Have Your Say: GAME OF THRONES, The Books Or The Series?

(If bloody murder doesn't erupt about this I will be surprised...) Last week, the fifth season of HBO's fantasy juggernaut series Game of Thrones was released on Blu-ray and DVD, for those few souls who hadn't seen it yet or... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Diagonale 2016: Austria Played Itself Again

Looking back at the festival that took place last week, one might easily be overwhelmed with a feeling of self-satisfaction caused by the impression of having seen a vast amount of a country's most recent film productions in less than... More »
By Ioana Florscu   

The Many Faces Of Mathieu Amalric

This week sees the North American release of Arnaud Desplechin's My Golden Days, a film which, as Ben Croll states in his review, is rife with French film clichés, but still "a wonderful, thoughtfully crafted work". And bookending the story... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Destroy All Monsters: INDIANA JONES 5 Should Be About Short Round

Here's some weird timing: I was already working up this week's column when today's news broke. Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg will reunite for the fifth Indiana Jones movie, currently scheduled for 2019. First of all, I'm perfectly thrilled with... More »
By Matt Brown   

Have Your Say: What Would Be Your CLOVERFIELD Story?

Last week saw the arrival of Dan Trachtenberg's 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was rumored to be a sort-of sequel to Matt Reeves' 2008 found footage 'kaiju' film Cloverfield (said kaiju is looking right at you in the pic above). In... More »
By Ard Vijn   

The Many Faces Of John Goodman

This week sees the premiere of Dan Trachtenberg's 10 Cloverfield Lane, the odd surprise add-on to 2008's Cloverfield. Is it a prequel, a sequel, a spin-off, an "equal"? Trying to figure that one out is actually one of the film's... More »
By Ard Vijn   

SXSW 2016 Preview: Our 10 Most Anticipated Indies

Beyond the red-carpet gala screenings of highly anticipated movies that will soon open across the country -- think Richard Linklater's Everybody Wants Some, Jeff Nichols' Midnight Special, Ti West's In a Valley of Violence, Fede Alvarez's untitled thriller -- and... More »
By Peter Martin   

Destroy All Monsters: HOUSE OF CARDS In American Upside-Down Land

Spoilers for the fourth season of House of Cards. Like many of you, I spent the weekend turning down the volume on the real-life political soap opera that has overtaken the United States and watched Netflix's House of Cards instead.... More »
By Matt Brown   

Have Your Say: What's Your Favorite Role By Udo Kier?

Yesterday I finished writing my very positive review of David Schalko's Austrian television series Altes Geld. That series is about a shady billionaire who needs a new liver, and who stirs up a viper's nest when he tells his family... More »
By Ard Vijn   

The Many Faces Of Alfred Molina

This week sees the North American premiere of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, co-directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, and starring Tina Fey as a journalist in Afghanistan. In his review, Peter Martin says the film is "difficult to categorize yet... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Destroy All Monsters: Meanwhile, In Asian America

It was an odd weekend at the movies, and perhaps telling in that none of the oddness took place in a traditional movie theatre, unless the Kodak Theatre counts, which I don't think it does. While Chris Rock and Sacha... More »
By Matt Brown   

Have Your Say: What's Your Favorite Gloriously Ridiculous Film?

Yesterday, Peter Martin wrote a great, great article about why Gods of Egypt is utterly ridiculous, yet why he had a shitload of fun with it regardlessly. And why shouldn't he? Most films require us to shut off part of... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Critical Distance: In Praise Of The Ridiculous

The Academy Awards do not have a category for ' best achievement in ridiculousness,' but if they did, Gods of Egypt would be a shoo-in next year. I don't mean the description "ridiculous" like Adam Sandler probably intends it in... More »
By Peter Martin   

The Many Faces Of Chiwetel Ejiofor

This week, John Hillcoat's dirty cop thriller Triple 9 premieres, and according to Kurt Halfyard's review it is definitely worth your time. And one of the many fine cast members happens to be British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, who for the... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Destroy All Monsters: What I've Learned From Completely Failing At #52FilmsByWomen

As bootstrapping initiatives go, the 52 Films By Women project - hashtagged #52FilmsByWomen - seems easier than most. The ask is simple: watch one movie by a female director per calendar week in 2016. Hey! That's right in my wheelhouse!... More »
By Matt Brown   

Have Your Say: What's Your Favorite Slow-Motion Moment?

Almost from the dawn of filmmaking in the 19th century onward, people have been overcranking and undercranking their cameras to create interesting effects, to scientifically prove a point, or just for fun. Overcranking a camera means you take more pictures... More »
By Ard Vijn   

The Many Faces Of Jeremy Irons

This year sees quite a number of titles with Jeremy Irons in them. Premiering this week is Stephen Hopkins' biopic Race, about Jesse Owen's historic Olympic win in Nazi Germany, while Ben Wheatley's High-rise (reviewed here) is currently doing the... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Learning From The Masters Of Cinema: King Hu's A TOUCH OF ZEN

Heralded as possibly the greatest martial arts film ever made, King Hu's A Touch Of Zen stands apart from most other films in the wuxia genre. For one thing it runs over three hours long, a rarity among its peers... More »
By James Marsh   

Destroy All Monsters: A Negasonic Teenage Warhead Is About To Go Off

All right, I don't know what "negasonic" means. Or if it's even a word. It's been a long time since I've read my Grant Morrison (or listened to Monster Magnet), and Google is no help to us in situations like... More »
By Matt Brown   

Have Your Say: That Clip You Can't Stop Watching

It can be a scene from a film, a short, a music-video, a special effects test, a mash-up, a cat blooper even... but sometimes you come across a clip which you just cannot stop watching. Something you show everybody. Something... More »
By Ard Vijn   
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