Lech Majewski's The Mill and the Cross is odd. More two hours of art appreciation than an conventional film, it tells the story (or possibly a story) of the artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder and what it was that led... More »
By Matthew Lee   

ETRANGE 2011: DRIVE review

Drive is a confusing film: bear with me on this. The story's easy enough to follow - the taciturn anti-hero Driver (Ryan Gosling) breaks his vow of laissez-faire to help the mother and child who happen to be the first... More »
By Matthew Lee   

ETRANGE 2011: THE NIGHT PORTER (1974) review

(Another retro screening from L'Etrange 2011. I'm aware some don't care for the film, think it's tasteless or lacks any real depth; I was absolutely blown away, so here's a review. Feel free to laugh at my wide-eyed enthusiasm.)Liliana Cavani's... More »
By Matthew Lee   

ETRANGE 2011: A POOL WITHOUT WATER (1982) review

(Another retro screening from L'Etrange 2011, which I wanted to write a review for since I went in blind, ended up watching the whole thing and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to.) Kôji Wakamatsu's A Pool Without... More »
By Matthew Lee   

ETRANGE 2011: COME AND SEE (1985) review

(Since this astonishing film is part of the 17th L'Estrange Film Festival's retro screenings, I'm using that as an excuse to write a review.)"And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth beast say, Come and see."(Revelation)Countless... More »
By Matthew Lee   


Lee Jeong-Beom's blockbuster The Man From Nowhere is a film that struggles to keep two distinct target markets happy, torn on the one hand between satisfying impressionable young Koreans come to gawp at one of their brightest stars strutting his... More »
By Matthew Lee   

ETRANGE 2011: KILL LIST review

(And with Ben Wheatley's Kill List just having played at the 17th L'Estrange Film Festival in Paris, let me weigh in with a dissenting opinion.)Watching Ben Wheatley's disappointing sophomore feature Kill List feels like climbing a house someone stopped building... More »
By Matthew Lee   


If Jim Mickle's brilliant Stake Land has one thing above all else to teach us it's that cliches do not matter in the slightest if the person using them knows what they're doing. Stake Land tells the story of a... More »
By Matthew Lee   


Labelling John Parker's haunting, wonderfully bizarre little movie Dementia: Daughter of Horror as a 'cult classic' is, well, kind of unfair, no? It's a weirdly stylised piece of fifties noir, part detective story, part slasher, part revenge flick that plays... More »
By Matthew Lee   

ETRANGE 2011: WAKE WOOD review

The problem with David Keating's Wake Wood is it doesn't seem to have any idea it's one of those horror films that, let's face it, are essentially ridiculous. Even if you like the genre, come on: you know there's a... More »
By Matthew Lee   

ETRANGE 2011: REDLINE review

What makes Takeshi Koike's Redline a work of sheer, unalloyed genius is that when you get down to it, it's simply a daft science fiction cartoon about racing cars very, very fast. Seriously, the simple premise is less a compromise... More »
By Matthew Lee   

The L'Etrange Festival Is On!

Though a great deal of attention is currently focused a little closer to home with the Toronto International Film Festival just around the corner there are still important happenings in other parts of the world. France's massive L'Etrange Festival has... More »
By Todd Brown   
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