BIFF 2012 Review: Lee Dong-ku's FATAL Is a Blistering Debut

Fragile and ephemeral, life is a series of moments, of complicated and random connections that constitute the fabric of our character. Each decision we make affects our path irrevocably: our actions may not always be consequential but they are nonetheless... More »

BIFF 2012 Review: Strong Performances Can't Save Revenge Flick AZOOMA

When exploring Korean cinema, you can't go very far without bumping into a revenge thriller. Park Chan-wook's 'Vengeance' trilogy and Kim Jee-woon's A Bittersweet Life (2005) are just a few of the more high profile examples. However, of late, this... More »

BIFF 2012 Review - Sex, Sex and More Sex in Park Chul-soo's B·E·D

A small and sensual chamber piece, Park Chul-soo's new feature B·E·D (his 27th) brings to mind Green Chair (2005), his most significant work of the last decade. However, whereas that erotic film was a fascinating study of an unconventional relationship, Park's new film can't... More »

BIFF 2012 Review - E J-yong Out in Front for BEHIND THE CAMERA

E J-yong's new feature Behind the Camera is a follow-up to his popular mockumentary Actresses (2009), which featured famous stars playing themselves as they took part in a Vogue shoot. That film poked fun at Korea's entertainment industry and its... More »

BIFF 2012 Review: MAI RATIMA Marks an Impressive Debut from Yoo Ji-tae

Directorial debuts arrive with a weight of expectation, but especially when they come from a major thespian making his first foray behind the camera. Yoo Ji-tae is one of Korea's most well-known actors, he is a celebrity whose marriage last... More »

BIFF 2012 Review: COLD WAR Proves a Disappointing Opener

If Cold War, the opening film of this year's Busan International Film Festival, is heralding a new paradigm for commercial Hong Kong Cinema, then I can't say that it's something I'm very excited about.  Over-produced and austere, it features strong... More »
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