LAFF 2011: Refn's DRIVE is the No Nonsense Action Film You've Been Waiting For

One thing was made ridiculously clear at LA Film Fest's North American premiere of Nicolas Refn's Cannes hit Drive last night: We have a serious talent on our hands. For many accomplished Twitch readers this might seem pretty obvious. We've... More »

LAFF 2011: Lee Tamahori Crafts THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE

In light of his directorial debut, the intense 1994 drama Once Were Warriors, New Zealand director Lee Tamahori was a surprising choice to head up several big budget Hollywood action films including the final Pierce Brosnan Bond film, Die Another... More »

LAFF 2011: 3 More Clips from Robbie Pickering's NATURAL SELECTION

We've already filled you in on all the awards the Robbie Pickering's extremely popular film won at SXSW. Now we have three more clips of the film ahead of Sunday's LAFF premiere. Check back for more thoughts soon.... More »

LAFF 2011: Linklater's BERNIE is a Funny Mess

Richard Linklater has long been a figurehead of independent cinema. Classics like Slacker and Waking Life have shunned the typical narrative structure to tell interesting and entertaining stories. In his latest, Bernie, Linklater heads once more down a curious narrative... More »

LAFF 2011: 2 Clips From Robbie Pickering's NATURAL SELECTION

Without a doubt, one of the movies we are most excited to see at this year's LA Film Fest is Robbie Pickering's NATURAL SELECTION. The film cleaned up at SXSW winning Best Narrative Feature, Best Editing, Best Score/Music, Best Screenplay,... More »

LAFF 2011 Preview: The Low Down on What's Up Downtown

The Los Angeles Film Festival kicks off its second year in downtown LA on Thursday with a great slate of films for the eastside crowd. We already had a great chat with festival big wigs David Ansen and Doug Jones... More »

LAFF 2011: A Chat with LAFF's David Ansen and Doug Jones

The Los Angeles Film Festival has undergone a number of changes in recent years - growing larger and moving downtown most notably. Last year's change of venues proved a big success, garnering the festival its highest attendance numbers and most... More »

Poster and Still Arrive for LAFF Beyond Flick 'ENTRANCE'

LA Film Fest doesn't quite have a midnight section but they do have a small section they refer to lovingly as "The Beyond." From this point forward we'll refer to it here as "Twitch presents: The Beyond" (just kidding we... More »

Watch John C. Reilly Lay Down the Law in First Clip from 'Terri'

A bit of an unsung hit from both Sundance and SXSW this year, Terri is the story of a troubled big kid and the high school principal that makes it his job to help the boy out. The kid is... More »


The sky is falling, bizarre meteor-like chunks of rock crashing to earth all around a low rent, inner city council estate. But these are no mere space rocks. They are containers, vessels carrying within them a collection of vicious alien... More »
By Todd Brown   

CURLING review

Denis Côté's excellent Curling is the film Giorgos Lanthimos' Dogtooth should have been. An easy, armchair critic's copout, maybe? But it feels no less true for all that. A father creates a secluded hideaway where he can protect his young... More »


The billowy temper of reverberating metal hauntingly inhabits this tale of spiritual rehabilitation. An examination of second chance among the stars, the lustral soul of reparations in a world of potential divergence. A tale of loss, strife, forgiveness and... More »


[Our thanks to Shelagh Rowan-Legg for the following review.]Any time a film has Guillermo del Toro's name attached to it, a viewer has some fairly standard and somewhat high expectations. A child protagonist, strange otherworldly creatures, a haunted house. Del... More »
By Todd Brown   
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