Soon to screen at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal, Emil Gustafsson Ryderup's Friend Of Flies presents a cautionary tale of why you shouldn't mock even the loneliest of little boys. Because there are always the flies.For want of friends, a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Twitch Exclusive: Sneak Peek For Chad Archibald's NEVERlost

Beginning tonight at the Scotbank Theatre here in Toronto Canadian director Chad Archibald and an assortment of cast and crew from his thriller NEVERlost will be travelling around Ontario and making stops in Vancouver and Montreal in a sort of cinematic... More »

The UNDERWATER LOVE Trailer Is Bubblegum Pop Perfection. With Breasts. And A Bit Of Moaning.

It is one of the strangest on-screen combinations in recent days. Shinji Imaoka - one of the acknowledged masters of 'pink' film, a subset of Japanese soft porn - recruited hugely acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle - frequent collaborator of Wong... More »
By Todd Brown   

A SERBIAN FILM U.S. Release Details & Red Band Trailer

The most controversial movie of the last year is finally getting a US release.  A Serbian Film was first shown at SXSW in March of 2010.  Since then is has scarred audiences at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film... More »
By J Hurtado   

However you spell it, 'Sell Out!' or '$Ell.0u7!' = win!

[Now that I have seen it I am so sorry that I missed seeing it with the audience at FanTasia. Crowd pleaser doesn't begin to cover it]Rafflesia (Jerrica Lai) hosts a television show for the FONY network which focuses on... More »

David Hyde Pierce is 'The Perfect Host'

[Another catch up from this year's FanTasia film festival]A criminal on the run cons his way into the wrong dinner party where the host is anything but ordinary. Career criminal John [Clayne Crawford] discovers the LAPD is in hot pursuit after... More »

FanTasia2010: Phasma Ex Machina

[The festival may be over but I'll be doing some FanTasia follow up over the next few days. Catching up on films I missed prior to my visit to Montreal]Cody cannot get over the loss of his parents so he turns... More »

Fantasia 2010: Canadian Survival Slasher IF A TREE FALLS In Trailer Form.

It's been a busy Fantasia for Chad Archibald and his Black Fawn Films. Not only is Archibald at the festival with his directorial effort Neverlost but he is also a producer on Philip Carrer's survival horror effort If A Tree... More »
By Todd Brown   

FanTasia 2010: The Neighbor Zombie

You would think that in the relatively short time we have had the zombie genre that with the tremendous outpouring of projects we would have it covered. There couldn't possibly be anything else to add to the genre, right? With so many films... More »

Fantasia 2010: Full Trailer For THE SHRINE Arrives.

Soon to have its world premiere at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal, the full trailer for Jon Knautz's follow up to Jack Brooks Monster Slayer has just arrived via Shock Til You Drop.The Shrine is a completely different film tonally... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantasia 2010: First Trailer For Chad Archibald's NEVERLOST

One of the goals of Montreal's Fantasia Festival is to support the rising generation of Canadian genre film makers, to seek out new talent that may be missed or overlooked by other events. And one of the big successes on... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantasia 2010: A FROZEN FLOWER Review

This is the danger of ignoring the Korean Film industry, while Chungmuro has not been operating at quite the level of the early 2000s heyday, there are still some real gems to be found out there.  So colour me surprised... More »

Wooden Acting? Plastic Stars? Hell no! Well, er, actually yes.

[Insert Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz joke here]  Actually, there are probably a lot of fans of the strange Japanese satire, The Fuccon's around these parts, so having actual Mannequins do the visual portion of the acting is not a new... More »

The Official ALIEN VERSUS NINJA Trailer Arrives!

Soon to have it's World Premiere as part of the New York Asian Film Festival - 6pm, July 3rd, at the Japan Society for those who want to be there - beforer traveling on to Fantasia directors Seiji Chiba and... More »
By Todd Brown   

FanTasia 2010: The shape of things to come...

Oh they tease, they tease. The FanTasia International Film Festival is one of the premiere genre festivals in North America if not the world and we wait on edge each year to see what their line up will be. We'll... More »


[This review first appeared shortly after the film had its world premiere at Fantasia 2007 and reappears now with Mirageman finally making its way to DVD] I must start this review with a bit of a disclaimer. As the observant... More »
By Todd Brown   
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