Berlin 2011: GANDU (ASSHOLE) Review

[With Q's Gandu now screening in Berlin it seems a good time to revisit my previous review.]Bold, energetic and by turns both deliberately vulgar and sharply incisive, Kolkata based director Q is sure to turn heads with Gandu - a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2011: Jan Komasa Enters The SUICIDE ROOM

I should say right off the top that I am automatically skeptical of any film that aims to be cutting edge in terms of technology and the way kids are using it today. The reason is simple enough. Technology changes.... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2011: Trailer For Norwegian Drama THE MOUNTAIN (FJELLET)

[Updated with English subtitled trailer]Soon to have it's international premiere in Berlin, Ole Giæver's intimate drama The Mountain (Fjellet) is sure to draw attention for its stunning landscapes as much as anything else.The story of a grief stricken pair of... More »
By Todd Brown   

Paranmanjang Trailer

Only a few days after we posted about Park Chan-Wook's short film shot with an iPhone, a trailer popped up on Youtube, but it was only brought to my attention at this moment, so I pass it on to... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

'Skull World' and 'The Collapsed' getting worldwide sales rep from Raven Banner!

If you're wondering when you're going to be able to see either of Canadian director Justin McConnell's most recent films, The Collapsed and Skull World, hopefully it will be soon as both films have been picked up by local outfit... More »
By Andrew Mack   

7 KHOON MAAF Website Goes Live With Extra Goodies

Vishal Bhardwaj and Priyanka Chopra's new black widow thriller 7 Khoon Maaf keeps getting more and more intriguing.  I posted the trailer here a week or so ago, and just a couple of days ago the official website went live... More »
By J Hurtado   

Berlin 2011: Trailer For Dark Belgian Drama BULLHEAD (RUNDSKOP)

Soon to premiere in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival is Michael Roskam's Bullhead (Rundskop), a dark drama set in the world of illegal agricultural hormone trading. Shot by frequent Koen (Ex Drummer) Mortier collaborator Nicolas Karakatsanis there... More »
By Todd Brown   

GRIFF THE INVISIBLE Shimmies Into Berlin, Gets A Teaser!!

It's all been a bit quiet from Griff the Invisible since the Aussie boutique superhero film had its world premiere at Toronto in September, with the filmmakers biding their time before its homeland release early next year.Now they've come out full guns blazing,... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   


Following a delirious prologue featuring alien poachers locked in deadly combat with a bad-ass entity of pure fire, Koji Masunari's animated feature Welcome to the Space Show innocently begins with a group of children being dropped off at rural summer camp. It... More »
By Peter K.   

Modern western RED HILL picked up by Sony

The 2010 Australian genre revolution is roaring along, with news of yet another film picked up by major North American distributors.Red Hill, the Ryan Kwanten-starring modern western that made waves at Berlin, has just been bought by Sony Pictures for... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

Gerard Depardieu Encourages A Respect For Ham In MAMMUTH

Let me clear about this right up front. I am not a fan of Gerard Depardieu and I never have been. I'm not sure whether it's something about his acting style or the projects he chooses but there is generally... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer For Russian Arctic Drama HOW I ENDED THIS SUMMER

Fresh off its premiere at the 2010 Berlinale, an English subtitled trailer has arrived for Russian arctic drama How I Ended This Summer.  There looks to be a bit of an edge to this one but I'm not certain just... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlinale 2010: Fantastic Trailer For Norwegian Black Comedy A SOMEWHAT GENTLE MAN

It's the curse of the film market. After four solid days of seeing not a single film that I truly loved at the European Film Market - a discouraging experience when you're packing in four or five screenings a day... More »
By Todd Brown   

English Trailer For Koji Masunari's WELCOME TO THE SPACE SHOW

Japan had a rather good year at this year's Berlin Film Festival with titles scattered throughout all programs.  Turning up in the youth-oriented section was Koji Masunari's Welcome To The Space Show, a family friendly sci-fi adventure that reunited Masunari... More »
By Todd Brown   

First Footage From Sylvain Chomet's THE ILLUSIONIST

No, it's not a formal trailer for Sylvain Chomet's The Illusionist just yet but with the film premiering in Berlin, festival organizers put together a reel made up of footage from the film cut together with interview footage of Chomet... More »
By Todd Brown   

New Australian western unleashes epic teaser

As the Berlin International Film Festival world premiere of new Australian western Red Hill fast approaches, the director has sent Twitch the first teaser trailer for the film - which reveals an assured and stunning new directorial debut, visually reminiscent of No Country for... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

Berlin 2010: Trailer Arrives For Koji Wakamatsu's CATERPILLAR

Based on a short story by the iconic Edogawa Rampo - a story adapted to film once already as part of the Rampo Noir anthology - Koji Wakamatsu's Caterpillar will soon be taking a bow in competition at the Berlinale. ... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2010: Trailer For Swedish Teen Drama SEBBE

Soon to debut in the Generation section of the Berlinale, the first trailer has arrived for Babak Najafi's Sebbe.  The story of a high school boy driven to violence, this looks like a very serious, very powerful treatment of what... More »
By Todd Brown   

Could KOSMOS Writer-Director Reha Erdem Be Turkey's Answer To HUKKLE's Gyorgi Palfi?

When Hungary's Gyorgi Palfi appeared on the international film scene with 2002's Hukkle writers were left straining to find the words to describe his very odd creation.  In his best moments Palfi is a curious fusion a raw, visceral realism... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2010: Trailer Arrives For Thomas Vinterberg's SUBMARINO

Mark my words: If Danish actor Jakob Cedergren continues on his current path it is only a matter of time before he breaks through and becomes a major international star. From fairly humble beginnings on television and playing bit... More »
By Todd Brown   
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