Fantasia 2013 Review: MAGIC MAGIC Spirals Into Madness To Great Effect

We get to a point midway in Sebastián Silva's empathy endurance test, Magic Magic, where Alicia, a blonde girl in a bathing suit is standing on the edge of a cliff, alone. She goes through the motions of trying to... More »

Fantasia 2013 Review: THE BATTERY Bravely Sidesteps The Usual Zombie Routine

Companionship and camaraderie are at the heart of Jeremy Gardner's micro-indie Zom-Dram, The Battery. What? You say. Another filmmaker making a buddy/zombie movie with no money and the usual tropes and jokes?  Not so with this one, which spends its... More »

Fantasia 2013 Review: BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, A Gloriously Devastating Bluegrass Masterpiece

"You'll rue the day that you were born. For givin' me the devil cause I wouldn't hoe corn."This is the stuff of old country music, the purest of joy taken, perhaps from mistakes made, perhaps just fate teasing and cruelly... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: GRACELAND Efficiently Chills

Marlon has the chauffeur of the wealthy Chango family for many years. His wife lies in a hospital room waiting for an organ transplant. His daughter is friends with the daughter of his boss and will frequently get rides to... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY

(Fantasia has wrapped up for 2012. And real life takes over pretty quick when you return from a festival. We're just catching up on some other titles from the festival we feel you should know about)Geneticist Geoff Burton relocates to... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: CHAINED

With its sunny daylight ranch exteriors and sparse, sickly yellow interiors, Jennifer Lynch's Chained is not playing subtle at being a domestic dysfunction drama.  But seeing how the film is also firmly exists in the gory serial-killer box, it is... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: DESPITE THE GODS

"This is mayhem.  This is India.  Isn't it beautiful?" This observation to the camera, uttered by a crew member at one point during a bit of down-time during the shooting of Bollywood horror-fantasy HISSS, nearly encapsulates things in a single thought.  A... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: PLAY DEAD

In the opening minutes of filmed stage show, Play Dead, Todd Robbins does that old side-show standby, he chews broken glass.  But not just any glass, it is the frosted exterior casing of the one lightbulb that is to serve... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: BLACK'S GAME

Reykjavic, Iceland. 1999. Stebbi Psycho finds himself in desperate need of a lawyer after a drunken brawl. Outside the courtroom he crosses paths with childhood friend Tóti once a minister's kid who is now a hardened thug with excellent legal... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: ROBO-G. Gee Whiz It's A Charmer!

Three employees of a home appliance company have been directed by their boss to create a robot in the three months leading up to a robotics convention. With one week to go though their creation still is not completely functional... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: LOVE STRIKES!

You've seen it before. It is that all too familiar story of Manga meets Television Drama. Manga and Drama fall in love and make a Movie. Thankfully though, the actual film itself, Love Strikes!, offers a story that is a... More »


(Review by Justin Decloux)MEGA MONSTER BATTLE: ULTRA GALAXY is the cinematic equivalent of watching a hundred episodes of ULTRAMAN on fast-forward while snorting ten pounds of pixie sticks. It's a kaleidoscope of furious fights, exploding creatures and enough gleeful cheese... More »
By Peter K.   

Fantasia 2012 Review: MY AMITYVILLE HORROR

If you are a fan of all things Amityville Horror, be it the conspiracies surrounding the famous 1975 haunting itself, or the book-turned-movie franchise that followed in its wake, then I am inclined to recommend director Eric Walter's investigation... More »
By Peter K.   

Fantasia 2012 Review: ROLLER TOWN Rolls Out Non-Stop Funky Hilarity!

Roller Town is a non-profit roller disco and its reigning king is Leo. When he's not dishing out skates at the lakefront he's peeling parquet to some funky grooves. Julia is the Mayor's daughter and a member of the elite... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: THE CAPTURED BIRD

[Short horror film The Captured Bird screens tonight in front of Paul Hough's The Human Race in the Hall Theatre at Fantasia.  To celebrate its unveiling to the Francophone City, here is Kurt's previous review from CFC's World Wide Short Festival.]A tranquil, domesticated park,... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: TOAD ROAD

In the tradition of mashing sub-genres together to get something entirely new and interesting, full credit goes to micro-indie avant garde chiller Toad Road for merging the wasted youth drug drama with the urban-legend horror flick.  The experience of watching this... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: BLACK POND

In the running with Quentin Dupieux's Wrong as the funniest entry in the Fantasia and possibly of this year so far, I am going to give Black Pond the edge because of its Errol Morris "Life is pretty damn strange,... More »


(Review by Justin Decloux) It's surprising (compared to the current state of its industry) that thirty years ago Italy nearly dominated the cinematic genre landscape - flooding theatres with a never ending supply of shamelessly homegrown, flavor of the month... More »
By Peter K.   

Fantasia 2012 Review: RESOLUTION

David Mamet once wrote that the end of a great film should be both surprising and inevitable.  Resolution is a horror movie of ideas; a twisted semiotic pretzel which is an ode to our collective addiction to scary movies, and how we glean meaning... More »

Fantasia 2012 Review: AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT

[With the new film from Alex de la Iglesia playing Fantasia, and Joshua Chaplinski's review echoing my sentiments almost to the T, we present his review of the film from earlier this year]Iberian rapscallion Alex de la Iglesia returns with AS... More »
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