Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN Is Powerfully Haunting

Faith is a funny thing. Anyone can have it. You don't have to be smart. You can be utterly brilliant. Mature. Immature. It really doesn't matter. The point is that if you have it, it's yours. It literally belongs to... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW Presents Disney World As Hell With Remarkable Power

Director Randall Moore insists that his movie was never intended to be understood as a guerrilla project and I believe him. His claim, a very credible one, is that he knew that Disney World was the only and obvious choice... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: WOLF Roars Out Of The Gate With Criminal Self-Assurance

Boom! Without giving away the timing or context, at a certain point Wolf explodes into shards of glass that then recombine to reveal a wider, wilder landscape. Up to that moment, Jim Taihuttu's film was speeding on a straight narrative... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: MISS ZOMBIE Scrubs The Patio To Her Own Rhythm

Times are tough all over, especially if you're a zombie. Though Miss Zombie has obviously been made with skillful intent, the film's dry, art house flavor mutes any horror impact from its premise. And that appears to have been an... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: MONSOON SHOOTOUT, Looking For Answers With Guns And Thunder

Yes, shots are fired, and yes, a drenching torrent of rain is pouring down when a police officer and a suspect confront one another in a dark alley in Amit Kumar's Monsoon Shootout. Faithful to its title, the Indian drama... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013: Antonio Tublen Drunkenly Reviews Antonio Tublen's LFO

Karate ! Yab boom ! Now you shall hear. Bergman, step aside. Now it's my turn . or ... ? LFO is crazy good . yup , so it . do you know it is synthezisers in it? So damn... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013: Navot Papushado Drunkenly Reviews Papushado And Keshales' BIG BAD WOLVES

17:00 and I'm sitting in the tent of the " Fantastic Fest " in Austin Texas just outside the world's coolest movie - Alamo Draft House. My stomach blows some good pounds of barbecued meat 's fine " Smith ."... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: DETEKTIV DOWNS Brings a New Dimension to Gumshoe Noir

A lot of movies about mentally disabled private investigators are gimmicky and insensitive, but not Detektiv Downs! This is surely the most warm-hearted and clever Norwegian movie about a detective with Down syndrome that I have ever seen. What possesses... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: LOVE ETERNAL, Capturing Sparks Of Life Flickering Beneath The Darkness

An everlasting sadness has gathered in the soul of Ian Harding, and he embraces it. The spectre of death hangs over Love Eternal, yet it's never oppressively dour or aggressively doom-laden. Death may be the most important thing in the... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013: Tamae Garateguy Drunkenly Reviews Tamae Garateguy's SHE WOLF

My movie is the World's most innovative film, I like sex. And my movie has the hottest scenes and funny Anios the last 30, first Was the empire of the senses, I remember that movie was hot, I liked the... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: O'APOSTOLO, A Beguiling Fantasy Bolstered By Stop-Motion Animation

As delightful as it can be to watch stop-motion animation on the big screen, it can't entirely cover up other areas where a film may fall short. Case in point: the eminently watchable yet only intermittently compelling Spanish stop-motion animated... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: MIRAGE MEN Offers Disclosure And Discomfort In Equal Measure

It was a classic Fantastic Fest experience. A documentary with a seemingly wonky premise that ultimately offered profound food for thought. It seems fitting that in the same year the festival honors Errol Morris it also embraces Mirage Men. The... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: LFO Tunes In Dark Comedy And Control Issues

I love minor keys, and the new Swedish film LFO is filled with them. Deftly casting a spell with low-frequency hums, surging synthesizers, and enigmatic characters, it's immediately captivating, even though the setting is not immediately apparent. Initially it reminded... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: GRAND PIANO Executes Its Goofy Premise with Precision and Skill

Make no mistake, the premise of Grand Piano is 100 percent ridiculous. Do you remember Phone Booth, where Colin Farrell couldn't hang up or he'd be killed by a sniper? It's like that, only it's concert pianist Elijah Wood who... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT

Cinema culture is all but overrun with alternate versions of cherished media. Remakes, reboots, and director's cuts vie for the attention and dollars of fan communities who hope for the best but too often get the butt end of someone's... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: THE RESURRECTION OF A BASTARD, Amidst Bursts Of Violence And Dark Humor

Sneaky and disquieting, The Resurrection of a Bastard is far more complex and layered than its title might suggest. Bursts of violence and darkly funny moments are framed within the world created by Guido van Driel. The source material is... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: PROXY Dwells On The Dark Side Of Parenting

Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome is a relatively rare form of child abuse that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caregiver. The central idea around which everything swirls in Zack Parker's Proxy is as brilliant... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: SHE WOLF Walks Among Us

Bursting with feral energy, Tamae Garateguy's She Wolf (original title: Mujer Lobo) is a fever dream about sex and love and sex and then a little more sex. And then the screaming starts. Sceenwriter Diego Fleischer, working from Garateguy's idea,... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: NINJA, SHADOW OF A TEAR Kicks Ass. Then Face. Then Ass Again.

Though the script may not be the most sterling work of literature you've ever come across and the production was forced to work within a strictly limited budget Isaac Florentine's Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear stands as one of the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: GREATFUL DEAD Explores The Humour And Horror Of Loneliness

Indie director Uchida Eiji looks to finally have scored a breakthrough hit with this darkly comic exploration of neglect, obsession and voyeurism that successfully mixes exploitation with an astute social conscience.All Nami has ever wanted is to be loved. But... More »
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