ETRANGE 2011: WAKE WOOD review

The problem with David Keating's Wake Wood is it doesn't seem to have any idea it's one of those horror films that, let's face it, are essentially ridiculous. Even if you like the genre, come on: you know there's a... More »

ETRANGE 2011: REDLINE review

What makes Takeshi Koike's Redline a work of sheer, unalloyed genius is that when you get down to it, it's simply a daft science fiction cartoon about racing cars very, very fast. Seriously, the simple premise is less a compromise... More »

The L'Etrange Festival Is On!

Though a great deal of attention is currently focused a little closer to home with the Toronto International Film Festival just around the corner there are still important happenings in other parts of the world. France's massive L'Etrange Festival has... More »
By Todd Brown   
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