffles through the corridors of a nearly abandoned building. He is greeted coldly by a detached but beautiful secretary Elena (Tonia Sotiropoulou) who directs... More »

MIFF 2012 Review: 100 BLOODY ACRES Is A Bloody Good Time At The Movies

Here's a likely scenario for a fun genre piece: three friends Sophie (the lovely Anna McGahan) James (Oliver Ackland) and Wesley (James Kristian) are travelling through the countryside to a music festival, their car breaks down and amidst turbulent relations... More »

Sinister Reflections In ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY Poster!

Eron Sheean's debut feature Errors of the Human Body is having a dream genre festival run. After having its world premiere at the Fantasia Festival in July, the film is due to play Fantastic Fest, Film 4 FrightFest, plus a... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   


The 61st Melbourne International Film festival is now underway! I will be bringing you coverage for Twitch as the days blitz by over nearly three weeks!A triptych. That's how Michael Glawogger's masterful documentary Whores' Glory begins. Three panels, each depicting women in the oldest profession... More »


The 61st Melbourne International Film festival is now underway! I will be bringing you coverage for Twitch as the days blitz by over nearly three weeks! This is an amazing time for Melbourne when the city transforms into bustling, dedicated... More »

MIFF 2012: Bobcat Goldthwait, Beasts & Bloody Acres!

Australia's greatest -- and oldest -- film festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival, begins this week and pretty much everyone here (except perhaps the Principality of Hutt River) is counting down the days to Thursday's opening night premiere of The... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

MIFF 2012: The Dark Side of Cinema

The internet is buzzing right now with thoughts on the 61st Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), one of the biggest and oldest film festivals in the world. Many thought provoking and hype-fused articles have surfaced with the official public availability of... More »


The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is in its glorious 60th year and below is a review for just one of many diverse films screening.Martha is a confused and scared girl. She leaves the conflict of her normal life behind... More »
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