Rape as Occupational Hazard: THE INVISIBLE WAR Director Kirby Dick on Exposing the U.S. Military's Shameful Cover-up

Occasionally a documentary manages to attract enough attention that it begins to trickle into our collective conversation, perhaps even holding sway for some kind of proactive social response. One hopes that the impact of director Kirby Dick's (Twist of Faith,... More »
By Rachel Fox   


Pertti, Toni, Kari and Sami can really put on a great show. They are the members of very popular punk group in Finland, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Pertti Kurikka's Name Day). As Kari sings in his guttural voice about the greatness... More »

CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT Director Yung Chang Talks Boxing, Everyday People, and Fruit Hunter Bill Pullman

Following the critical and commercial success of his 2007 documentary, Up the Yangtze, director Yung Chang once again turns his camera towards a rapidly-modernizing China in China Heavyweight. The day before his film is set to have its Canadian premier... More »
By Rachel Fox   

HotDocs 2012: PUSHWAGNER Review

An aging Norwegian pop artist, Hariton Pushwagner, is the subject of this larger-than-life documentary, directed by Even Benestad and August B. Hanssen. And it's a great doc about an eccentric artist, rivaling Crumb in its charm and scope.It is clear from the... More »

HotDocs 2012: LOVE STORY Review

An exceptionally tall girl in an orange dress with a piece of red-velvet cake on a plate and a lanky New Zealander with a video camera meet on the subway headed for Coney Island.  They chat.  They separate.  They meet... More »

HotDocs 2012: INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE Review

There is a lot of passion, soul baring, and white-knuckle anxiety on display in Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky's documentary on the world of independent games and their micro-sized design teams.  Instead of hundreds of people working on all aspects of a top... More »

Hot Docs 2012 Interview: Winnifred Bonjean-Alpart of SEXY BABY

The temptation in the headline above is to say "Winnifred Bonjean-Alpart... the star of Sexy Baby." But aside from the fact that docs don't really have stars, she's also just one of the three subjects of Ronna Gradus and Jill... More »

HotDocs 2012: FRANCOPHRENIA (or Don't Kill Me, I Know Where The Baby Is) Review

I will be brief, as to not waste too much of your time, as it would be doubly a crime for Francophrenia to kill the sum of my 70 minutes viewing the thing, another hour writing about it, and then... More »

HotDocs 2012 Review: THE FINAL MEMBER Pairs w/ MANHOOD for Mighty Eve of Penises

In one of the finer examples of the synergy caused by pairing two separate films together, the programming staff at Hotdocs made a wise move of presenting an evening of all things phallus. Manhood is a short doc from some... More »

HotDocs 2012: THE AMBASSADOR Review

Either Mads Brügger has balls the size of grapefruits or there is mondo chicanery going on in The Ambassador.  Well, it's a given that there is trickery happening, so the thing to figure out is who the trick is on: The... More »


The film starts with a 62 year-old man wearing a flowing cape and instantly recognizable wig, donning the disguise of a soul legend before taking the stage. He slinks into the dark Brooklyn divebar, ostensibly there to both celebrate a... More »

HotDocs 2012 Review: BEWARE OF MR. BAKER, As Drummer Still Packs a Wallop

If all Ginger Baker ever did musically was to beat the drums behind Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton during the heady two year sprint that was Cream, then Ginger Baker's role as rock-god may well have been solidified. If all... More »

HotDocs 2012 Review: THE IMPOSTER May Be the RASHOMON of (Post)Modern Documentaries

Everyone lies.It's a simple statement, but few take it to heart. Now, of course, I'm not lying, I'm telling you my story, my response to this film. But I may be lying to myself, and then to you, convincing myself... More »

HotDocs 2012: AI WEI WEI: NEVER SORRY Review

A common phrase on the internet, particularly in social media circles is "Pictures, or it didn't happen."  This certainly treads close enough to the general ethos of documentary film-making to make Ai Wei Wei:  Never Sorry about the most appropriate film to... More »

HotDocs 2012: DESPITE THE GODS Review

"This is mayhem.  This is India.  Isn't it beautiful?" This observation to the camera, uttered by a crew member at one point during a bit of down-time during the shooting of Bollywood horror-fantasy HISSS, nearly encapsulates things in a single thought.... More »

Trailer for HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE (and HotDocs DOCignite)

After the success of his Jackass stunt progenitor doc, Beauty Day, on both the festival circuit and on Canadian Television (Americans take note, it comes out on DVD in the Great White North on February 28) the next project from Canuck... More »

HotDocs 2011: PROJECT NIM Review

[Hotdocs may have wrapped up last week, but there are a few more reviews and interviews in the queue, and James Marsh's Project Nim may have been the best film at this years festival.]Meet Nim Chimpsky, the irrepressibly cute chimpanzee snatched from... More »

HotDocs 2011: HOT COFFEE Review

In Rodrigo Cortés' thriller Buried (the one with Ryan Reynolds making cellphone calls from a coffin) there was one bit of highly effective satire involving the company employing Reynolds' character (as a truck driver in Iraq) and their insistence of getting liability... More »


Can a place be evil?  Can it's bad mojo be transferred upon an unsuspecting settler or to a wide population of lifetime residents?  This question is asked in a baroque and highly unconventional manner in Wisconsin Death Trip.  The film... More »

HotDocs 2011: BOY CHEERLEADERS Review

In order for these young boys to compete in a typically all girls cheerleading competition, it is going to, as their flamboyant instructor says, "take balls."  Taking gender politics of the 21st century and throwing them up in the air... More »
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