Full Berlinale Panorama Fiction Program Includes Double the James Franco

The Berlin Film Festival has now announced its entire fiction slate for the always fascinating Panorama program. Yes, the first thing that sticks out is that James Franco has two films playing, including his riff on the cut footage from... More »
By Brian Clark   

Gus Van Sant, Ulrich Seidl Included in First Berlin Film Festival Competition Announcement

The Berlin Film Festival has just announced six of its competition films as well as a special world premiere of Christian Rost and  Claus Strigel's new documentary Redemption Impossible. The initial lineup includes heavy hitters from around the world, including... More »
By Brian Clark   

Berlin 2012 Wrap: Space Nazis, Women in Septic Tanks and More

It's tempting to begin festival wrap-ups with some sort of blanket-statement about the festival as a whole, assessing the overall quality, trends, failings and so on. But I don't feel qualified to do anything of the sort. Berlinale's program is... More »
By Brian Clark   

EURO BEAT: The Neverending 2012 Berlinale Awards

Here's an interesting fact about the Berlin Film Festival: Almost everybody gets an award. Seriously, besides the well-known jury awards, there are approximately 1,867 other awards given about by various organizations, from the international film organizations of the Protestant... More »
By Brian Clark   


While Twitch Film's favorite canuxsploitation-outfit Astron-6 has been enjoying a bevy of accolades from genre aficionados for their delirious splatter-fest Father's Day, currently playing a limited run in the US through Troma, the fate of their other feature and festival... More »
By Peter K.   

UPDATED - "We're Not Going To Fuck It Up." STAKE LAND's Jim Mickle Remaking Jorge Michel Grau's WE ARE WHAT WE ARE

*Now updated with an exclusive audio interview with director Jim Mickle.You want an intriguing collision of talent seemingly tailor made for us here at Twitch? Well, here one is for you.Jim Mickle has long been a favorite here at Twitch,... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2012: Watch Three Clips From Brillante Mendoza's CAPTIVE

One of the leaders of the current generation of Filipino arthouse filmmakers, Brillante Mendoza debuts his latest in competition in Berlin. Here's how the festival describes it:A group of armed and masked men belonging to the Muslim Abu Sayyaf group... More »
By Todd Brown   

EFM 2012: Details And First Stills From Esben Toft Jacobsen's BEYOND BEYOND

On Monday Twitch brought the first news from Beyond Beyond, the upcoming animated feature from The Great Bear director Esben Toft Jacobsen.At the time all we had was the title and two pieces of concept art released as part of... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2012 Preview: Forum and Panorama

For part two of our Berlinale 2012 Preview (here's part one - the Competition Lineup), we'll be highlighting titles in the Forum and Panorama sections. What's the difference? According to the festival, the Forum section includes the most daring and... More »
By Brian Clark   


It's grainy. It's tilted. It was shot on an iPhone. But it's the new promo art for Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills with Danny Trejo.Here's how Deadline described the plot:The new film finds Machete recruited by the U.S. Government for a... More »
By Todd Brown   

EFM 2012: Official Synopsis For Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC

With Lars Von Trier gearing up to start on his provocatively titled next film - with rumblings that regular compatriots Stellan Skarsgaard and Charlotte Gainsbourgh will star - international sales agents Trust Nordisk are launching presales for Nymphomaniac at the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2012: Full IRON SKY Trailer Delivers The Space Nazis To Earth

With the World Premiere of long awaited scifi comedy Iron Sky just around the corner a big additional helping of Space Nazi Madness has been delivered in the form of a brand new full length trailer. The ubermensch are coming!... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2012 Preview: Competition Lineup

Berlinale 2012 kicks off in three days, and with its vast, diverse international program, preparation is mandatory. So, between stockpiling warm clothes and memorizing how to say "I don't speak German" in German, I've been combing the program and singling... More »
By Brian Clark   

Space Nazis Invade Berlin! Watch A New IRON SKY Trailer Now!

What's that? Nazis in Berlin?Word is out that long awaited science fiction comedy Iron Sky - in which Nazis hidden away on a secret base on the dark side of the moon invade earth - has been added to the... More »
By Todd Brown   

First Trailer For Berlin Selected Thriller CHILDISH GAMES (DICTADO)

Spanish director Antonio Chavarrías makes an appearance at the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival with his thriller Dictado (Childish Games). Daniel receives an unexpected, and unwanted, visit from a friend who he hasn't seen since his childhood. His friend is... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch The First Trailer For Alex De La Iglesia's AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT (LA CHISPA DE LA VIDA)

Less than a year since word first surfaced that The Last Circus director Alex de la Iglesia would be shooting a black comedy with Salma Hayek the film is now complete - or close to it - and among the... More »
By Todd Brown   

THE FLOWERS OF WAR Among First Berlinale 2012 Titles

The 2012 Berlin International Film Festival has just announced the first block of titles and it's an interesting list dominated by major arthouse films from around the world with a few pleasant surprises - such as the latest from Alex... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer For Tribeca Winner SHE MONKEYS (APFLICKORNA)

I was greatly impressed by Lisa Aschan's She Monkeys (Apflickorna) at this year's Tribeca. Evidently so was the jury as it won for best narrative feature at the festival. While statements like "the best Swedish debut since Lukas Moodysson" have... More »
By Ben Umstead   

EFM 2011: Jackie Chan's 1911 To Go Day And Date In China And US

Well done, Well Go.Well Go USA have purchased rights to Jackie Chan's 100th film - patriotic potboiler 1911, the story of the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and establishment of the Republic Of China - and plan to release the... More »
By Todd Brown   

EFM 2011: North American Rights For WKW's GRANDMASTERS Go To Annapurna Productions

To say that this is odd would be an understatement.North American distribution rights for Wong Kar Wai's Grandmasters have been purchased by Annapurna Productions. A company, it should be pointed out, which is not actually a distributor. So how it's... More »
By Todd Brown   
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