EFM 2012: Official Synopsis For Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC

With Lars Von Trier gearing up to start on his provocatively titled next film - with rumblings that regular compatriots Stellan Skarsgaard and Charlotte Gainsbourgh will star - international sales agents Trust Nordisk are launching presales for Nymphomaniac at the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2012: Full IRON SKY Trailer Delivers The Space Nazis To Earth

With the World Premiere of long awaited scifi comedy Iron Sky just around the corner a big additional helping of Space Nazi Madness has been delivered in the form of a brand new full length trailer. The ubermensch are coming!... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlin 2012 Preview: Competition Lineup

Berlinale 2012 kicks off in three days, and with its vast, diverse international program, preparation is mandatory. So, between stockpiling warm clothes and memorizing how to say "I don't speak German" in German, I've been combing the program and singling... More »

Space Nazis Invade Berlin! Watch A New IRON SKY Trailer Now!

What's that? Nazis in Berlin?Word is out that long awaited science fiction comedy Iron Sky - in which Nazis hidden away on a secret base on the dark side of the moon invade earth - has been added to the... More »
By Todd Brown   

First Trailer For Berlin Selected Thriller CHILDISH GAMES (DICTADO)

Spanish director Antonio Chavarrías makes an appearance at the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival with his thriller Dictado (Childish Games). Daniel receives an unexpected, and unwanted, visit from a friend who he hasn't seen since his childhood. His friend is... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch The First Trailer For Alex De La Iglesia's AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT (LA CHISPA DE LA VIDA)

Less than a year since word first surfaced that The Last Circus director Alex de la Iglesia would be shooting a black comedy with Salma Hayek the film is now complete - or close to it - and among the... More »
By Todd Brown   

THE FLOWERS OF WAR Among First Berlinale 2012 Titles

The 2012 Berlin International Film Festival has just announced the first block of titles and it's an interesting list dominated by major arthouse films from around the world with a few pleasant surprises - such as the latest from Alex... More »
By Todd Brown   

LIFF 2011: SHE MONKEYS review

The problem with Swedish teen drama She Monkeys is there are two approaches artistic filmmakers seem to gravitate towards when they want to explore the subject of young and/or inexperienced people finding out about sex. Either they go gritty, intimate,... More »


[Our thanks to Christopher Bourne for the following review, which is being crossed published at Chris' website The Bourne Cinema Conspiracy.]The filming of a sex scene proves to be no simple process (if indeed it ever is) in Joe Swanberg's... More »

Trailer For Tribeca Winner SHE MONKEYS (APFLICKORNA)

I was greatly impressed by Lisa Aschan's She Monkeys (Apflickorna) at this year's Tribeca. Evidently so was the jury as it won for best narrative feature at the festival. While statements like "the best Swedish debut since Lukas Moodysson" have... More »

UNKNOWN UK BluRay review

It would take a pretty great film to get anything genuinely surprising out of a story where one day the protagonist discovers the world is convinced he doesn't exist, given how many spins on this idea we've seen in recent... More »

BIFF 2011: TWO IN THE WAVE review

Beautifully structured and produced, stuffed with satisfying little nuggets of information on the partnership between legendary directors Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, Emmanuel Laurent's Two In The Wave is a great example of how to put together a populist... More »


Salton Sea, a salt-water lake in the middle of the deserts of California, used to be the place to be several decades ago. Nowadays, it stands as a testament as to how time diffuses luster. The once pristine beaches that... More »
By Oggs Cruz   

EFM 2011: Jackie Chan's 1911 To Go Day And Date In China And US

Well done, Well Go.Well Go USA have purchased rights to Jackie Chan's 100th film - patriotic potboiler 1911, the story of the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and establishment of the Republic Of China - and plan to release the... More »
By Todd Brown   

EFM 2011: North American Rights For WKW's GRANDMASTERS Go To Annapurna Productions

To say that this is odd would be an understatement.North American distribution rights for Wong Kar Wai's Grandmasters have been purchased by Annapurna Productions. A company, it should be pointed out, which is not actually a distributor. So how it's... More »
By Todd Brown   

Raven Banner Entertainment to rep 'The Hunters'

Canadian lads Raven Banner Entertainment added another film to their docket while in Berlin this week. The French/Belgian English language horror flick The Hunters will be repped by them for any and all future distribution. The film is the directorial debut... More »

IFC buys North American rights for UK horror 'Spiderhole'

News out of Berlin today as IFC acquired the North American rights for the small budget horror flick out of the UK Spiderhole from Canuck outfit Raven Banner Entertainment.They say squatting is dead - a term that takes on a... More »

EFM 2011: Magnolia Scoop Rights To Norwegian Crime Thriller HEADHUNTERS

If Magnolia continues on their currrent path they're going to own all of Scandinavia by the end of the European Film Market.Hot on the heels of announcing they have acquired Lars Von Trier's Melancholia it was also announced that Magnolia... More »
By Todd Brown   

EFM 2011: Magnolia Buys North American Rights To Lars Von Trier's MELANCHOLIA

Lars Von Trier's vision of the end of the world will be hitting screens across America thanks to Magnolia Pictures.Rumors began to circulate the market floor of the EFM that Magnolia were making a play for the picture almost immediately... More »
By Todd Brown   

EFM 2011: IRON SKY Promo Spotted

No, this is not going to be available to the public - it's too spoilery - but with principal photography wrapped up a first promo for Finnish produced, English language science fiction comedy Iron Sky is available for viewing here... More »
By Todd Brown   
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