HKIFF 2012: Day 13 Dim Sum Reviews: Headshot, Coriolanus & more

My last day at the 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival gave me the opportunity to finally catch up with yet another of 2011's most praised and talked about dramas with Shame, as well as new works from other British... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 12 Dim Sum Reviews: Jafar Panahi, Modest Reception & more

My penulitmate day at HKIFF 2012 saw lots of frantic reshuffling as I struggled to see the films I really wanted to, while also dealing with the tricky logistics of negotiating the city at high speed. It resulted in a... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 11 Dim Sum Reviews: Miguel Gomes' Tabu & Take Shelter

Entering the final stretch of the 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival I was finally availed the opportunity to see Jeff Nichols' sophomore feature, which had received blanket rave reviews across the blogosphere and appeared on numerous best of 2011... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 10 Dim Sum Reviews: Taxi Driver, Truffaut & Snowtown

Not only was today April Fools Day and Day 10 of HKIFF 2012, but it was also my birthday, and I saw it as a personal gift from the festival itself to me that a newly restored print of one... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 9 Dim Sum Reviews: Postcards From The Zoo, Woman In The Septic Tank & more

The 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival is still going strong more than a week into its impressive programme of World Cinema. Today's viewing included a couple of notable independent films from two of Asia's more interesting and less explored... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 8 Dim Sum Reviews: Mark Cousins' STORY OF FILM & LIVID

While the days may be getting longer, energy levels are steadily depleting, but the end of HKIFF 2012 is in sight. With less than a week to go now, however, the festival is showing no signs of letting up and... More »

HKIFF 2012: Days 6 & 7 Dim Sum Reviews: HARA-KIRI 3D, THE LONELIEST PLANET and more

It has been quiet for a couple of days at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, or for me at least, as real world commitments came between me and spending the day in a darkened room (not least having to... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 5 Dim Sum Reviews: Miss Bala, Matsumoto Hitoshi & more

Today I finally got the chance to see a film that I had been itching to see since it premiered at Cannes last year. I also had the opportunity to see the new film from absurd Japanese genius Matsumoto Hitoshi,... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 4 Dim Sum Reviews: Wish You Were Here, Corman, Policeman & more

I caught a strong, yet eclectic selection of films today, from as far-flung corners of the globe as Australia, Israel and the UK. While the overall quality may have declined as the day wore on, the weakest of the bunch... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 3 Dim Sum Reviews: Rose, Sister, Wuthering Heights & more

My third full day at HKIFF 2012 proved to be another exceptionally strong one, and again I managed to take in four films, all from different countries. Below you can check out my brief thoughts on each of them, although... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 2 Dim Sum Reviews: Guy Maddin, Tomboy, Alps & more

My second full day of films at HKIFF 2012 started as strongly as yesterday, but then devolved sadly in the evening with a couple of films with which I really struggled to find any discernible merit. As I have stated... More »

HKIFF 2012: Day 1 Dim Sum Reviews: Pang Ho Cheung, Koreeda, Black's Game & more

The 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival is now well underway and over the next two weeks I shall be bounding enthusiastically around the city (to begin with at least), trying to cram in as many cinematic delights from around... More »

HKIFF 2012 Review: VULGARIA is Lewd, Crude & Flat-out Hilarious

Not content with having secured the opening night slot and a probable box office hit with his new rom-com sequel, LOVE IN THE BUFF, writer-director Pang Ho Cheung has completed another uproarious comedy that will also debut at this year's... More »

HKIFF 2012 Review: LOVE IN THE BUFF Quits Smoking but Keeps Us Laughing

(Giving this review a bump as the film enjoys its official world premiere tonight as opening film of the 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival) Writer-director Pang Ho Cheung's 2010 comedy LOVE IN A PUFF was something of a happy... More »

Yu Irie's Saitama Rapper Turns ROADSIDE FUGITIVE In English Subtitled Trailer

Japanese director Yu Irie gained a loyal following with his debut film 8000 Miles, a scrappy indie about a trio of would-be rappers with dreams of shaking off their rural lives. the film won raves on the festival circuit and... More »
By Todd Brown   

A SEPARATION Takes Top Honours at 6th Asian Film Awards

Monday night saw the winners announced for the 6th Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong, with Asghar Farhadi's Oscar winning A SEPARATION taking home four prizes including Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay. As expected, veteran Hong Kong actress... More »

36th Hong Kong International Film Festival Line-up Announced!

Easter is easily my favourite time of year in Hong Kong. Not only do we have the holidays, the Rugby Sevens and my birthday, but it is also when the Hong Kong International Film Festival takes place, a 16-day celebration... More »


Lee Jeong-Beom's blockbuster The Man From Nowhere is a film that struggles to keep two distinct target markets happy, torn on the one hand between satisfying impressionable young Koreans come to gawp at one of their brightest stars strutting his... More »


Animal Kingdom might look small-scale on paper, but David Michôd's moody Australian crime drama has a fairly broad scope. The film tracks the bickering and feuding between a Melbourne family of armed robbers and the way this mish-mash of co-dependent... More »


If you go into Li Yu's Buddha Mountain wanting more of the crude two fingers at mainland Chinese censors that was her earlier Lost In Beijing, you'll probably walk away disappointed. Buddha Mountain is still a raw, down and dirty... More »
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