Edinburgh Film Fest Report: Ants in the Mouth (Hormigas en la boca) Review

The Edinburgh Film Festival is underway and once again our friend Richard Brunton at Filmstalker has offered to share his coverage of the event with us here at Twitch. We won't be reprinting all of his coverage though, not... More »
By Todd Brown   

Thomas Clay's THE GREAT ECSTASY OF ROBERT CARMICHAEL, starring Dan Spencer, Ryan Winsley, Charles Mn

There are eleven stills from Thomas Clay's The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael on the website of international sales agent Wild Bunch Sales Limited. The screenplay for The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael was written by Clay and Joseph... More »

American Film Market (AFM): Update on Jannik Johansen's MURK (MØRKE), w/ Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Nicolas

As was reported here on Twitch back on August 6th, there's a downloadable trailer (see the bottom of this article) for Jannik Johansen's psychological thriller Murk (Mørke) on Locomotive Corporation's excellent PLAY.dk website. Murk was produced by Fine &... More »

Edinburgh Film Fest Report: Antibodies (Antikörper) Review

Here with his final report from the Edinburgh Film Festival is, once again, Richard Brunton with a look at the German serial killer film Antibodies. This marks the last movie in my very first Press visit to the Edinburgh... More »
By Todd Brown   

Edinburgh Film Festival Report: Serenity

Another missive from Richard Brunton in Edinburgh ... you may have seen this one up on The Movie Blog as well, but hey ... Richard offered it to us as well and I've been lusting after this film for... More »
By Todd Brown   

Edinburgh Film Festival Report: Thumbsucker

I've gone on record a few times already talking about my high hopes for American indie Thumbsucker so I'm mighty jealous of Richard Brunton. who's already caught the film and says it's a keeper ... read on for his... More »
By Todd Brown   

Edinburgh Film Festival Report: P

Strange but true ... for all we've been talking about Paul Spurrier's Thai ghost story P around here we've never actually reviewed it up until now. Well, Richard Brunton just caught the film in Edinburgh and here he is... More »
By Todd Brown   

Edinburgh Film Fest Report: The Magician

Checking in once again from Edinburgh, here's Richard Brunton with his take on tiny budgeted Australian crime comedy The Magician. This is one of the films I went to see during the 2005 Edinburgh Film Festival on a whim,... More »
By Todd Brown   

Edinburgh Film Festival Report: Mørke (Murk)

A couple weeks back I received a very kind offer from a familiar face: Richard Brunton, who writes for my old stomping ground at The Movie Blog, was going to be hitting as many films as possible at the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Festival. by Annie Griffin (Writer & Director of 'The Book Group').

First I heard of this was the varying reviews on 'Newsnight Review' last night. For those outside the UK, the show is a bit more 'highbrow' than the sort of shows that would normally give such a thing coverage.... More »
By logboy   
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