EXCLUSIVE: Dada Chen Sucks In New Clip From VULGARIA

Already the most successful Hong Kong film of the year, and coming off a Best Actor win at last night's Fantastic Fest Awards, the hilarious Category III comedy Vulgaria is about to hit US theatres courtesy of China Lion, and so we... More »
By James Marsh   

Fantastic Fest: Watch Devin Faraci Trade Blows With Joe Swanberg In The Fantastic Debates

One of the signature events of Fantastic Fest, the Fantastic Debates provoke mixed feelings deep within my soul. On the one side, the spectacle of watching two grown men debate some geeky topic or other before donning gloves and proceeding... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch A Clip From Fantastic Fest Selection BESTIES

While Rebecca Cutter's indie thriller Besties may occupy a somewhat different niche than most films selected for Austin's Fantastic Fest it does, nonetheless, look like a compelling bit of work. Written and directed by Rebecca Cutter, who is currently a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantastic Fest 2012: Clap Your Hands, Pump Your Fists, Lose A Limb To A New MIAMI CONNECTION Trailer

As the ne'erdowells of cinematic geekdom descend upon Austin this weekend at the start of Fantastic Fest Drafthouse Films have released a freshly cut trailer for their unearthed martial arts epic Miami Connection. Drafthouse Films has released a new trailer... More »
By Andrew Mack   

Chris Nash's SKINFECTIONS Trilogy Trailer Both Teaches and Teases

With the premiere of MY MAIN SQUEEZE and LIPLOCK at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival last year to much acclaim (as well as gasps and gags), Toronto filmmaker and friend of Twitch Film Chris Nash, perhaps best known in... More »
By Peter K.   

Sparky's Alive! New Clip From Burton's FRANKENWEENIE

Just days away from its world premiere at Fantastic Fest a new clip has arrived from Frankenweenie, director Tim Burton's tale of a boy and his undead dog. By this point people should be well aware of the history of... More »
By Todd Brown   

Troubling New Trailer For Ted Kotcheff's WAKE IN FRIGHT

It's a film that Nick Cave has called the best and most terrifying film about Australia in existence and Ted Kotcheff's classic Wake In Fright will soon be terrifying audiences at Fantastic Fest before rolling out to a limited theatrical... More »
By Todd Brown   

Can You Unravel THE CONSPIRACY In New Trailer?

As a programmer for Fantastic Fest I often find myself in the position of having to keep quiet about films that I really, really don't want to keep quiet about. They're good, you see, and from exciting new talents, but... More »
By Todd Brown   

TEBANA SANKICHI Has More Crazy Per Square Inch Than Should Be Allowed By Law!

About to have its world premiere at Fantastic Fest, Yudai Yamaguchi's Tebana Sankichi (Snot Rockets) is a true labor of love. A very, very strange labor of love. Yamaguchi and his frequent collaborator and star Tak Sakaguchi set off down... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantastic Fest Invites You To Bring Your Dog To The FRANKENWEENIE World Premiere!

As everybody who reads this website doubtless already knows, Fantastic Fest kicks off in Austin, Texas on 20 September, and on opening night they will be hosting the World Premiere of Tim Burton's new animated movie, Frankenweenie. The director will... More »
By James Marsh   

New FRANKENWEENIE Clip: Meet Dr. Ryzkroski (bzzzzzzt...)

While the general enthusiasm surrounding a new Tim Burton film has noticeably waned from, say, a similar event 20 years ago, Frankenweenie is a project which still gets most of us here at Twitch excited. Why? Well, this time Tim... More »
By Ard Vijn   

POSTHUMAN Teaser Is Adrenaline Fueled Anime Goodness

I've been on an anime kick lately, with the new Space Battleship Yamato 2199, and Macross Frontier fueling that fire. Now along comes PostHuman, a 6 minute short film from Humoring The Fates Animation Studio, a commercial studio whose client... More »
By Sean Smithson   

Fantasia 2012 Review: MY AMITYVILLE HORROR

If you are a fan of all things Amityville Horror, be it the conspiracies surrounding the famous 1975 haunting itself, or the book-turned-movie franchise that followed in its wake, then I am inclined to recommend director Eric Walter's investigation... More »
By Peter K.   

Fantasia 2012 Review: WRONG

Quentin Dupieux's genre deconstruction effort, Rubber, from a couple years ago, left some folks scratching their head, and others critical of its 'extended comedy sketch' nature; likley then, Wrong is probably not the right film for them.  With a bigger thematic... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   


I ain't gonna explain the backstory any better than the fine folks over at Subway Cinema: Originally planned to be a three-parter directed by Kim Jee-woon, Yim Pil-Sung (director of Hansel & Gretel and Antarctic Journal), and Han Jae-Rim (The Show Must Go... More »

FANTASTIC FEST 2011: Nacho Vigalondo, Julian Villagran Extraterrestrial Interview Part One.

Nacho Vigalondo always rules Fantastic Fest both physically and in terms of what he brings to the table film-wise. He is funny, intense, often drunk, but also insightful and genuine. In short, he is an awfully lot of fun to... More »
By Dave Canfield   

FANTASTIC FEST 2011: Headhunters review

Is this my favorite film at Fantastic Fest 2011? I think so. The Norwegian film Headhunters offers unbeatable action, surprising twists and turns and an uncommonly clever script. It also has great performances, great cinematography and creates the kind of... More »
By Dave Canfield   

Fantastic Fest 2011: YOU SAID WHAT Review

Glenn has a problem. Arriving home early on his anniversary hoping to surprise his girlfriend with flowers he does exactly that. The problem is he also surprises the naked man whose nipples she has just covered with whipped cream. So... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantastic Fest 2011: Raven Banner Entertainment to rep 'CALIBRE 9'

Less than 24 hours until its World Premiere at Fantastic Fest, Saturday September 24th at 3pm, and a quick note that Raven Banner Entertainment holds the worldwide rights for this French action/fantasy/kitchen sink film CALIBRE 9 by Jean-Christian Tassy. Raven Banner locks... More »
By Andrew Mack   

Watch The Teaser For Nacho Vigalondo's SciFi RomCom EXTRATERRESTRIAL

About to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before moving on to Fantastic Fest, Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo shows his less serious side with Extraterrestrial. There's only one sane response when you wake up to a sky full of... More »
By Todd Brown   
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