FrightFest 2012 Review: THE SEASONING HOUSE Promises Atmosphere and Blood

Make-up and special effects maestro Paul Hyett (Citadel, The Woman In Black, everything from Neil Marshall) delivers an impressive directorial debut in this assured and atmospheric thriller that is only let down by a script that never capitalises on... More »
By James Marsh   

FrightFest 2012 Preview: Twitch Reveals Its Top Picks

The wait is over. The UK's premier horror film festival, Film4 FrightFest, returns tomorrow for a five-day orgy of fear-inducing, nerve-shredding, blood-soaked horror from the four corners of the globe. Frightfest the 13th will be taking over the Empire... More »
By James Marsh   

FrightFest 2012: Trailer for Irish Horror THE INSIDE Promises More Than Screaming Teens

Statistics about missing persons flash across the screen as teens head out for some good times, but soon enough the crying and the screaming begin. Eoin C Macken's The Inside will have its world premiere at FrightFest this coming weekend,... More »
By Peter Martin   

Sinister Reflections In ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY Poster!

Eron Sheean's debut feature Errors of the Human Body is having a dream genre festival run. After having its world premiere at the Fantasia Festival in July, the film is due to play Fantastic Fest, Film 4 FrightFest, plus a... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

FILM4 FrightFest Unveils Biggest Line-Up To-Date!

This August Bank Holiday weekend, the UK's foremost horror film festival reconvenes for its 13th incarnation, titled what else but FILM 4 FrightFest the 13th! Boasting three screens for the first time in its history, the festival has unveiled its... More »
By James Marsh   

HOFF 2011: JULIA'S EYES Review

Seldom has a film with as many impressive moments as the Guillermo Del Toro produced, Guillem Morales directed Julia's Eyes struggled so mightily to link them together in any sort of meaningful way. Designed as an atmospheric throwback to... More »
By Todd Brown   


(A quick explanation: for my viewing of Optimum Home Entertainment's UK release of Bedevilled - available to buy on DVD and BluRay from 28th February 2011 - I've reprinted my earlier review from Manchester's Grimm Up North festival, slightly edited,... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Room for one more? It's Eight Rooks' TOP TEN FOR 2010

And to think I thought it would be a dull year. I might not have been able to join in the fun on the other side of the Atlantic, but the IFFR in Rotterdam (thanks to fellow Twitcher Ard... More »
By Matthew Lee   

LIFF 2010: THE DEAD review

The unique selling point (can we call it that?) for John and Howard Ford's The Dead - the zombie apocalypse hits Africa - is both its biggest strength and greatest weakness. It's a gorgeous, visually distinctive, creepy little road... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Fantastic Fest 2010: RED HILL Review

Red Hill is a straightforward modern revenge western that provides plenty of slick thrills and pacey action, with racial undertones and perhaps the most startling animal appearance of the year...if that's even a category. Police officer Shane Cooper (True... More »
By James Dennis   

TIFF 2010: MONSTERS review

Gareth Edwards' Monsters is a low-budget science fiction production with big ideas, shot in some of the poorest parts of the world, and a story that revolves around a catalysmic event that's changed the planet as we know it.... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Frightfest 2010: WE ARE WHAT WE ARE review

We Are What We Are is a film that tries to humanise seemingly ordinary people who do monstrous things, but it fails to do a good job of this for two main reasons; all of its subjects are neither... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Frightfest 2010: another MONSTERS review

(We like a few different editorial voices chiming in on a film here at Twitch, and my good friend Thomas - who was kind enough to drive me to London and get us a place to stay for Frightfest weekend... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Frightfest 2010: OUTCAST review

Colm McCarthy's Outcast is a low-budget British genre production that manages to be visually attractive, relatively naturalistic and features some wonderfully deft plotting which, while relatively predictable, still carries a refreshing level of moral ambiguity. It treats its fantasy... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Frightfest 2010: A Trailer For Johannes Roberts' F

[Updated with proper audio and a spiffy new poster.]Given the rather glowing review posted by our own James Dennis, now seems an appropriate time to point out the trailer for Johannes Roberts' F.A sort of hoodie-horror spin on John Carpenter's... More »
By Todd Brown   

Frightfest 2010: Chris And Phil Present FRIGHT BITES DAY 5!

The Film4 Frightfest may have come to an end but our coverage has not. Chris and Phil have got one final Fright Bite podcast for us, one that features interviews with Jake West, Simon Rumley and Eli Roth! Check it... More »
By Todd Brown   

Frightfest 2010: THE PACK review

Franck Richard's The Pack is grim. Perhaps too grim. It's a gleefully nasty, fairly distinctive little Gallic zombie flick that's beautifully shot and scored with some solid effects work and great performances. It's just the director arguably pushes the... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Frightfest 2010: 13 HRS review

Is 13 Hrs [sic] a film? It's a serious question. Jonathan Glendening's haunted house slasher flick feels more like a cheap and cheerful piece of late-night British genre television, only with more blood and guts thrown in than even... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Frightfest 2010: THE TORTURED review

If you could film a stereotypical right-wing American couple's worst nightmare, and the fallout that ensued, you'd have Robert Lieberman's The Tortured. It's an ugly, banal little production, part unrepentant torture porn, part clumsy, incomprehensible moralising, and attempting to... More »
By Matthew Lee   

Frightfest 2010: Chris And Phil Present FRIGHT BITES DAY 4!

The Loved Ones have come to London. Erstwhile podcasters Chris and Phil are back with day four of their coverage from the Film4Frightfest and in today's podcast we get the cast of Australian fest hit The Loved Ones plus Andy... More »
By Todd Brown   
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