Fantasia 2012 Review: TOAD ROAD

In the tradition of mashing sub-genres together to get something entirely new and interesting, full credit goes to micro-indie avant garde chiller Toad Road for merging the wasted youth drug drama with the urban-legend horror flick.  The experience of watching this... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Fantasia 2012 Review: JACKPOT

Oscar Svendson is in deep trouble.  Picked up by the police at a strip-bar with a dead fat woman laying on top of him, one of a dozen corpses littering the place, and a still-warm shot-gun in his hands, he... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Fantasia 2012 Review: AMOK

Cities have a boiling point.  Like the 'Summer of Sam' in New York, or the Rodney King incident and fallout in Los Angeles, the individual people, each a tiny molecule of activity, can bump into one another slowly, raising the temperature, the... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Fantasia 2012 Review: WRONG

Quentin Dupieux's genre deconstruction effort, Rubber, from a couple years ago, left some folks scratching their head, and others critical of its 'extended comedy sketch' nature; likley then, Wrong is probably not the right film for them.  With a bigger thematic... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Fantasia 2012: If You've Heard it All Before, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet! PONTYPOOL CHANGES

We do not post One-Sheets, or Promo Key art as separate posts very often around here, only on those special occasions.  However, Being in the thick of a quite poster-heavy Fantasia Film Festival - an art show; 2 panels; and... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Fantasia 2012 Review: FUNERAL KINGS

Even though school is in session during Funeral Kings, it feels like one of those 'endless summer' movies where boys that are too young to work, and too old to hang out with their parents, find interesting and elaborate ways... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Fantasia 2012 Review: MONDOMANILA

Gutter poetry at its finest, Khavn De La Cruz's parade of humanity at its strangest in Filipino caper-doc-musical Mondomanila is not to be missed.  The slums outside of Manila are hell on earth; an unsolvable problem of poverty and the ass... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Fantasia 2012 Review: FOR LOVE'S SAKE

The latest razzle dazzle genre mash, For Love's Sake, from the maddeningly prolific Takashi Miike tackles the high melodrama of unrequited love with a gaggle of high school seniors as they collectively pave the road to hell with good intentions... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Witness The Twin Horrors Of DEAD SUSHI's Villainous Tuna Man And Asami's Robot Dance!

With the world premiere of Noboru Iguchi's Dead Sushi just around the corner at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal, Twitch has a pair of tasty new morsels for your consumption. First, we've added a quartet of stills to the gallery... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantasia 2012 Exclusive: 2nd Teaser for TOAD ROAD

One title starting to build a bit of buzz ahead of its July 26th premiere at Fantasia is Jason Banker's is-it-horror, is-it-drama feature TOAD ROAD. Previously known primarily for his documentary work (DP on Teenage Paparazzo and Walk Away Renee... More »
By Ryland Aldrich   

Trailer for Teller & Robbins' PLAY DEAD

With its world premiere at this years edition of The Fantasia Film Festival Play Dead is the filmed version of the off-Broadway magic and stage show dedicated to the tradition of Grand Guignol, that is to say, putting a lot... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Noboru Iguchi's DEAD SUSHI to Debut at Fantasia

This announcement somehow managed to slip through the cracks here at Twitch Towers, but news that a new Noboru Iguchi film will be having its world premiere at one of our very favourite film festivals simply cannot pass without comment... More »
By James Marsh   

Raven Banner Entertainment to rep underground fighting flick BRAWLER

If you want a shot at rights to Chris Sivertson's underground fighting flick Brawler you'll have to step into the ring with the guys from Raven Banner Entertainment. Raven Banner gets in the ring with BRAWLER! Toronto, Canada - Raven Banner Entertainment... More »
By Andrew Mack   

First Proper Trailer For Carl Tibbitts' RETREAT

Back in May we got a hold of a sizzle-reel (an industry promo) for Carl Tibbitt's claustrophobic thriller Retreat, ahead of its world premiere at Fantasia Fest. It held a lot of promise in terms of actorly gravitas, with Cillian... More »
By Ben Umstead   

Fantasia 2011: Watch The Trailer For UK Horror HOLLOW

Having its world premiere today as part off the Fantasia Festival in Montreal is Michael Axelgaard's new found footage horror film Hollow. Boasting unusually strong performances and characters - to say nothing at all of the unusual, leafy nature of... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantasia 2011: Trailer For Chris Sivertson's BRAWLER

Director Chris Sivertson is something of a walking contradiction. He emerged on the scene with his 2005 adaptation of Jack Ketchum's The Lost, a dark indie that won Sivertson much love in the genre scene. He then that up with... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantasia 2011: LOVE Review

What are human beings if not feedback organisms?  We talk, we fight, we do both horrible and wonderful things to each other across the world on a daily basis we are a reflection of what others tells us as much... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Fantasia 2011: THEATRE BIZARRE Review

The anthology film is a strange beast, something tough to pin down because the filmmakers assemble their parts separately, often with little knowledge of how the whole thing will come together.   Then, disparate films rest side-by-side, inviting, nay,... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Fantasia 2011: FRIEND OF FLIES (Short Film, Short Review)

How does a film go from Vincent to Citizen Kane in a mere 13 minutes and still have time detour at The Great Dictator and Dr. Strangelove?  Vide Emil Gustafsson Ryderup's Friend of Flies.  Worth mentioning that he does this... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

3 Clips From Vincent Lannoo's VAMPIRES

Vincent Lannoo's comedy Vampires made quite the impression on the FanTasia audience last year. And on the verge of the film being released by IFC Midnight we have been given three clips to share with you!  They did it! They... More »
By Andrew Mack   
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